#PizzaGate Researchers Receiving Death Threats & Being Hacked by Government Shills (100% Proof) #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2

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reallygraceful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXjQTYsmpr4
TheScariestMovieEver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZsk1NuxgyY
Reality Calls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA2BocJLGb8&t=2s
David Seaman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHSVBp4ePfc&t=85s

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32 thoughts on “#PizzaGate Researchers Receiving Death Threats & Being Hacked by Government Shills (100% Proof) #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2

  1. To the idiot who calls itself "megaman exe," you are just about the stupidest fucking person I've seen on youtube all month long. You think you're going to convince me by typing more words than me, but that just goes to show much time you have to waste. Which means you don't have a life, and you need to get one.

  2. It's a measure of how afraid they are, they know they are losing control of more than just the narrative. Keep up the good work. Once they start fighting you openly you/we are very close to winning. Live in the heart and keep your vibration high, they can't locate or get to you if you drop into low vibration fear emotions they can then get to you. Truth

  3. Threats bring validity to accusations.

  4. Welcome to pissing of an elite. The news isn't covering it because they will be killed or they are in on it. Keep up the investigation. This is horrible and pizza is real and needs to be uncovered.

  5. If they stop spreading kids we'll stop educating people on the risks, the reality this stuff has been a part of a elite culture since Babylon time. The illuminati lower level requires a commitment to a vice of some sort it's a leash. An alternative direction via victims, missing children and corporate cult behaviour.

  6. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE threating you know it is true!!!!  They are the guilty ones!!

  7. So many paid shills online trying to dissuade people from doing any research, it's wild. THIS IS REAL!!! Just like in UK. But way worse now!!


  9. The line between "Us and Them" has never been clearer. Though, I must confess, I never thought it would be this clear.
    The bible was right! I'll be damned…

  10. Jews just can't win. If they arent responsible for PizzaGate itself, it's the "psyop". Amazing.

  11. Don't worry babe, we are tracking them closely….

  12. I think that the blame of the Jews is significant….Christians should take note because of the anti Isreal rhetoric…

  13. Im on here, I talk about what I damned well feel like, and if any of these internet warriors want to make threats, bring it you little bitches.

  14. I was hacked on Facebook, Microsoft live, One Drive, Twitter, YouTube, I even got a message saying the police are going to beat my ass

  15. OMG a crazy chick liberal of course was accusing me of spreading FAKE news until my co-worker had to stop her.

  16. thank you for service.
    God Bless

  17. Alex Jones has stopped talking about this…Joe Biggs was fired, why?

  18. this makes them guilty.

  19. I hope u called police and made a report , police can get their DNA now

  20. If they meant it, they would simply do it. Only cowards make threats and take hostages.

  21. if its fake …there would be no death threats…obviously…

  22. Now 100% proven that youtube, google are serving pedophile murderer cannibal satanists.

  23. Keep it up brave people!

  24. I heard google was hacked years ago quite badly and so they called in the CIA. Basically they are now an arm of the CIA. I heard of that back in 2011. I talked to people about it that would be in the know but they said it's not true that was facebook. Well there you go it's all a big double play by who ever is the mephistophelian shadow muppeteer of the matrix. Don't take the blue pill don't take the red pill but do absolutely do keep digging on the pizzagate issue.

  25. cool i didn't know you collabed with kj.

  26. David Semen/Seaman/Seimen? LOL Whoever the fuck he is, sounds like a member of "the tribe"…

  27. You're not researchers. You're harassers.

  28. So…how would you like to have some pizza at Comet Ping Pong? My treat.

  29. If you really want to expose pizza gate you have to protest against our government. We can't just sit on our computers anymore and complain because censorship is coming to America, believe it or not. If we walk away from pizza gate many children will continue to suffer by the hands of the elites pedophiles. Mainstream media is dying because they've lost all credibility. America is waking up and our governments loosing their mind control powers. I would love to see millions of Americans marching peacefully against corruption before we loose all of our freedom. Hillary and Bill are still walking free after they committed many crimes against humanity, yes our government is this powerful. There trying to split us up by using Racism,gay rights,Religion,Feminism because there's straight in numbers. This election was used to separate us like never before in history. If we all got together as one for the cause of freedom we would crush then, unfortunately this would only happen if we were all hanging from the side of a cliff.

  30. you realize the guy sending you the condom is the same guy who emailed you

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