PizzaGate Definitive Fact Check #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2

Like i said before we are finished as a Country!



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23 Thoughts to “PizzaGate Definitive Fact Check #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2”

  1. Pastor do you also bealive global warming is a Chinese hoax did you also thought Obama was the antichrist or that he was born in Kenya stop watching Alex Jones snap out of it

  2. reps and dems  are both involved in this slime

  3. If the good people rose up and destroyed the evil I would say there was hope for this country. We have already waited too long. WE let our military kill people by the thousands many of which are civilians but when it comes to destroying evil here at home our response is meek.

  4. Fact is, the system isn't going to expose itself and it's own corruption, at some point the people will have to do more than just be mad and talk about it all over the Internet because truth is, that won't change a thing.!

  5. "Apparently, I've been in my own world of make believe" lmao. 

  6. Sick sick folks in this world. Even worse, the so-called powers that be are the worst demons.

  7. You are so right, and the corruption so deep. The news org. NPR was one of the first to? support- no other word for it, the atrocities, if they are going to ignore the blatant evidence. the Clintons are so sick an Obama too with his requisition of 65,000 in hotdogs to be flown in from Chicago.

  8. Yeah, that pizzagate thing is crazy……I seriously wonder how much longer the world will continue to be like this.

  9. as a left wing gun hating athiest european i agree with you the western world is ruled by a finiacial elite who control too much fuck m usa is last country who gave up their freedom let it the first who reclaims it!

  10. I must be living under a rock, this is the first I have heard of "Pizza Gate"


  12. remember the vibe from 5, 6 years ago was all about stocking up food and getting guns ready to shoot each other up? lol

  13. People still talk bad about Anonymous and MGTOW when those 2 groups are standing up to corruption


  14. God is good all the time

  15. pastor be careful, I believe a trapped is for you. with Holy Spirit watch your back. we believers and faith we are a Target. I will keep you in prayer.

  16. I'm glad I found you. "ALL AMERICAN"

  17. The Holy Bible, (KJV), speaks of these types of things happening during the last days.

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