Pizzagate is Global #PizzaGate #Corruption

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41 thoughts on “Pizzagate is Global #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. American government is evil and most likely won't change

  2. It is real! BBC New York Times trying to shut it down

  3. I feel weird I'm eating pizza right now

  4. Joe made a good job. ♡♡♡♡ the introduction was exactly how people should be covering this.

  5. Apparently pedophilia has remained part of middle-eastern culture since the Greeks introduced it to them.

  6. Is there anything we can do to prevent this? How can we help?

  7. This is THE reason for the ISLAMAFICATON of the WEST!!!!!! Pedo-acceptability among OUR PAID LEADERS

  8. They throw gays off roofs but fucking a little boys is ok? AND Obama wants to bring this hear!

  9. What if the 26 guys arrested in the UK have a connection to all of this? Hell, what if Jared Fogle has a connection to all of this?

    That said, i get what you're saying; tunnel visions' very easy to get dealing w/ a topic like this. The evidence out there right now is very damning, though.

  10. I like Joe Biggs 😀 I remember when he got pepper sprayed at the riot it was both epic hilarious.

  11. Could it be that drug and human trafficking is the real income of the government, and the income tax goes to the globalists (tatoott1009 has a documentary running on his livestream about this, i dont know who made it or the title)? And that is why we have these wars and protection of opium trafficking and pedophilia in afghanistan and everywhere? Ultimately its because satan is the ruler of the world/globalists/gov/etc. and although he is the ruler of this world John 12:31 he is trying to destroy everything John 10:10; he is a psychopath.

  12. The ''PIZ-O-PHILES'' got sloppy because they underestimated Trumps victory.NOW, watch the rats squirm and turn on each other as the exterminator kicks the door open. TRUMP.,, Assign TREY GOWDY to investigate and exterminate.

  13. why are you guys trying so hard to avoid this topic?… is bill hicks a pedo too?

  14. Thanks for sharing about Afghanistan, Very eye-opening and heart-wrenching. But how does this prove Pizzagate?

  15. Infowars peddled false info prior to the election. They are now backing down.


  17. PIZZAGATE is sexual pedophilia with little girls.
    God is going to do worse to these creepy sexual perverts
    when they get into satan's kingdom.
    God will reward them a trillion fold for the heinous things
    they have done to children and adults.

  18. Looks like Joe's been hitting the gym and his beard is on point got to give him props

  19. manuel X US ARMY ,that's right joe your doing the right thing your a true soldier

  20. 160 Thumbs down ? So many pedophiles are looing that channel ?

  21. Citizen Infiltration…..ala O'Keefe…that is the next logical step.

  22. It is very normal for a young boy and a grown man to hold hands in these countries, boys and men do it as well as women. Please don't see the East through Western eyes…they have very different customs which you don't understand.

  23. #LolitaExpress #OrgyIsland #JeffreyEptein IS IN PRISON this is a fact  has been documented Flight Logs show both Bill and Hillary went a lot

  24. You got a threat from the Washington crew and backed off, eh?

  25. We need to end the war on drugs and focus on a war for human rights. I want to join the operation underground railroad. It is up to us to deliver justice.

  26. Bill loves that young snatch.  when is he going to jail.

  27. So basically Afgani are gay and pedophiles. What a wonderful place. It seems right to have a nuke go off there.

  28. The US Government tolerates the rape of boys in Afghanistan because its leaders and masters are porking, torturing, slaughtering, and cannibalizing boys and girls here in the good old USA. The Afgan perverts do not compair to our sickos. America's perverted masters are above the law since they own most of our judges and politicians. Hide your kids folks, and stay away from pizza joints!

  29. These pedophiles are worse than terrorists. They should be tracked down and killed.

  30. WEBBOT REPORT for December " UKPop data sets are indicating that the 'shite (is) hitting the fan' over 'pedophiles in power'. As a large portion of 'british governance' is based around 'pedophilia associations' the impact of the various spin off investigations from #pizzagate is indicated to be very impacting of 'british ruling elites'."


  32. Understand what that culture and all MUSLIM culture is about. They have the selling of young boys and are turned into prostitutes. many of the boys are made into eunichs for the sole purpose of making sex object out of them. Girls are raped as well and sold as wives to men and older men. Those who refused are called prostitutes and stoned. This is ISLAM!!! Women are treated the same way. They have rape rooms in all of these MUSLIM countries where they will rape women who speak out or refuse the be the wives of men that the families sell them to. THESE FUCKING PEOPLE ARE IN OUR NATION AND ALL OVER EUROPE. The Quran does not protect women and children, it does say to a man to claim any woman (and possibly children) as a wife that he holds by his right hand.

  33. Yup, ANA guards would go into the village at night and take the young lads to the guard room. Then ass rape them all night. You could see blood running down the poor little buggers legs. Pediastry is like a sport in Afghanistan. If the place is not the world's asshole it is in its colon.

  34. If you or I upload a video with copyrighted music in it, the video will be shutdown in a heartbeat. Yet somehow the child porn sites manage to stay up and running for years.

  35. there are just too many coincidences…..

  36. Why does Podesta and his gang wear red shoes in the post on instagram ????????

  37. This is nothing, they want to microchip everyone with the mark of the beast, no one will be able to buy or sell without it.

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