Pizzagate Cages Inside Ping Pong Pizza #PizzaGate #Corruption

Law Enforcement says there is an on going investigation into Ping Pong Pizza You can see that evidence here- We have to hold them accountable for their actions or in actions. Here’s there Facebook page- Here is the page on how to contact them via E-Mail, phone, etc.- We need to help these children. We need to at least E-Mail them and let them know that they can’t just sweep this under a rug,

Complete video here-


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8 Thoughts to “Pizzagate Cages Inside Ping Pong Pizza #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. We need a new name, pizza gate is being used as a psyop to bring down the truther movement and censor everyone, not to mention desensitize people to pedophilia, which the cabal wants legal. Pizzagate is the trigger word. Need a new name!!!

  2. look at all the empty youtube accounts defending the place saying its nothing and this video should be taken down lol, i worked at a restaurant and never saw any cages like that in there

  3. those are normal cargo cages for equipment etc

  4. J P

    Cages are often available for bands to store their equipment without risk of it being stolen. Since they have (or used to have!) bands play there regularly, it would make sense for Comet to provide secure lock up for band gear.

  5. talk about sketchy place check the walls are all efd up
     place looks budget

  6. They took all the "art" down. I wonder if the crappy graffiti is still on the bathroom wall?

  7. ya it is normal. that cage design is probably in every restaurant. they are storage racks and shelves go across them.

  8. Did you get into the bathroom? 🍕Gate

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