#PizzaGate: Owner Of Pizza Restaurant Charged With Pedophilia #PizzaGate #Corruption

I’m posting this because it’s a case that seems similar to #PizzaGate.

Originally posted at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajk_xvLBcS4



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35 Thoughts to “#PizzaGate: Owner Of Pizza Restaurant Charged With Pedophilia #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. It might be all linked …wouldnt surprise me.

  2. The "authorities" only bust small time pedophiles and child porn producers and sellers as a PR stunt to make people think the system is working to stop them and it. In reality the real perps are the political and legal establishment, who are never busted or just get slaps on the wrist.

  3. How do you charge someone with "pedophilia"? There is no such crime as pedophilia. Now, on the other hand, child sexual abuse is a prosecutable offense, as is possession of child pornography. The title of this video is laughable.

  4. Distraction from the real #pizzagate powerful elite

  5. The DoJo pizza sign has the same sort of design Besta pizza has,there is not a I love boys logo like Besta had – Besta has removed the I love boys logo…I wonder why? They needed a change I suppose.
    Comet pizza has ping pong,Dojo has karate. Always taking the children into consideration -

  6. Is this fakenews cnn told me this was a fake news trick that there was no pizza gate?Or is this the most hardcore real journalistic local agency in the fucking nation?

  7. People (including innocent children) are being raped, tortured and killed at the Cloning Centers. The Illuminati are torturing Donald Marshall sporadically at the Cloning Centers too. Don needs as many people as possible to help him inform the world about the Illuminati's secrets: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, Parasited Human Hosts Of Vril (Drones), The Soulstone Microchip and Chipheads. Please help rescue those that are trapped and silenced with the threat of endless torture and death by sharing Donald Marshall's information and videos. The sooner this all becomes known worldwide, the sooner everyone will know the truth and those that are trapped will be freed.

  8. Wait he really got arrested?

  9. You know what this is? Its a similar story so people confuse it with the real one and focus on this instead. Don't fall for it.

  10. Correction to my earlier statement: There are anywhere from 1100 to 2000+ children disappearing every single day within America's borders! Oh, but we're worrying about illegal immigrants??

  11. Our Government sold us a Big Lie over Terrorism and all the while, even until now with over 1,100 American Children being abducted, our MSM and silent sElected "Leaders" are now caught with terrorizing the American people! They browbeat us into submission to the Richest, while the same are kidnapping Our own babies.
    The Robber Barons must be forcefully dealt with.

  12. After all this #PizzaGate scandal I will NEVER be able to look at pizza the same way again. In fact, I don't think I'll be ordering any for a long time.

  13. This is one of comet pizza bands, it is pretty fucked up. You can see their fucked up art work too by going to comet pizza site and looking in the friends section http://www.cometpingpong.com/ (heavy Breathing)

  14. So it seems the Feds claim to have photographic evidence. Still a case of taking their word… No one wants to SEE that kind of thing, nor would it ever be shown publicly! Eww! In this day and age though, who's to say what they have isn't photoshopped? Enough to sway minds behind closed doors, and never to fall into the public eye to be scrutinized for authenticity.

    I find it suspicious that a witness, a resident of a neighboring home, observed a group of people dressed in black break into the second floor through a window the day before the big raid. Nothing appeared to have been taken. Who's to say they didn't plant "evidence"?

    I know people are going nuts over the Pizzagate thing. It's a huge deal! If the wrong people are ticked off at this guy though, then throwing him to the lions on trumped up "evidence" would be both a distraction drawing attention away from Washington, as well as a way to shut down this guy.

    Dropping CP charges on a person is a sure fire way to make someone disappear, socially. When a person's friends, family, best friends hear they are accused of CP… Every back turns to them. No one wants to be involved in that garbage! Everyone once loyal to that person suddenly is gone. And then the Feds can do whatever they damn well please, cause no body cares about that person anymore.

