PizzaGate is just the tip of the ICEBERG — Ole Dammegard #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

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International researcher, lecturer and truth teller Ole Dammegard returns to SGT report to shine light on the New World Order criminal syndicate – and Ole says that based on his decades of research the DC pedo ring known now as PizzaGate is merely the tip of the ice berg of a massive “Satanic network” that stretches all across the globe.

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26 Thoughts to “PizzaGate is just the tip of the ICEBERG — Ole Dammegard #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate”

  1. Humanity you are really need to stop worshipping the Orion empire. Everything on this planet is about the reptilians/ orion / Grey. I have experienced this crap first hand and know that they worship Lucifer. We have a duality on this planet and until you stop worshipping the masonic order we are f***cked. This technology that is coming out is not funny at all. Missing planes ( Malaysia) is all about control and getting other countries to consent to what the other country wants. REV 18 is coming and it won't be pretty either. Major damage to the 13 colonies and NY NY is the target because it is the apple of his eye: Enki. ( Nike). Stop worshipping this lucifer. Yes. these families give their children up because of the "G" thing. Generations / masonic crap. Humanity is food to these reptilians. Energy/ our chakra system. Heart chakra to be exact and the lower chakra/ sex. It is horrible. It really drains you. Until we rise up and go against the Orion Empire.. you are NOTHING. THEY MOCK YOU because you hand crap right over to them. Did you know that? Even if you worship them… they mock you because you are too stupid to stop. I have experienced their "love" and let me tell you… they don't care. I have had voice to skull and message brought before me that they plan on MASS GENOCIDE. I am the enemy of the state because I WON'T CONSENT. They( the dark ones) have told me that I am Joan of Arc… So here is your message: Get the hell away from the coast lines.. you will need food, water. Move inland. Stop worshipping and believe in yourself. You are powerful.

  2. Incredible. That is the only time that has made sense. It was always odd to me when I heard claims that the Podesta brothers took part in the actual abduction. Why expose yourself in public when obvioulsy you can hire someone to do it, BUT, as a perfect method of blackmail and control by an even higher member in the heirarchy of sick fucks, release their photos with a story it was these two men, and in turn the Podestas will do their best to stay in line. Oh my fucking god.

  3. if you have ever watch the show Everybody loves Raymond,,,, his dad always comes in and breathes deep over Raymond babies saying he's sucking up, breathing in their energy… these people that abuse children are satanism and believe that if they take their "innocence" they get their "energy".. and what is the one absolute thing that everyone hates that one in control can blackmail/hold over the head of one they want to control… pedophilia… your ruined if it gets out.. they are just plain SICK…

  4. The Grassy Knoll is everywhere now for Ollie, very Brave Man!
    Amazing how Blokes along the lines of Ollie, Russianvids, Peekay, Junglesurfer and Co that open our Eyes are not running scared?
    Better Men than Us.
    Great post SGT, beauty Mate.

  5. its time for all honourable peaceful men and women who exist natural within communities throughout the commonwealth region to unite to invoke common law.  legislation is not law.  its time to unite to end the elitist structure and the corruption.  the time to unite is now.  please subscribe to youtube channel called rob ess.we must unite to bring down the society of solicitors that has existed for centuries through fear and indoctrination.  the elite have exploited the common people for centuries installing parliamentary or governmental systems solely to protect the monarchy the churches merchants artisans lawyers politicians.  democracy does not exist.  indoctrinating the common people installing advisory rules and regulations under the guise of authority misleading common people rules are law is where the elitist deception begun.  the birth certificate is fraud as is registering to vote.  legislation is not law.  common law is the law throughout all regions of the common wealth.  law cannot be changed law is not malleable or interchangeable legislation is and protects the elite only.  there is no actual common law law to register the birth of an infant neither is there actual common law law to register to vote.  the elite are through deliberate wilful intent eradicating common law.  this must stop.  we must unite.the common people must unite to install courts of law under common law.  all peaceful honourable men and women must unite to rid communities of corruption.  the first principle of common law is harm none.  the simple fundamental principles of common law apply to all living breathing flesh and blood men and women.  there are no men and women called persons customers account holders occupiers residents humans citizens. these are all fictitious legal titles created in the corrupt language of contract called legalese.  there is no man or woman called the president of the usa no man or woman called the queen or king these are all fictitious legal titles applicable to actors acting in the role of president prime minister queen so on and so forth.  these men and women were not given these names by their mothers and fathers at birth. legalese is not a true language it is the language of trickery and deception.  it can be found in all corporations for example in nursery pre school schools education generally in health care in science the police force social care in local or regional councils.  the people must awaken to the deception fraud and corruption.  we must communicate simply the result will be prosperity existing in a simpler happier time free from corruption division and depravity.sources of alleged information for example the internet create a hive of fear negativity and speculation.  this too is a divisive tool created by the elite.  the solution is for the people to unite to invoke common law reveal the facts truth in law hold the corrupt to task in common law courts of law to rid all communities of the commonwealth of corruption.  subscribe to youtube channel called rob ess.  watch without prejudice listen and learn.  all peaceful honourable men and women throughout the commonwealth must become fully conscious.  unite to invoke common law.we are divided still by too many groups.  divided still by too many actors with hidden agendas.  switch off from the mainstream media and research common law.  in numbers united we can effect and invoke change and install law.

