PIZZAGATE GUNMAN #FAKENEWS | FALSE FLAG #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2

Dear MSM,

The #PIZZAGATE gunman wasn’t ‘radicalized’ online like ISIS, but I guess he is like ISIS because you created him.

What are you trying to hide? Why do you want #PIZZAGATE silenced, ripped from our computer screens, and those who speak of the Comet Ping Pong ‘conspiracy’ held accountable for all of the violence you created?

We the people aren’t spreading #FakeNews. You are. You no longer have our best interests at heart. You never did. You report on topics that align with your advertisers’ political agendas, and you taper your headlines to perpetuate whoever’s narrative pays the most.

This is why your news networks are dying and why your pathetic outlets for online news are being splintered with opinions from those who have learned to think for themselves.

Enjoy reactivating your LinkedIn accounts and polishing your résumés.

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Under the law everyone is entitled to a fair trial.
If illegal activity is taking place we need professional investigators to gather evidence and take it to court.
Harassment, threats, or violence directed toward any of the people or establishments mentioned in this video is counter productive to the instigation of a proper investigation. Please do not do it.



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37 Thoughts to “PIZZAGATE GUNMAN #FAKENEWS | FALSE FLAG #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2”

  1. Don't believe everything that's a picture on the internet – the WASHINGTONIAN article was obviously not released before the incident took place. The screenshot was just fake. You can see that if you're looking into the source code of the article Published at 4pm.
    And is their any psychological proof that actors how played a role in some kind of short films can't become violent after being fooled by a conspiracy theory?

  2. If they ban forums and videos revolving around Pizza Gate, then they should ban The Onion and other satire news channels along with fan made video game videos because that "Fake News" is just as harmful. But of course that doesn't apply to their "Fake News" narrative. I'm not racist nor am I a Trump supporter, and I see and believe the truth. This isn't about Trump or white supremacy and it's pathetic how the mainstream media
    has resorted to placing blame on such things in order to discredit us truthers..

  3. Main Stream Media is FAKE NEWS .. we citizens must stay vigilant, continue to do the research and Not Settle for the MSM Psyop against We The People

  4. actors seem to all show a clear sign of a mental illness. …

  5. to what end will they go

  6. I thought this sounded a little too convenient to be true.

  7. Check out C. Ervana's latest video The Finders. This 'gunman' may be a distraction from something bigger

  8. So If the guy goes to jail, will you then accept that it was not fake? I think its more likely that you will think its yet another conspiracy, he was being paid.

  9. Remember Trump has a high IQ. If anyone watched Apprentice there are methods to his maverickness. He is not as quirky as Sir Richard…but he knows vetting. Wasn't it fun parading traitor Romney around in a public flogging mode? Now he can listen to Gore's plan from the donkey's mouth rather than from pundits…maybe he has a way to get the Internet back since he invented it (jes kidding)!

    But really it is good to know your frenemies & enemies, what their belief system is. How they act in an interview, what they want? What other point in time will he have a minute to chat with people and summon them? Well, I suppose when a President invites you over, ANYTIME cannot imagine anyone declining to visit. It is special to be able to watch, instead of having the lamestream media screen it through their narrow sieve of cynicsm…oh wait, they still tend to do that. SMH ! Libtarded snowflakes. It is fun to see their body language when the traitors, get fired! Did anyone notice Romney used his left hand 3x to shake hands with all the door watchers on the way out of Trump Tower…do not let the door hit you!

    That is why we still must have Trump tweet, We The People love our new way of "Fireside Chats". Sit back & enjoy the show…but still give input, as there is nothing like a live poll! But the sooner we can get 2 or 3 new Network News stations that offer Free Press, I will be liking TV/Cable again.

    I have quit watching for the most part to honor the boycott. I noticed after the last Podesta & HilLIARy leaks about pedophile sex rings…they suddenly came out with narrative of "fake news"… ha ha ha…they had their fake polls & now trying to bury these headlines. Nice try…and your false flag…bearded white guy "suspect" in fatigues with a machine gun going to Comet Pizza is just a false flag…I have no doubt that place is something that needs to be uprooted with luminary screening…sick pedophiles!

  10. People (including innocent children) are being raped, tortured and killed at the Cloning Centers. The Illuminati are torturing Donald Marshall sporadically at the Cloning Centers too. Don needs as many people as possible to help him inform the world about the Illuminati's secrets: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, Parasited Human Hosts Of Vril (Drones), The Soulstone Microchip and Chipheads. Please help rescue those that are trapped and silenced with the threat of endless torture and death by sharing Donald Marshall's information and videos. The sooner this all becomes known worldwide, the sooner everyone will know the truth and those that are trapped will be freed.

  11. Anyone can make a profile on IMDB. This is all heresay and circumstantial evidence at best. Russia and Uganda propaganda use the "pedophile" angle to get people riled up, FYI.

  12. Well I guess there IS something to pizzagate if they are trying so hard to hide it. That's the only logical conclusion. #DoubleDown #PizzaGate #Draintheswamp

  13. This pisses me off! They seriously go as far as faking a crime just to get people to avoid and not believe in something that MAY be plausible just to hide their gross ass agenda. This is disgusting…

  14. Great stuff comes out of ur mind dont give up

  15. They need more than a lobotomy. They need an exorcism.

  16. Saw the story on TV. They said, this story has been completely de-bunked. I say, don't you have to investigate something before you know it's fake?

  17. they are coming after truthers. its obvious. this is the beginning of the end of a lot of channels and blogs.

  18. Just a thought…..should we change the name to something like dc trafficking or global trafficking or maybe child traffickers in our country, we have noticed this goes past comet ping pong pizza, we have noticed that like the past, goverment is on it and Hollywood is in on it but it all boils down to the same people, our goverment….

  19. straight to the point fantastic

  20. Why is the photographer directly in the line of fire at 1:22? It's strange to have such an intimate photo of such a dangerous event.

  21. People like reallygraceful,  reality calls, Megan Infoslut, the Pettibones etc. restore my faith in the female gender.

  22. Your Voice is amazing and I love your coverage of this terrible topic.

  23. I think they already had a Chemical lobotomy.

  24. If this was actually staged then I will suspect that this man will be released from jail? IDK if he does any serious time. I would think its real. I know I wouldn't want to do any serious time just to stage something…

  25. You are great. Please keep it up. I'll refer others to your channel in my vids. THANK YOU!

  26. I love you reallygraceful!!!

  27. your channel is the first channel ive come across thats approached research with such integrity and unbiased view point.
    im totally serious, you dont start with a conclusions than build a story to fit that ideal, instead you hear a story than look into it from multiple angles.
    bravo, keeps me inspired


  29. Thank you so much for your great, continued coverage! I've been following #PizzaGate from its start, and attempted to raise awareness via my solid, long-time and well-respected facebook platform. I've laid out the info, created my own image compilations, and shared the most balanced and informative videos out there….only to get completely mocked and laughed at. I feel my arguments have been extremely well organized and communicated, but people just don't seem to care about logic. I'm frustrated beyond words! Disabled my fb profile for a while, and am heading over to reddit and voat to brainstorm with some "common sensers" for a while.

  30. Realistically if he was a crisis actor it may not be long before a radical party without a leash is spurred to action. Ignoring crazy does not make it go away. Perception of the people involved by trying to make them victims will not benefit them as they intend.

  31. Crisis Actor! See 4 Strange Things about the Comet Ping Pong Shooter

  32. MSM trying to shame people into dropping the citizen's investigation

  33. Alefantes announced a 2 day closure of Comet immediately after the incident. Might be the whole reason for this show.

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