pizzagate – FBI – child abuse – pedophilia – Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle Mind blowing #PizzaGate #Corruption

credit – Hollands Glorie
MUST SEE and SHARE! pizzagate all over the world!! in the GOVERNMENT!! fake news???? pizzagate is trying to SHUT YOU UP!!
this has been going on for years and years and years!! now YOU wake up? and being used to censor free speech, so documentaries like this can be band!!!
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14 Thoughts to “pizzagate – FBI – child abuse – pedophilia – Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle Mind blowing #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. So sad!! We have the same thing happening in the USA with our gov! #PizzaGate #PageBoys #FrankilnCoverup God bless the children

  2. May I suggest that you remake this video in a manner that allows me/us to take in and digest all the information. Thanks


  4. Pizzagate is not trying to shut you orus up.Pizzagate is our term for the Pedophile Sex Child Trafficking Ring.We call it Pizzagate! The pervs don't.

  5. seriously. we need to find these pp. drag them out of their holes by their balls and clits and torchure and serve them with a very long and painful death sentence. maybe deskin them and make them ALL WATCH AS EACH ONE DIES. THESE ROYALS, HEADS OF GOVERNMENTS ARE THE WORST KIND OF EVIL MANKIND COUD EVER HAVE. THEY DESERVE TO DIE. SLOWLY. PAINFULLY

  6. 9th circle reminded me of the Ninth Gate movie with Johnny Depp. i just noticed the director is Roman Polanski.

    anyone who has looked into johnny depp knows he has to be one of these satanic degerates. not trying to start a new rabbit hole for anybody so i won't say more. just that many are involved in this.

  7. To the DEVIL, THE ENEMY OF MANKIND AND MURDERER OF CHRIST: You LOSE! You can kill me, but once- But YOU LOSE!!!

  8. Oh so that's why 'they' call us 'white-devil'. Good Lord Almighty Yahshua heal your earth of this scourge, this evil among us, your children, for all mankind. Amen.

  9. +sweetyellow b Hello, I first came into contact with your account on another video related to this subject. You replied to a comment of mine, a benign comment maybe one sentence expressing agreement with me. It was flagged as spam and I could not make it visible after repeated attempts. YOU MAY BE BEING CENSORED.

  10. This is complete madness when heads of State either give nominal sentences or just ignore pedophilia. Sick to my stomach, the poor kids who grew up w/ nobody listening to  trauma they've lived through.

  11. PRS

    The Queen and All her sick inbred family and child abusers need to be arrested!! This is so sick. It is gonna take the return of Jesus Christ coming to JUDGE and destroy them all. All over America too needs exposing!! Mark 9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe
    in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,
    and he were cast into the sea.

  12. 75% of this planet abuse children in some form or another, they murder
    1,000s a week with abortion, the popo and the feds regardless of where
    they are know who does and who doesn't screw and consume children due to
    most of them doing it too, I reiterate that they will sweep the planet
    and arrest the lower end freaks to save those in the upper ranks, pizza
    gate will soon be just rumors, if you trust anyone in any government
    anywhere on this rock, I can sell you Miami Beach real cheap….

  13. These are mommies and Daddy's, uncles, brothers , aunties, sisters, Grammas , Grampas. Can this be for real. Excuse my innocent eyes. My mind just can't see this,

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