PizzaGate: Shame on You #PizzaGate #Corruption

Deep thoughts on the PizzaGate atrocities. Exposing the reality of the immense evil in high places. Comparing past and present lies, abuse and disregard for human life putting this current demonic situation into perspective.

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38 thoughts on “PizzaGate: Shame on You #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Good information for the dumbed down masses . Good job !

  2. The gays and pedophiles always ruin everything that is pure in this world . The gays take over every area that is beautiful . Now the pedoasses have tainted pizza for everyone !

  3. the video was great up until you went tin foil around the 5 min mark… i really loved the 1st part and i agree and identify with that 100%

  4. omg i feel just like you my heart is so troubled.i go to sleep and i feel my heart pumping so fast. i can't imagine babies and kids going thru this but the worst feeling is that the people that can stop this they don't because they could be involved.

  5. The criminal global control is evil.

  6. Oh you are so great! So proud when I see someone like you speaking out!!!!

  7. I suggest you look at the McMartin's,before you believe this silly crap!!

  8. Smart Women !! Very smart !! I find everything like you !! God Bless you and all your family !! Light guiding you !! Luc

  9. Some stuff in Pizzagate has been debunked, some holds very true.
    Thing is some stuff has been added to discredit it.
    Child pedophilia has been going on in our government since and probably before Reagan.
    Child pedophilia is very prominent in 3rd world shit holes, hollywood, and a lot places where there is a lot money or there is an extreme poor population.
    Welcome to the world.

  10. PizzaGate is turning me off to Pizza! Not to make light of it, but for this, I will never forgive them!

  11. thank you karlee💗

  12. yeah.. its a fucked-up world.. this shit has been happening for a very, very long time. these powers are not new.. abortions in this country which have been happening for decades are just child sacrifices. plane a simple,, blood letting of children.. nothing more, nothing less..

    I've been telling people for 20+years

    abortions are child sacrifices ….

  13. These types of activities by those who believe themselves to be above and separate from the rest of the population of the world have been going on basically forever. Grimm's Fairy Tales is a primer for some of the earliest recordings of these 'people' but they could only do this damage if the rest of us are locked into a controlling mechanism and there are two that come to mind.

    One is the shape of the earth as a God created earth known to be a flat plane could not exist naturally so must have been created and not by those who seek to control it. That was the first thing that had to go.

    Second is the money. None of us needs money for ourselves if you really think about it. We only need it to give to somebody else for some item or service and even they don't personally need it except to give to somebody else also. The elites don't need money as they are the creators of the fiat currencies of the world, they just need us to need it as it is the controller of all we are able to do.

    Odd as it may sound, I don't think the world wide money system now in place could have been implemented without the earth first being declared a ball. God's earth, a created earth, doesn't need a debt system of any kind and a flat plane earth can only be a created one.

    It is sad that this type of evil exists but perhaps the knowledge of it will open enough eyes and minds to stop it from continuing.

  14. When good people do nothing about the evil in this world, we are doomed. I'm with you on your positions on most everything. This pizza gate stuff has been very disturbing. I knew about this stuff before, but the images and thinking about what they are doing to innocent children has shaken me up lately. I think it's not just a psyop but both – but I do believe they will use this to censor as and they want the majority of the sheeple to believe they are doing the "right thing". This world is sad and scary. My anchor is faith in Jesus Christ. God's Holy Spirit of Love will protect, impower, and guide anyone who believes and commits to a relationship with Christ. I will pray for you and all of us who are waking up that we will find our way. peace.

  15. I so feel your frustration as I feel this everyday. It's so hard sometimes to keep your vibration high when all we see/hear is evil and to make matters even worse, they are heavily protected for their crimes against humanity. I second your opinion 'shame on anyone' for not seeking the truth when it's so readily available. Shame on anyone who feels the tyrannical Governments have our best interests… shame on them totally!!!

  16. Very well done.. I guarantee if most people believed the Bible was correct about this flat stationary plane of existence. The masses would destroy these governments.

