#pizzagate debate- A Call for an Uprising & Jeff C, paid for liars vs Zachary K. Hubbard #PizzaGate #Corruption


If you want to observe how shills are spreading lies about the #pizzagate trap, a trap set for the online truth community, watch this debate where Jeff C and A Call for an Uprising, are exposed by Zachary K. Hubbard as the liars and frauds they are. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION THAT JEFF C AND CALL FOR AN UPRISING HAVE ZERO FACTS TO SUPPORT THEIR CLAIMS OF PIZZAGATE, ZERO. THEY HAVE NOTHING. PLEASE ALSO PAY ATTENTION TO HOW THEY MAKE UP LIES TO TRY AND DISCREDIT ME, AND THEY STICK TO THEM AS IF THEY ARE POLITICIANS, OR LIARS ON THE TV SCREEN. If you can’t see these two are fraud shills, you’re a fucking idiot, clearly. Pizzagate is bullshit, and so are these conmen.

Also, if anyone is fooled by “A Call for an Uprising’s” fake claim to be a Christian, you really need to pull your head out of your ass. This man is a fraud, and it couldn’t be more apparent. Like I say at the end of the clip, most people claiming to be Christians to appeal to others, as A Call for an Uprising does, only make that claim so that they can defraud others. Just listen to the way A Call for an Uprising speaks, with lies, in a condescending fashion. Also, when I got off the line at the end, it is too bad I didn’t keep the tape rolling, because Jeff C and A Call for an Uprising exposed themselves even further. Their own Christian audience even booed them, calling them no different than Hollywood with their own perversion.

***ALSO, notice in the 53rd minute, A Call for an Uprising tries to insult the study of gematria, while exposing that he doesn’t know anything about it. 444 divided by 74? Ha! Try again shill boy, aka A Call for An Uprising.



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36 Thoughts to “#pizzagate debate- A Call for an Uprising & Jeff C, paid for liars vs Zachary K. Hubbard #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. You were the host you fucktard.How many lies do you tell in a day? Everybody who supports you is either a shill themselves or a fucking retard.

  2. These guys run a bullshit show. They just bullied you the whole time lol… Let them be blind zak

  3. Zack, those guys, just cant think logic, i suppose they havent go the big pic, so the fall for this setup event!

    This is planned a long long time ago, and they cant see it!

    No concrite evidence, but a lot of setup, pics and paintings and symbols, and emails and so on!

    Nepal, was a very suspicius Hoax(lots of fake stuff there!)

  4. man, you handled them so well. You're fuckin' awesome! !!!!

  5. First thing these 2 vaginas NEVER show their faces. That's called beta cucks. Jeff C and A call for an uprising aren't who they say they are that's why they would never show their true identity. Zach's to intelligent for an atheist and a stupid scared Christian.

  6. Call for an uprising…I will be unsubscribed not that I watched many of the videos anyway. You should learn to listen as Zak listened to you. Do not attack…try to learn something. Very close minded. Zak your take on the truth is above their pay grade. You cannot argue with stupid.

  7. Wow those guys are bad.

  8. I can look at anybody's Channel garbage in garbage out

  9. Just dont let these so called Christians stop you from spreading the truth about Gematria, By the Numbers, etc….@Zachary Hubbard. ✌

  10. I didn't know who you were until these dorks started talking about you! Now I'm subbed and look froward to REAL TRUTH!

  11. The New York Times is a one way slanted Liberal News Paper, we all know that.

  12. Guys there is no Evidence one way or the other for the Comet Pizza. We as such small ants living in a world of Giants with a lot of Money and Power.

  13. wow I'm only about 27 minutes in and had to take a break. That uprising guy is worse than bill o Reilly with the false attacks and religious dogmatic nonsense. No question why he is in the movement. Jeff I think has his heart in the right place and shouldn't be so arrogant considering some of the people he has trusted in the past to be on his shows.

  14. Zachary, you had no obligation to answer their Insanity! how dare their in my face interrogation! retched, Jeff screams! a punk, coward!

  15. gematria, is somehow denounced by Christians? this is what CFU believes? why can't it be integrated as two wisdoms? not one OR the other???????

  16. Jeff C is a sell out muther facker….GAME OVER………….

  17. Talk about character assignation Zach…big time, I thought you stood up well to these guys man…good on ya. Don't let these people wind you up to question yourself & your beliefs. They were truly out to discredit you right from the start.

  18. right or wrong, CFU and Jeff, idiots asking narrow fundamentalist questions! you're right or wrong hell and damnation! what a joke in today's world! how in the world could you, over and over! CFU, Jesus is the way and the light, with anger!

  19. Jeff C is back? I though that rat left when the Paris nightclub hoax happened?? Total fucking schill.

  20. zachi love you, it would take A LOT to make me take that back, but on this issue i dont know if i agree. that guy looks creepy as hell n all those conversations on intagram or whatever are pretty damning. i hope i start to see your point soon because im really trying. but anyway, lol. you handled this very well , right or wrong.

  21. typical religious people, they don`t practise what they preach. any follower of christ would`nt spend an hour ridiculing and acting like children

  22. hey Zach don't worry about them shill fuckers keep on keeping it on babe they are fucking ignorant frauds….#christiansyeahright 😆😆

  23. Great job Zach. You are amazing.

  24. two hyenas! I listened to the attack last night!. Zachary, I know you are trying to wake up people.

  25. Zachary, what a joke the two attacking! so dumb and ignorant! so Christian fundamental hell and damnation! So my jealousy in their Voices!

  26. I am unsubscribing a call for an uprising I am convince they are shills.

  27. It's clear to me that Jeff C was trying to cloud the issue with personal innuendo. The point was made clear in the beginning, there is no evidence of pedophilia in the pizza gate. Wiki leaks, Edward Snowden, Jeff C ,all shills?

  28. Two minutes in and Zachary is allegedly dissing Jesus, after what must be by now around a hundred positive references to Jesus' actions and quotes. Lol. And this guy is shouting angrily……..oh dear. Zach, may I suggest you leave these people alone and maybe chat to people like Paul Romano (Pocketsofthefuture) , Peekay Truth and Truthstream Media. You seem far more Christian than most alleged Christians such as these guys. Jesus told his followers to seek higher consciousness by going within, and was he not in part crucified by being anti religious? God speed Zach : )

  29. I REALLY have an issue w people who talk over and won't allow a response. CFAU rarely gives concrete evidence. He yells a lot that's about it.

  30. I like Zachary…he's trying to make his point. please you guys, let's not fight against each other. :)

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