  6. Belgium is NOT the center of human/child trafficking …I read Thailand and Middle East was….

  7. his reaction of the sketches …disturbing. He swallowed as if thinking "OH SHIT"…

  8. Lee Harvey Oswald was the fall guy. How did one bullet kill three people.

  9. I Bet they Feed the Children to the Reptilians AFTER They rape them . The corrupt Elite are connected to the Reptilians . Read what Alex Collier has to say on U-tube about this stuff .

  10. I've seen a couple of your videos and I must say this; you are reporting good information, but you are not careful with your language. It is leading. You must differentiate between things you KNOW because of absolute evidence, things you SUSPECT due to inconclusive evidence and things you SUSPECT based on prior experience. You are confusing all of them, and it will weaken viewer's trust in you – or give you an audience that is easily led or wants to be led to confirmation of a prior bias, which is not good.
    Here you wait until halfway through your video to back peddle and say "maybe" when you have been throwing around conclusions for 22 minutes. Because of this I cannot use your videos to present to skeptics I love, like I can use a presentation by Ben Swann. If you are going to be a journalist you must start thinking, acting and speaking like a criminal investigator. I urge you to look at some of Wallice's work, a career criminologist who talks in detail about the kind of lock-tight thinking that is needed to solve cases 30 years old and such. He has some great video presentations and a good book called Cold Case Christianity.
    My best! And keep up the good work.

  11. far too much money investigating corruption around the world

  12. The photo fits are a bit of a distraction – perhaps used as a threat against the Podestas as part of some collateral Brownstone Op, may even have been known to the McCanns as Gerry allegedly a 33rd degree mason, but these were only two of many photo fits issued over the years in order to detract from the real suspects. And we all know who they are. Peace.

  13. I so ppreciate Mr. Dammegard's cautious perspective on the "senstional" news that is periodically leaked/ hacked for public consumption. He keep his theories tight, his comments brief, and his opinions to a minimum (and well-qualified as such, so no one thinks he is putting "opinion" forward as equivalent to "facts".

    That's not an esy balance to maintain in this world of rabbit warrens, child-sized coffins, pizza, etc., and I commend him and his family and supporters to Our Lord for protection.

  14. Boeing was responsible for 911. Idiots… One of the richest companies on the planet thanks to 911 America is actually in debt billions of dollars to Boeing.

    Call the washington dc police chief at 1 202 727 9099 tell him OR her to do their job, to investigate comet pizza and follow the leads wherever they go. Call New York City police department to investigate weiner, to take him to task and to bring charges where and when ever possible. ++++++ WE ARE THE PEOPLE+++++++ we must shame those that have little shame and be the squeaky wheel to drive home through constant bombardment to do what is right and protect the children. NYPD 1 212 639 9675++++++++++++++++++++++MAO SAID CHANGE MUST COME NOT THROUGH * PONTIFICATING * WAITING * JUS' SITTING AROUND!! WE KNOW WHAT THE FACTS ARE, SO LET MAO BE YOUR GUIDE AND PICK UP A PHONE AND CALL, ALL THROUGH THE DAY AND ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 'TILL THE LAST PEDO'S GONE PUT DOWN THE PHONE.

  16. Good job on exposing these vile demons.

  17. Children's been tortureds
    Pizza's demonicSS

  18. PizaSS GateSS must stop around the world

  19. The people need to know that America has been occupied by by the Jews & They are into all kinds of sick things: check out there TALMUD!!! —All the strange things happening are the jews work.

  20. It's more important to tell people that the U.S. has been occyû

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  22. the podesta expose is the smoking gun in this whole conspiracy and seems to bring us as close as we have come to blowing the lid off this whole thing. All of us in the truth telling movement are ratcheted by these revelations and hope for a full investigation that will expose the truth for the world to see. I don't think it will happen. Just like the interviewee says…"the door is locked"……I take as much comfort as I'm allowed, in that, I know the real truth about these satanic assholes. I hope that GOD will blow the whistle on these cads when the (hoped for) spiritual transition occurs. I pray for judgement and justice.

  23. The Fake Main Stream Shit News is also ivolved in the Cases thats why they call it Fake News this fucking Pices of Trash….!!!!!

  24. God wanted this perversion, demented, sick souls exposed. Thank GOD for Wikileaks, ✝

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