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  1. Child sex abuse happens, has been happening for some time. There are thousands of children in "foster care" living in deplorable conditions, we know what happens in Hollywood – we also know the lengths gone to cover it up. Regardless if this is true, the breadcrumb trail is so ludicrous it honestly seems like this was custom made for the "truth community". When asked how is this "right out in the open", policy makers immediately go to Internet Freedoms & Privacy. Using the hashtags make us easily grouped by some algorithm. Threatening comments make us look like an angry mob, literally looking for "satanic witches".
    The story will be about these "crazy conspiracy theorists" ruining the lives of a few small businessmen, not to mention making "terroristic threats". There is no government agency on our side, the people or children's side, so if anyone's reputation is tarnished then they are the sacrificial lamb in a cyber sting operation. Realising that no information gets out unless allowed, this can only be a trap for "truthers" (believing they are rallying against horrific crimes) but actually are making the case for even less internet privacy.

  2. I'm starting to think it's a double blind psychological operation… …it is creepy, disturbing, and right on the edge. It just seems to be lacking a dead body, actual child pornography, murder weapon, witnesses, etc. Everything that would keep it from getting past any judge. It's so murky, everything is suggested, and carefully presented. The evidence so far would be enough for me to convict, and I would, were I Supreme Commander. But no courts are going to let prosecution happen based on what I've seen so far, even if I think that's bullshit. At the very least, the Podesta's should be investigated intensely.  Is Assange alive? Is he an agent provacateur? Is WikiLeaks itself a PsyOp? Is this just a farce of reality, a twisted kaleidoscope to blur reality into a cartoonish nightmare? Obviosuly, the Franklin scandal, McMartin preschool and Jimmy Savile, and more, are all real. Of course it's real. This seems so brazen as to be absurd, a "War of the Worlds as read by Orson Welles" broadcast. These people seem to be making a parody of us (truthers, seekers, patriots, religious, spiritual, etc.) for being rightfully and logically aghast, at what they are IMPLYING they are doing, being closed doors, and are most likely, most certainly engaged in something repulsive. My first five days of livid rage have left me to re-examine this, while considering the possibility that it is all part of their plan.

  3. I think they are going all in. It's the final, endgame confrontation that they hope to win.

  4. Here l is a link to WP review of Bucks Fishing and camping, another Alefantis Friend restaurant.. Please read..

  5. What evidence. It a Hoax. CIA using satanic ritual abuse to cover up and distract from their crimes again

  6. Ritual satanic abuse is nothing more than a CIA lie

  7. I agree w/you..either way..they are demented.

  8. There has to be enough evidence. proof names . For ALL PEOPLE involved to be taken away. Not just wiener and a couple guy's podestas.

  9. Stay calm everyone until TRUMP is sworn into office. Don't let them call a state of emergency before he is sworn in.

  10. Everyone this info is most likely true. BUT it is being pushed so much on social media now to get us to do something premature violently to stop TRUMP to be sworn in. They want a state of emergency before he is sworn in. Marshall law.

  11. As time goes on it seems this satanic cult is trying to let some of there secrets out to judge the public's reaction. My guess is the main stream news media will keep hiding the truth and this satanic cult will drift back into the shadows.

  12. thanks for keeping on this. This is the biggest story never told and it needs the light of day. We cannot let this slip into obscurity like the Franklin scandal and so many other child abuse and human trafficking cases.

  13. I was blocked from seeing his instagram.

  14. Shared!! Just the fact that they have 5 'Pizza' and "4 'Pizzas' left from the last 'Pizza Party' that aren't expected to survive" has me wondering why in the heck the Local Law Enforcement or even the FBI isn't ramming down their doors looking for these kids boggles my mind. Who in 'Power' (Mayor, Governor, State Senator, State House Rep, Federal Senator, Federal House Representative, FBI Director, ODNI Director, State Attorney's Office, U.S. District Attorney's Office, or whomever not listed) is making sure this isn't being investigated needs to brought out into the Light and questioned by the Alternative Media (We all know the Legacy Propaganda Ministry [MSM Corporate 'News' Outlets] won't cover this story) about why they are blocking this Investigation at every turn!!

  15. Here's something else u might be interested in …

  16. call the police on them

  17. Makes you wonder if the Cape Crusader, Obama himself, isn't poised to be the Hero and take this down before he goes off to collect his next Piece of the Prize, …the UN!  The Secret status was the Podesta Calzone!  …..just a thought…someone has to step up and Save the Children…and if this was a sick perverted way of making everyone sickened enough, we might finally believe the Bastard, for once!  …I doubt it!

  18. Oh and btw, with all the tragedy going on in Gatlinburg, a guy helping clean up at Dollywood found a page from the Bible that was mostly burnt but u should check out the scriptures on it. It's mind blowing. If that story is real-that's def a sign from God.

  19. I have been researching the occult for years and they HAVE to make a sacrifice to moloch or lucifer. In the Old Testament we used to make sacrifices to God. But He sent Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice to save us therefore Gods children no longer make animal sacrifices. But, the devil requires them. And he hates us. What better way to hurt us and God than to destroy His beloved lil ones. It makes me physically ill to think about what goes on. So whether comet ping pong is a psyh op or not this stuff is happening. Been happening for years. And those ppl in power are the ones doing it. That's how they got to power in satans world. So, we are doing right by exposing this stuff. And to be honest, I think it's out in the open bc they know they can get away with it like they've been doing for decades. It's disgusting. I'm so glad u are sharing this info bc it needs to be put out there for as many ppl as possible to see. Thanks again:)

  20. Breitbart was going to expose this in 2011 cost him his life.

  21. Thanks for sharing this info. Joe Biggs is featured in in this video. Biggs tells us this "message" is NOT fake. He also says a new video from him will be released tomorrow regarding this horrifying topic. Here's the Tweet chain:

  22. What message board!? Where did this come from?

  23. Have you seen Barry Satoro's channels take on it? check it out if you can. pretty interesting.

  24. I hope these criminals get punished under the law, but people be advised that I am sooo sure that MORE politicians and people are involved in this type of behaviour…not just the podesta circle. Terrible!

  25. Thanks for posting….if you can watch "Who Took Johnny" It is VERY eye opening.

  26. The dark side has taken over

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