PizzaGate Just Got Even WEIRDER #PizzaGate #Corruption



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24 Thoughts to “PizzaGate Just Got Even WEIRDER #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. What's with the Beatles click bait picture? There was NOTHING about the Beatles in your video. THUMBS DOWN – I'm so getting sick of this false click bait crap. It really puts a smudge on your credibility – you realize that don't you?

  2. Actually, I think a torture room would be being in a room with hillary. John Podesta bears more study then a pizza shop.

  3. There is. I link, unless they are taking it off, ✝️

  4. Quit stealing David Seaman's Videos!

  5. yes the Clintons are evil, but Trump is letting Clinton off the hook, he's also being charged for rape (underage girl), he has close ties to the Clinton Foundation, and I think that's the next thing that needs to be investigated is the foundation.

  6. good message Bro, thanks.

  7. Bitcoin, really? Man, people came here to see about pizzagate, I personally came because of the beatles picture, and now you are talking about money and gold and nothing relating the beatles to pizzagate. Don't deceive people because you deceive yourself.

  8. Trump is globalist and pizza eater.

  9. How dare you use an image of the Beatles.  I smell a rat.


  11. research BITCOINT (the owner)

  12. If you are going to REPOST VIDEOS you really need to post the content in the information box to be CONSISTENT with the content in the ORIGINAL videos, AND FOR GODS SAKE QUIT EDITING THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS., I caught you doing that on one of your posts. THATS NOT FUCKING COOL.

  13. Where's the link you were providing?

  14. You can clearly see a human finger in the garlic knot. That's why he was escorted out, he would have revealed the pizza parlor as serving dead baby parts in the knots and pies. Come on. Anybody knows that.

  15. This is a sign that we need to improve as a race. We elect evil people and allow ourselves to be dumbed down and brainwashed rather than using the intelligence and free will given to us by God to expose and defeat tyranny because people are weak and cowardly willing to give up freedom for the promise of security. It's time to take back our seat at the table reserved for real men and stop allowing evil to control us. This earth is our home and none of us should ever allow people to prey on children no matter how powerful they are because they have no power we didn't give them to begin with.

  16. Can you put the link to this new social medium and to Goldmoney please?

  17. Where is Julian Assange??????

  18. Thanks for doing these videos. You are one of the few with the guts to stand up to evil.

  19. The MSM is involved or they would be all over it.

  20. that looks like my backyard except turkeys are flying out of the trees where in live lol. west mi, God bless all!

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