#PizzaGate Pedophile Ring is a 100% a Conspiracy Theory! Here is Proof #PizzaGate #Corruption

The PizzaGate story has been picking up steam lately and people have been trying to get to the bottom of things. Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory and people are looking for clues and trying to figure out what is going on. As people are trying to understand PizzaGate, some people are barking up the wrong tree and coming to bad conclusions. This doesn’t mean that PizzaGate is nothing or something just innocent that is misunderstood. Some people will tell you there is a pedophile in in Washington D.C. where they are raping and murdering children. Others will tell you it is nothing. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. I encourage you to come to your own conclusions and just be open to the idea that there are things going on in the world that we can’t imagine. One thing is for sure, the pics and captions that Comet Ping Pong owner, James Alefantis, posts on instagram are creepy and unfunny.



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13 Thoughts to “#PizzaGate Pedophile Ring is a 100% a Conspiracy Theory! Here is Proof #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. bring in that creepy guy and ask him about the special pizza and the euthanasia comments

  2. Thanks for being logical.

  3. What the heck was that at the end of the video?

  4. "I encourage you to come to your own conclusions", "Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory". i expected better from you.

  5. Common sense is no longer common and that is sad. So many people blindly accept what is in the main stream media without putting any thought or research into serious issues. If they just did that, they could perhaps reach their own conclusion without blindly following a bobble head or empty suit on TV.

  6. my english is not bad but i dont understand anything about this topic

  7. In my humble opinion, I think this is a liberal/democrat stunt, to discredit wikileaks. Putting something out there that is questionable with half truths but otherwise false to make wikileaks not credible.

  8. I always get suspicious when CNN, Fox, Washington Post and tons of other "mainstream" media outlets are so fast to decry something supposedly as ridiculous as pizzagate as 'Fake News.'

  9. there IS a pedo ring though and the Clintons are part of it

  10. conspiracy theory means more than one actor colluded to subvert something for personal or collective benefit while at the detriment of others

  11. I think James Alefantis is a member of the Illuminati or the Freesomes.

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