Pizzagate: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Molesting Daughter in Bathroom #Pizzagate #Pedogate #Skippy #ArrestPodesta

A comment from someone on this video: “Supporting a CNN staffer filming his foray of sexually abnormal weirdness, says it all. No normal parent open mouth kisses their children on the toilet while defacating and films it. This depravity is being sold to everyone as “cute”. Satanism involves faeces and urine fetishes among other depraved acts. When people start trying to normalise the sexually abnormal and claim its a red herring to point out discrepancies in what normal parenting should involve, you are a double Dutch talking pedo protector at the very least and worst case scenario you groom kids too (by your own admission if its what you do as well). Is anyone else going to continue to deny this is what it is; sexually abnormal to defecate on the toilet and film yourself open mouth kissing your child? Think about it; just the screen shot of open mouth kissing is sickening, let alone the other combination of fetishes. If you can’t do the math and see its completely unacceptable then you need psychological/psychiatric help to understand what normal sexual behaviour is with children. This applies especially as pedos who are into faecal fetishes defecate in front of children as part of grooming and it gets worse from there. If this is what is shown publicly, then the mind boggles at what is done in secrecy. This is a also a cretin who defends others pedophilic behaviour – that in itself is another obvious source of evidence that child safety does not feature in this man’s mind at all. Having the child in the bathroom while you are using it, is not the issue. It is the totality of abnormal behaviour, the kissing, the defecating, the filming. You can’t cherry pick and say as a parent you had children in bathroom with you too therefore this is usual. It’s like saying child molesters are okay who rape their kids while they sleep in the parental bed because your kids slept in your parental bed. Why would you align yourself with paedophilic behaviour? At the very least look at the whole picture. I know because I am a therapist and I have had to treat children abused in this way involving faecal fetishes.”



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