PIZZAGATE Satanic Abuse Survivors Speak Out (Part 1) #pizzagate #PizzaGate #Corruption

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22 thoughts on “PIZZAGATE Satanic Abuse Survivors Speak Out (Part 1) #pizzagate #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Legit. But I dunno about this interview…

  2. Poor girl. Very pretty though, I wonder how she is doing now….

  3. God bless her… It started with this scum dirtbag piece of shit… Sabbatai Zevi

  4. NWA's vid title, Pizzagate are related, the victim herself said they spoke of killing people to make "him" happy, HIM being LUCIFER c'mon

  5. It's in GOD hands now, He will deal with itBIGTIME, pure evil.✝️

  6. @hillaryclinton, reason why you want to have abortion.

  7. Why am i here again? I said enough of this because this makes me puke, having kids myself this bothers me so much. I pray God will punish all these sickos. I can just imagine what the parents of Madeleine McCann are going through, #pizzagate is real @hillaryclinton @jamesalefantism @johnpodesta @barackobama

  8. This poor girl is still a child in this interview, let alone when she was abused. She couldn't make this shit up ffs , it must have happened. Royals, the establishment, career politicians are all involved. Time to get rid of this so called ruling class – there's nothing class about any of them.

  9. Down the abyss of truth we go

  10. I want to personally pull the lever on these people in the electric chair and send them to hell to be with their father, their "god", Lucifer, where they'll be tormented day and night for eternity like they tormented those children.

  11. Kill em all. forget jail. ajust kill them…All of them. GOD avenge these children PLEASE.

  12. These interviews are so depraved. There's like fifty minutes of fear porn, going up this poor girl's orifices with a microscope and a nail brush, and then ten minutes of location, time and who's who.

  13. They should have hide her face–maybe those sick bastard might come back for her
    God will surely give these evil bastard judgement when their time is up

  14. I remember watching that story when it was first aired many years ago. It shocked me then as it shocks me now. For anyone, and I mean anyone, that doubts this horrific recounting of satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice happens today, just ask yourself this question; what makes this era any different than the millennia before, where these practices occurred? The only difference is that these perverted animals rely on you to believe it could never happen today.

  15. holy shit…. i live in Australia and had never seen this. i am horrified. i can't fucking believe this shit happens literally everywhere. this footage is priceless proof and shouldn't be forgotten.

  16. Gosh this shi is crazy

  17. Jesus man. What do you even say. I want to machine gun all these pedo fucks

  18. Notice how it's a decades old investigation piece. Are we to assume they just cleared all this up and the cults packed up and stopped being satanists over the last few decades? Or, perhaps it's that the satanists needed to take the media over and make sure nobody ever reported on them again.

  19. Did you listen to the podcast ..The "Satanic Panic" of the 1980. What do you think about it?

  20. Lord Jesus please hurry 😭

  21. good god sounds like the script from the movie A servian Film

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