  17. My dear young lady,
    Thank you very much for this heartfelt and emotionally exhausting perspective. You are absolutely correct in every comment made. I was beginning to believe there was nobody your age who could really see. Thank you for proving me wrong.
    It becomes overwhelming, at times, when we witness the depth of perversity these monsters have sunken to, and the attempt to drag the rest of us along, either kicking and screaming or as willing participants. It's a horror show of the worst depravity and it IS evil. It is a malignancy which is so ordered and directed that it must be diabolical in nature. Sometimes it feels like the worst of all bad things is coming, and that we are powerless to stand before it.
    I say that is not so.
    You keep you chin up and your eyes bright, young lady. The battle is coming. God bless and keep you.

  18. karlee you are pure at heart I feel the same as you so pretty and so smart .

  19. Thank you Karlee for sharing your thoughts. I couldn't agree more. I have spent many sleepless nights over this new nightmare of child/human trafficking. We are in a battle against good and evil. I have no idea how deal or fight other than pray. I agree with the alien deception. They want us in constant fear. Thanks for the info on blood and the man who became a vampire, this is new to me. Hugs and prayers.

  20. I just did a huge mass un-subbing. People who want to make excuses and apologies for the ongoing and CONSTANT rape and murder of children are criminal too. We all KNOW the elite do this and have been doing this for thousands of years (it's all over human history). Law enforcement has FAILED US and instead of stopping them they are PROTECTING THEM. This situation is unacceptable. It makes me sick too.

  21. Thanks Karlee, keep telling the truth. Nice to see people that are awake.

  22. I'm feeling you Karlie. you have such a good heart. with their were more people like you in the world ♡

  23. Hugs Girl 😥 Waking up to this sick reality leaves one feeling helpless

  24. Couldnt edit my post for some reason, "unknown error" right youtube…
    BTW im sad to hear so many of you gets affected in such a negative way that you allmost feel hopelessness, personally it just makes me beyond fuckin mad and this for me is now the point of no return, its either us or them and the simple fact is that it goes 1 million of us for each one of them so get fuckin angry instead and use that energy for good and dont let them drain you.

  25. The psy-op crew is mostly the same people who said the same thing about the flat earth AND they said the same thing about the Hampstead kids, i hope most of you see the pattern here.

  26. please tell me that fur is fake.

  27. Agreed thx for sharing , I wanna vent bout this too. So taxing

  28. If you didn't find this emotionally draining, you would have a lot bigger problems Karlee. Chin up.

  29. Powerful video Karlee, the mass media try to cover this up while those of us that are awake try to expose it and are called crazy. You're not alone, I feel the same way, like I'm ashamed to be the same race as these scumbags. At least some of us are questioning this stuff, ur awesome Karlee. thx for your thoughts

  30. wish i could find a girl as down to earth as u

  31. the elite are Ashkenazi jews and royal bloody lines. they believe in the Phoenician religion of worshiping baal and sacrificing babies to Moloch. this is a fact and I have first-hand knowledge. at one time I was in the beginning stages of joining one of their secret societies. I've known Elites and I know what they believe in. they do not care about the average man nature or Earth. and it's virtually impossible for an average man to think as evil as they can. But money and power absolutely corrupt

  32. yep, they opiut it into our faces too much

  33. Hugs little sister. I'm with you and share the same concerns! Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts and feelings.

  34. totally……theses clowns say the the pedos are real…something like this comes out and they say it's a psyop……GET REAL

  35. i feel your pain Karlee 🙁 i know its hard but try not to get yourself too upset, remember they feed off that energy and thats exactly how they want u to feel, they want u to have that ball in your throat that makes u wanna cry every 2 seconds, its most likely why they put this whole pizzagate stuff out. there are evil people in this world that are doing evil things like having sex with children but the only way we can stop these things from happening is to keep a level head and not let it cloud our judgment, because thats how we will lose. be strong, this shit will be over soon <3

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