#PizzaGate — Little girls wave gay flags to tempt flag burners — LGBTQ upset #PizzaGate #Corruption

Gay Pride Flags Reported Burned In Rochester, N.Y., In Wake Of …
Nov 10, 2016 – Arsonists destroyed two gay Pride flags in Rochester, NY, on Tues and Weds, and one victim believes the incidents are linked to the …
Why a Trans Woman Burned a Rainbow Pride Flag | VICE | United …
May 17, 2016 – When reports that someone burned a pride flag on a university campus … “I would like it if transsexual wasn’t included in LGBT,” she told VICE.
Gays Introduce Rainbow Flag Desecration Bill | National Report
Jul 7, 2015 – The bill will make it a felony to burn, rip, or desecrate the rainbow gay pride flag in any manner. A clause in the bill also bans the release of …
Rainbow flag burned outside Adams Morgan restaurant
Jun 16, 2016 – Terry Stone, gay news, Washington Blade, rainbow flag ‘I will replace it … The flag burning incident at D.C. Bourbon at 2321 18th St., N.W. took …
Students Outraged After Gay Flag Was Burned On Campus—Then …
Apr 27, 2016 – In February, students at the University of British Columbia raised the multi-colored pride flag on campus to participate in the school’s week long …
LGBT Activists BURN American Flag at San Francisco March
Jun 27, 2016 – During a homosexual and transgender rights march in San Francisco, homosexual and transgender activists gleefully burned an American flag …



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16 Thoughts to “#PizzaGate — Little girls wave gay flags to tempt flag burners — LGBTQ upset #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Despite the cover up is now widely exposed however i believe there is something to this much deeper and it is related to Time.
    For Example Time consists of 24 hours started with 12 and ends with 24
    if you look back with old movies Back to the Future 2 featured Pizzagate as a purpose of time travel and skewed reality
    I've noticed the fall tv shows this year has ended their 'long hard working day' with Pizza
    including the last episode that aired on Sunday night The Simpsons Milhouse and Homer eating a pizza together.
    CW Supergirl Agent Danvers and her Girlfriend Maggie, Maggie brings a pizza over
    Pure Genius Walt top surgeon brings home a pizza to his son
    Back To The Future featured linear space time continuum with Marty's girlfriend meeting her future self, and Marty's family eating Dehydrated pizza.
    Marty later skews to alternate reality where Biff i.e Donald Trump is mayor of Hill Dale.
    The Simpsons Season 23 Episode 9 Future of Holiday Past
    Zia Simpson daughter of Lisa Simpson connecting into the singularity of holographic universe.
    Just to let you know the name Zia is arabic.
    Lisa Simpson became present after Donald Trump's Presidency and what i find interesting we have never seen episode of Donald Trump taking the Presidency in The Simpsons. Yet!

  2. Bet he'd get arrested if he'd asked her to go for a slice~Ooooh!

  3. Burn gay and Mexican flags next time you see an American one burned. Trigger them so they walk right through the use of force door, then go with whatever level of force presents itself. :)

  4. anyone who burns the flag is Simply NOT AN AMERICAN!!!

  5. Dave: I have one for your review. I'm interested in your observation: http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2016/11/one-for-dave-action-ems-review.html

  6. U S of Gay lol, pizza will never taste the same. Btw I hate wiggers

  7. so glad I found this channel, Classic material !!

  8. Ur fuckin hilarious hahaha subd

  9. She doesn't have a clue as to what she is doing. She's a child of useful idiots or idiot.

  10. gay aussie couple abused a russian child few years back
    only in the us of g a y

  11. steve jackson illuminati card game has the pizza card yum yum

  12. Can i use LGBT flags as toilet paper???

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