#PizzaGate Scheduled On The Daily Show Panel! #PizzaGate #Corruption

It’s TRUE: The Daily Show plans to do a panel on the PizzaGate scandal, and I’ve been invited, along with some other leading journalists.
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They can’t silence us ALL. Can’t character attack us ALL. PizzaGate is going viral worldwide, and there will be accountability and justice for those who engage in the ritual torture of children in the name of the occult. When they attack any one of us with Clinton filth (lies, misinformation- all the Clintons seem to know lately!), we push back 100 times stronger, we grow 100 times louder.

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41 thoughts on “#PizzaGate Scheduled On The Daily Show Panel! #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. They tape you for 4 hours and then play 30 seconds of video of you. I'm not even exaggerating. They are not going to cover the story. They're just going to make you look stupid. But good luck.

  2. I wouldn't go on that show, you become illegitimate like them . they could hoax out a constitutional crisis. slide right into martial law. how convenient. mark of the beast  whole enchilada. but wait there will be 3 angels flying in the midst of heaven and they preach the everlasting gospel. the book of the revelation of YASHUAH MESSIYAH.  chapter 14. not project blue beam. great times to be alive! see what they say, and keep flat earth in mind and tell if this isn't very near future.

  3. You re so much better than Huffpost. Not happy you're out of a job, but I am happy you can move on to much better things.

  4. trevor noah is a cuck and the daily show is advanced propaganda psy-ops, at least with certain issues.. they are going to frame it as if you're a conspiracy nut, no two ways about it.

  5. Guaranteed the daily show is going to try and make you a buffoon on a massive platform.
    And in the process making all the genuine efforts at exposing their ring seem illigitimate and crazy.

    If you do insist on going on, do not let them cap your responses because there is tons of information to get out.
    Also, take ur own camera crew too.

  6. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.

    And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment — the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution — not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants" — but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate, and sometimes even anger public opinion.

    JFK understood this half a century ago. What the fuck is your excuse mainstream media and journalists?

  7. Forget it David. It doesn't matter what you say or do, they will massacre you. You are too naive and will sink our ship. I hope that is not your intention. Hope you're not just chasing fame, but it's looking that way. Also, you're not well known. Never heard of you until Huff Po fired you for covering Hillary's Health. You're flat/irrelevant without Pizzagate.

  8. Stay safe you know how the higher power eliminates the threats that expose the truth.

  9. Whatever you do man, avoid eating anything they offer you in the green room.

  10. dude back out their audience is on cue to laugh at any good points you have DONT DO IT, YOU'LL DISTROY EVERYTHING, we have had no problem gaining support online. don't give the daily show any ratings. ITS A TRAP

  11. Only go live! Gavin McInnes went off air and they totally edited him to make him look crazy (like he talked incoherently)

  12. If you think they're going to do anything but make you look like like a stupid conspiracy theorist you're deluding yourself. You're going to set this whole thing back. I guess the paycheck must be good enough.

  13. PLEASE DO GO ON "Daily Show".. the other guy you mentioned is said the be a ShIll by a very keyed in indi investigator/journalist that I highly respect. (I do not trust Jones either– think they are both w same media right?). In any case, YES, Tape All the time You are on. Respect.

  14. They'll film 3 hours with you and piece together answers from a totally different question. There's almost no point going on there.

  15. When is the daily show episode about this?

  16. RRP

    So let me get this straight, David. You are a self-proclaimed "well-known mainstream media journalist" (3:47) who wrote for the Huffington Post as recently as a few months ago, but now you're our Trustworthy Alternative Media Hero. You constantly talk about how the corporate media (MSM) is a weapon used to whitewash the truth, including in this very video, where you say that they are already actively "covering up the greatest conspiracy of all time" (2:00). You get invited onto The Daily Show (VIACOM) — which is NOTORIOUS for mocking people (such as conspiracy researchers) and making them look like foolish with deceptive editing — to talk about #PizzaGate, just after the NY Times and BBC finished writing hit-pieces about the issue. You acknowledge (2:24) that Paul Joseph Watson has already declined the same invitation and has urged others to do the same, warning that they are just trying to find "people to smear and make fun of" to discredit #PizzaGate, which is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS to average people everywhere and echoed by countless commenters here. AND YET, desite all of this, we're supposed to believe that you have "faith" that they won't mock you because "this is an international breaking news story, and The Daily Show just wants to cover it" (3:22). Sure dude.

    (4:15) DAVID SEAMAN: "So again, as far as I can tell The Daily Show is not putting out interview requests on Pizzagate because they want to mock and destroy all of us. They are just a light fake news show. Uh, instead, they are doing this because this is an international breaking news story and they want to be on top of it; they wanna have good panels and segments lined up. Again this is not going away. It's like, uh, you think that the Daily Show would be like, 'Oh let's just mock Watergate and it will just disappear.' This is very big so producers in New York and in LA are starting to think about how they can get their panels, uh, to have enough Pizzagate experts on it because it's that big of a deal. You know, there're gonna be investigations for months, possibly for YEARS, after Trump is inaugurated, about some of these revelations…"

    Sorry, Mr. "Credible Journalist" (3:25), but I don't believe for one second that you're this "naive."

