PizzaGate ~BullSh*t Troother Channel Lisa Haven ~Plus a Look in the Barn. #PizzaGate #Corruption

Click Views Or Cowards? Probably Click Views for Profits..or Both?
Aloof Video Titles insult everyone’s intelligence. Pretty sad, really. ;-(



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12 Thoughts to “PizzaGate ~BullSh*t Troother Channel Lisa Haven ~Plus a Look in the Barn. #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. nice lantern, too many are afraid of speaking the truth

  2. Ouch, cold. That's great re finding stove and well, "practice" with cold/heat/light. Sounds like progressing re vehicles etc.
    (Can make soap out of ash from stove and lard/animal fat..)
    Just find out my cousin (fireman)fighting fires there…(hear not good situation still )
    Re click bait other stuff you mentioned ..uh probably gets crazier from here…on in.
    Thanks for updates …

  3. So basically, anyone investing in stocks or playing options (gambling) the NYSE is partnering with world order of lucifer? I guess if you "win", it's technically considered another form of lottery?

  4. Its the end times man. Get yourself a lantern. Right on. Glad Im not the only one that sees it..

  5. jeff. if the stove has a shaker grate, it will burn coal. Scott is a good man, i hope he is doing well.

  6. I was hoping you found a nice early sixties European sports car is fantastic condition.

  7. good point i will get me a oil lamp as my back up

  8. i have a solar rechargeable lantern
    i charge it with my van system but it came with its own 10 watt panel so if i need to bug out and cant take the van i can still use it …..goalzero… is the brand… Craigslist find brand new in the box

  9. 6ppl in the jfk limo. If not, how did gov donnely get shot? Cause if only 4 ppl, then that's two SS agents up front and jfk and jackie in the back. How and where did gov donnely get shot? Juss sayin'….

  10. I agree w/you.The sensational stuff for clicks is really off putting.

  11. Feel free to unsubscribe…Go buy Haven's bullshit supplies or green tea.

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