PizzaGate crack down | OBDM Podcast #PizzaGate #Corruption

We go over:
-Why some other podcasts may not be talking about pizza gate.
-The subreddit banning
-Andrew Breitbart’s final tweets
-and much more

Reddit Run Down:

Evidence-backed Allegations: All Pizza leads to Rome. Many witness testimonies and evidence for child rape and murder in the Catholic Church. from conspiracy

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5 Thoughts to “PizzaGate crack down | OBDM Podcast #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. 1 pedo gave a thumbs down

  2. RT (RussiaToday) deleted my profile for asking why its not being covered…Now I can't post (even anonymously) . Check out 4chan /pol for latest news..

  3. Very interesting…. I believe you guys are correct about pizza being a code word…. It's a very serious subject… I just find it difficult to believe that somebody hasn't blown the lid off this shit… I believe most people are not pedophiles….

  4. Map in pedo language is code for "seamen". Guess they found his cum rag he used for raping people. He left it behind.

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