#PizzaGate Pizza Gate Documentary #PizzaGate #Corruption

If you havent heard there is a war on for our children. What your about to see is disturbing but true. I am calling on everyone who sees this to rise up and take these people down.






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22 thoughts on “#PizzaGate Pizza Gate Documentary #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Beyond horrific..unbelievable :(

  2. Oh my ..sues..of course ..mad cow disease .. :(

  3. Very good info, there will be endless info on this.

    Podesta's are total freaks, it's rather amusing.

  4. Hillary eats to much baby meat

  5. good work bossman008, we are with you

  6. no comment from Big John Podesta pizza lover

  7. Millie Weaver on Infowars put out a video, its called Tolerant Non-Violent left strikes again . At 10:14 in the video Walter Pierce is in it threatening Millie Weaver with violence.

  8. goddamnit where are the links?

  9. Maybe hardware issue with me

  10. They've locked the likes home can't rate you up

  11. 1) Fidel Castro dies……… 2)an entire soccer team dies in a plane accident in Colombia just before a final match…….3)Ukraine begins military exercises in front of Russia´s Crimea …… what else the iluminati "elite" plans to distract the entire world ??

  12. Cannot share videoes, but I can share in other ways. Including what the Word says in the Torah plus the definitions in the Hebrew. I pray that this will help to wake people to the truth. Thank you for helping to expose this.

  13. That person in the underwater photo is Detox from RuPauls Drag Race! 😮😮😮(at 29:27) (yellow and black striped dress with top hat)

  14. jbossman please contact me asap thank you j

  15. i cant belive
    they got to halfway censor this

    but i got enough info names and numbers and emails thank jbossman before they got to it

  16. Obama loves Pizza !
    The Pedo Bear loves Pizza!
    Pedoma loves pizza too? Or just supports it?
    I just hope Trump isn't like Obama!

  17. wish I could find the source of this

  18. They are ALL in on it!!!

    Donald Trump doesn't dislike Hillary Clinton, they are from the same bloodline…..

    Geni.com notes that they are actually 19th cousins. This has been verified. Interestingly, the two of them are each related to royalty.According to the Geni.com blog, the family trees of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump connect at the people who were both of their 18th great grandparents. Those two people were John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, and Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster.

  19. The cover up of #Pizzagate is only causing people to dig deeper. God help us all.

  20. https://youtu.be/x7C1cCa8V9s According to Mrs Gosch the one who controls the children control the politicians….The Bush family bought the rights to a film that was going to be released "conspiracy of silence" 20/20 had the exclusive rights to Johnny Gosch interview if he ever was to surface and they "20/20" was then purchased by disney..This child crap has been going on for years and it seems the entire top 1% of the world is in on it……..God please help the children

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