    I'm disturbed by this. Nothing seems to actually add up. I really am worried this one is not legit, and it's being done for other reasons. Heck, this is old news even! Suddenly it's being drug back up NOW! I'm concerned this is to draw attention away from Washington… Or maybe he really is a freakin' perv. I don't know… But I don't really trust EITHER option right now.

  15. Capital punishment for all convicted….

  16. female news reporter is really pretty

  17. In it's entirety, #PizzaGate is HUGE !.. When and if we manage to rip the lid off of it, everyone decent on earth will be surprised at how deep the rabbit hole goes. It's not just a 'scandal'. This matter involves 1,000s of people, elite organizations and governments that have been involved in pedophilia for millennia. They draw 'power' from it.

    The Establishment is willing to take us to war or to hit us with it themselves in order to disallow this becoming common knowledge.

    You've heard these are dangerous times… that's never been more true than right now.
    No trusting Barry while we wait for Jan 20. The Left can riot 24×7 and Obama does nothing… if a Trumper so much as blinks in the wind right now, Barry will invoke Martial Law and we do Not want that as it will take the heat completely off of #PizzaGate and everything we hope to see the Trump Admin accomplish. C'mon Jan 20 !

  18. Yes…the PEDO LOGO is all the same. Maybe they should check Nancy Pelosi's Pizza joint. GOAT HILL PIZZA!!! Goat…umm… Lucifer…

  19. He said "… I ain't human trafficked nobody." My first thought was; His statement seemed to imply that he trafficked something.

  20. why haven't they arrested the ones in Washington

  21. The people should flash mob comet pizza, 100 people rampage through the place, opening up the secret doors and finding the tunnels and kill room. The crime of doing this would end up being a heroic people powered peso ring busting community service that could be the impetus needed to blow the whole thing wide open. The people would be real heroes.

  22. It seems someone is talking. Great work Reality Calls. So much more than Alex Jones Show is giving.

    So disappointed.


    They are selling this as Pizzagate to the sheeple. Here is what they are not telling us:

    This is being sensationalized on MSM
    He is by no means part of the elite establishment just an ordinary guy running a free community house in a deprived area for kids who's parents cannot cope, Karate lessons and small pizza restaurant for locals.
    Witnesses report 3 men in military/Police clothing in a black SUV entered the building via a ladder to first floor window at the back of the building. They left with nothing. Next morning a massive Police raid occurred.
    The media performad mass interviews with the kids he was providing shelter for, none of them complained. Many parents were also interviewed and had nothing but good things to say. Only 1 parent (a Junkie mother arrested before all this broke) of one of the 17 year old girls had an axe to grind as he threw her out of the refuge after she stole his ATM card and stole cash.

    This tells a very different story to the Shite being peddled by FAKE NEWS


    REALITY CALLS…… I cannot believe you put this MSM diatribe up linking it to Pizzagate without further research and a modicum of critical thinking. Are you really that desperate for money? Strike 1

  24. How come the FBI raided it and he's facing charges etc though….if it's all related, why would all the others be covered up, but not him? This whole thing is such a headfuck :/

  25. Bring them down…#pizzagate is real. @hillaryclinton @jamesalefantis @johnpodesta. This is not fake news.

  26. comet ping pong should be next!

  27. Millie Bobby Brown (age 11) from Stranger Things clearly stated she hated pizza, and she didn't understand why there was always pizza whenever she met people in the US.

  28. That's just like the owner of the ping pong pizza place. King of denial… Everybody, get your popcorn 'cause this is going to be one heck of a show!

  29. Do they have spirit cooked pizza?

  30. Miss I would first like to thank you for putting yourself in danger for exposing this "pizzagate". Now I will tell you that across these united states there are multiple fronts for this disguised as pizza restaurants. God bless your soul and I'm rooting for you kid, keep up the good work.

  31. What the fucks the deal with "pizza parlors" guys?! Help me understand this bullshit!!

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