Pizzagate Coverup EXPOSED – Lisa Haven Covering up for the Satanists! #PizzaGate #Corruption

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31 thoughts on “Pizzagate Coverup EXPOSED – Lisa Haven Covering up for the Satanists! #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. About 2 dozen channels should be in jail for 6 months for posting years of Fear Porn.
    BPEarthwatch is on that list. (aka MrCometWatch)

  2. You really acted reprehensibly on that livestream towards Zach. When people disagreed and demonized you over transasia and Orlando you denounced them and stood up for your right to an alternate opinion, now everyone who doesn't agree with you is a shill wtf? I thought pizza gate was a smoking gun too but as you said on the livestream which has been removed there is no concrete evidence. This is all about pushing legislation and you have been wrong before as all humans are so how can you be so rude and arrogant? Sounded like Bill o Reilly man really disappointed just my opinion.

  3. you can tell she's a fraud just by looking at all her click-bait headlines

  4. Lisa Haven has a horse-Face………..Call her Miss Ed.

  5. Jeff is blind and spiritually dead.

  6. I'm with you dude! She's always pissed me off and she's one of them. Same vibe as Ann Coulteir yuck

  7. Hey Jeff I only got to hear what you & A Call for an Uprising discussed on the shill Zachary K. Hubbard's channel on the video titled #pizzagate debate- A Call for an Uprising & Jeff C (paid for liars/shills) vs Zachary K. Hubbard and wow!…. At the 1:13:46 sec mark you asked him if he was a Jew and he stated No….. What a lying sack of shit, cause I remembering him even stating that he was Jewish back in 2015. Yes I would watch this guy and saw the BS he was pushing out My question to him would of been if he knew of Ted Gunderson like he claimed, then he would of known of the McMartin case because that was a big case for Gunderson and one he always spoke about, so how is it that ol' Zack didn't know about the McMartin case!….

  8. Can't just froth at the mouth and yap yap yap after this scandal. Slow deliberate critical thinking is needed. It's been released/ exposed….by who and why? I'm not saying it's a hoax at all. But what's the agenda behind releasing this scandal?……bearing in mind that NOTHING will come of it. The crooks have the game nicely rigged. They are secure. Sure, the odd crook may fall here and there…but the root remains. So, ask yourself, Jeff, what is the purpose? Look at the timing of this thing…look at how comprehensively the MSM has poured water all over it. What is the agenda? Remember…not saying it's not true. We know there's centuries of this stuff going on. We know it's rampant. But what's up with the 'release' of this particular aspect of the scandal? Please don't blindly charge into it full of steam and anger. Cool heads. What is up with this?? It's serving some purpose. What is it?

  9. For 1 Trillon Dollars would you summon Satan?

  10. Hello – I just listened to the pizzagate debate with Zach Hubbard. Can someone please share that document or gematria breakdown of his name please?

  11. Jeff is a shill just like Lisa

  12. you got owned, you have been reporting on child molesters and trannies for 3 years, you clearly love molesters and trannies. JEff c asks who zack works for, jeff works for cocks.

  13. I listened for 6 plus hours last night then the plug was pulled. You were gracious to stay that long and super patient. That flat Earth discussion does it every time. I'm glad I know where he stands on the issue. It reveals much about his mindset. Keep up the good work Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Boystown franklin cover up , native children missing now this ! She's nothing but a bought puppet that's sad it's so obvious, the extent of research and truth that's come out of Wikileaks emails that is all real !! False flag is about gun control and people's rights this has nothing to do with that people with half a brain would realize that if done enough research themselves , we gotta make a change. Our kids have been targets for many years have while they induce mind numbing shit in our food and vaccines whilst all this goes on enough is enough ! I was so annoyed with Lisa I left a comment on her video , we got nothing but our own power to take it back ! Time to wake up and take control of our own lives and not in the hands of others…for the sake of humanity and the future and ourselves and generations to come but we gotta start soon time is ticking away

  15. I listened to you last night talking to Zach on the radio. He schooled your little ass. I hope you go down in flames you piece of shit Jeff. You sounded like a little kid.

  16. LISA HAVEN is a known shill on everything!! Why not go after Barry Soetoro Channel or Matty , or the others, this one in Haven is too easy IMO. I do believe this is real , the Pizza gate sex ring but take on a heavy hitter in the community not this money grubbing click bait Ho!

  17. YUP, ….we actually had to remove a couple from our private shill list simply because they were click baiting fear mongers taking advantage of exploiting the ignorance of others. and then there are those who are just plain dumb. THE BIGGEST CHANNELS > the top 20 are shills, the next 50 are fear mongers and the bottom 100 are click baiters.

  18. this channel is retarded

  19. why my red flags are up with you. you only been on YouTube for 2 years and you have 5 million views. your videos only consist of news stories and not the main objectives in the New World Order. you don't even talk about secret societies and who they are and what they do you don't even mention Zionism or Christian Zionism and the Jewish cabal and the Jewish takeover you don't even mention the Catholic Church or secret societies connected with the Catholic Church and then you want to say everyone is a shill. if I was you you better do your homework a little bit better thank you

  20. Jeff I laugh when I see videos like this and say to myself these new millennials wannabe truthers that say they are awake when is that they are not and they are still caught up in The Matrix and you Jeff are one of them.

  21. Krissy TOKYO is over on truth stream media trying to debunk chemtrails.
    She Really sold out big time.

  22. I THINK YOU ARE THE FRAUD for calling others are a fraud. UNSUB.

  23. looks like she's Back Pedeling so fast now,her feet are smokin right to the bone 😅

  24. taking it back to the FreeRadio

  25. Did you do the hangout Jeff? Or has it been deleted by screwtube???

  26. I can't stand that chick. When she does the air-quotes thing, it drives me crazy. Her channel should have been shut down long ago just on general principles.

  27. Lol I was wondering why a video of Jeff C exposing a pizza gate shill was only 2 minutes long. I was like … really? He only took 2 minutes to destroy this girl?

    And then I find out that you had to post the video about her on a separate "Uncensored" channel and it's 39 minutes long.

    Jeff you are priceless.

  28. God bless you Jeff, your doing great work, stay safe

  29. she,s a female alex jones. she even sells magic beans like alex…

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