#pizzagate debate- A Call for an Uprising & Jeff C (paid for liars/shills) vs Zachary K. Hubbard #PizzaGate #Corruption

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If you want to observe how shills are spreading lies about the #pizzagate trap, a trap set for the online truth community, watch this debate where Jeff C and A Call for an Uprising, are exposed by Zachary K. Hubbard as the liars and frauds they are. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION THAT JEFF C AND CALL FOR AN UPRISING HAVE ZERO FACTS TO SUPPORT THEIR CLAIMS OF PIZZAGATE, ZERO. THEY HAVE NOTHING. PLEASE ALSO PAY ATTENTION TO HOW THEY MAKE UP LIES TO TRY AND DISCREDIT ME, AND THEY STICK TO THEM AS IF THEY ARE POLITICIANS, OR LIARS ON THE TV SCREEN. If you can’t see these two are fraud shills, you’re a fucking idiot, clearly. Pizzagate is bullshit, and so are these conmen.

Also, if anyone is fooled by “A Call for an Uprising’s” fake claim to be a Christian, you really need to pull your head out of your ass. This man is a fraud, and it couldn’t be more apparent. Like I say at the end of the clip, most people claiming to be Christians to appeal to others, as A Call for an Uprising does, only make that claim so that they can defraud others. Just listen to the way A Call for an Uprising speaks, with lies, in a condescending fashion. Also, when I got off the line at the end, it is too bad I didn’t keep the tape rolling, because Jeff C and A Call for an Uprising exposed themselves even further. Their own Christian audience even booed them, calling them no different than Hollywood with their own perversion.

***ALSO, notice in the 53rd minute, A Call for an Uprising tries to insult the study of gematria, while exposing that he doesn’t know anything about it. 444 divided by 74? Ha! Try again shill boy, aka A Call for An Uprising.

I will link the two shill channels out of courtesy, I would recommend not subscribing, or if you are subscribed, unsubscribing.

A Call for an Uprising: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp5x5kxCgg_A220jNIsLyfA
Jeff C / New World Agenda: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9vrYkPaH1D60jr4jwGDIlg



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21 thoughts on “#pizzagate debate- A Call for an Uprising & Jeff C (paid for liars/shills) vs Zachary K. Hubbard #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Another observation about Pizzagate–It sure made everyone seem to forget about Jeffrey Epstein, someone a lot closer to the upper levels of the political class than some pizza slinger. Jeffy Weffy has been kind of lost with the whole Pizzagate thing. It should be Epsteingate or OrgyIslandgate. We know there were multiple Clinton flights to the island, and Epstein catered to the rich and powerful.

  2. Zack… you want the easiest way to get to the whole truth? I have done it but you can't show nobody real proof because they do not want to be recorded. you talk to the elites themselves I have talk to 3 different Masons that were high-ranked and two members of The Illuminati and 1 former member of the order of the garter and one that was in mkultra..

  3. What is this debate about?

  4. after listening to these "christians" they remind me of glenn beck and his cronies. they double team zach, cuss him out bc they think they're "saved". they resort to buffoonish mocking. they can't listen to zach. i wouldn't be surprised if they knew glenn beck.

  5. 42 = jupiter , when light bends at a 42.5 degre angle u get a rainbow

  6. I love at the 1:00:00 mark A Call for an Uprising loses internet connection and Jeff is left alone with you….and the laughing stops and starts to ask you questions about what you do. Obviously brought you there to tag team you because they don't have the knowledge to do it alone. Well done Zach. You didnt fall for their traps they laid out for you.

  7. Why is he making fun of zack cause he has more subs them him ??? That's so fucking rude and bullying I can't believe he said that I'm so mad right now and he's goes further in into making fun of him not being religious

  8. I was calling into "truth" radio shows 5 years ago saying that pro sports are fake and I would always get laughed off the air.

  9. After listening to this video, I am sickened by the way Zachary was accused, mocked, also the name calling that went on for a length of time, Zachary did not partake once in their battering he sat there and took the verbal abuse, a prideful person would not have sat quiet until the very end of the video, also mentioned Zachary should be censored, the video did not edify Christ Zachary was more Christ like, the whole video was awful, sorry Zachary you had to go through that.

  10. To me #pizzagate is The New World Order … THE End

  11. This is really embarrassing to listen to. I don't know what defines a shill and don't care to know after this . I just wish people would come together and and be honest and share information !

  12. You're a shill & you need mental help if you're serious

  13. Zach is right about the economist cover. It's not on the economist website yet.

  14. a call for an uprising is basically Professor Doom….same dude….listen to the inflection…the tone…same dude completely…and yes they have voice alteration…do u all hear the fake and forced laughing? FFS

  15. Jeff c and ACFU are complete paid shill/info.intel to screw over the truth community…..They can u a shill its like "who smelt it dealt it" what are they 5 yrs old? They exposed themselves and your let them with out even trying

  16. cheese in jewish gematria is 116, which is also the number of girl.

  17. Damn these two are fucking dickheads. They sound like they have been paid to provoke.

  18. Great job exposing those fools

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