  17. Bad idea, very bad idea

  18. When people see this on the daily show it's going to reiterate in their minds that pizzagate is fake. I know it's tempting. They'll fly you out and put you in a nice hotel, but dude….. They are making fun of it. You gotta see that.

  19. I don't know how to use gab. Is it like YouTube .

  20. It's not wise to go on the show. They are going to make you look like a fool and there is NO place for levity when dealing with such a disturbing subject.

  21. it would probably be best not to draw attention to yourself. But this can go 1 of 2 ways. Either extremely good or terribly. But if you do go on, you could make history with how news outlets like yours are treated in the future

  22. This "comedian comentator" is a mocker SOB and will tear you apart, he will have the resources and the people behind him.
    Make Him come to your show!! That will be Epic!! Think about it and call all the others to do the same debate him at your own terms!!

  23. Please be SUPER PREPARED. I love your videos but I seriously hate the Daily Show. Tomi Loren went on there & I felt she held her own but Trevor Noah is a liberal DICK. I'm worried because every person that questions the validity of this are the same people that love this show & I would hate for this to be laughed out of the public eye. I'm praying it goes well. When is the air date?

  24. this channel is so funny lol

  25. yes, boycott TV at all and mass media paid by the beast

  26. David, I don' t know if you are up to this lions den. JFKjr was brave, wealthy and intelligent. He kicked the door in on the lions den. He named his magazine after his fathers killer! It was inspired, as George Washington is the antithesis of George Bush! One, the selfless father of the country, the other, the greedy destroyer of his country for the NWO bankster tyrants. He was well connected, but had no idea what danger he was in or how to protect himself.
    He went into the lions den against Magog, Poppy, The Rolode Kid, at the top of his evil game and preparing for the most complicated, sophisticated, multi faceted and largest compound crime in history, 9-11.
    During the Reagan administration, he teamed up with MOSSAD to establish a covert drug running, arms dealing, money laundering, and Murder Incorporated organization, incorporating the CIA and segments of the military.
    During the Clinton administration, he used the CIA to honey trap congress into submission, eliminating people like John Tower, who got in the way.
    Bush enemies have plane problems. He has always been the most prepared, thorough, and dilligent agent provocateur the NWO had.
    JFKjr didn't know his enemy. He underestimated him and died. To know George Bush is to know Johnny Gosch.
    If you intend to take on an issue, the pedophile networks are the most demented and dangerous, involving the richest, most powerful, and deluded people on earth. It is noble, but you are not rich or connected. Without a network of protection and reliable information, they will destroy you.
    There needs to be an anti pedophile network. But all of the social avenues are corrupted. Religious leaders are in on it, especially since the Illuminati took over the Catholic church, and the Evangelicals were bought off. That leaves only the Eastern Orthodox church as a dependable ally, as Orthodox Hebrews will not work against their bretheren, who are up to their eyeballs in involvement and complicity.
    If this were just tilting at windmills, so be it. An object lesson on the road of maturity. But Soros, Podesta, Alaphontis, and the pedophile networks are embedded in the government, beurocracy, and society in DC.
    The only solution to a Frankenstein situation is a lynch mob. It is the "silent, obedient, tax paying, majority's" turn to yell, "No justice, no peace!"
    We don' t want to lose any more promising young investigative journalists like Breitbart. He exposed Podesta 5 years ago!

  27. There''s circumstantial evidence in droves that children are being trafficked, tortured, raped, & ritually abused and you're going on a FAKE NEWS COMEDY SHOW to present the information??? You just lost all credibility David … sounds like there's more than meets the eye here. Controlled opposition playing into the PTW's hands to discredit both the evidence and the alt news perhaps?

  28. Hope you don't go on MSM: I agree with Duchsince comment and many others. It will be. weird trap to discredit. Let you're own channel grow. Watch, it will. If ppl want to know what's going on they need to turn the damn tv off.

  29. David I also hear this involved organ harvesting. Might explain how Soros has had so many heart transplants. Sickening!

  30. I think before our media shows something, usually a different country has to bring it up to make it relevant. I'm going to check if RT has got this up yet…

  31. I love looking at your face

  32. You sound very naive towards the end of the video. The MSM are all about misinformation.

  33. Go to the comments section when the Daily Show puts this on social media.

    Whatever bullshit people write, shoot it down!

  34. wear a go-pro when you go…

  35. Do what Gavin mcinnes did and film everything

  36. Richard Hall always demanded editorial control over the content with him to prevent them being able to misrepresent your message. And so far it has turned out to be a demand that will be rejected 100% of the time.

  37. Look out dawg, they's gunna GET YA!

  38. David: stay strong. You have supporters at the Hagmann and Hagmann Report…MAKE PIZZAGATE VIRAL PEOPLE!!!!

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