#PIZZAGATE Anonymous taking action against pedophiles EXPECT US #PizzaGate #Corruption

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.



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46 thoughts on “#PIZZAGATE Anonymous taking action against pedophiles EXPECT US #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. A fake Anonymous site take action in the UK in an issue that started in the US and on a pro-trump form, whose name started to have ties with the whole fake new debacle. People being payed to spread fake pro-Trump or anti-Hillary new to the US from outside the US and have no investment towards the US presidential election. On such news outlet claimed that the Pope endorsed Trump, which was latter proven to be false.

  2. Finally someone willing to stop these people! Now please go get Hillary and the rest of the elite doing this on a much grander scale, PLEASE!!!

  3. Another reason why We need Jesus. lower case s-atanism is behind all this junk. Praying for more of this junk get exposed and to defund plan parenthood in Jesus Name Amen

  4. I'm starting to think "Anonymous" is just a government run thing to make the sheep think "you don't have to look into this stuff, we're on it" so people think they have some sort of watchdogs are already on the case and keeping the elite honest. In reality, what does Anonymous ever do besides make the occasional video saying they are going to do this or do that to expose elites? I mean if they talk about pizza-gate what new stuff do they ever bring up, what new documents do they show that wasn't already covered by a hundred layman youtube accounts who found stuff with no hacking abilities? What has anonymous done to "battle the elites" other then occasionally shut down a video game company's online network cause they are mad that they charge too much money for DLC or some shit?

  5. The only cure for pedophilia is death. Thank God there are people hunting these bastards down, and exposing them to the world. It's not as if the Police are interested in hunting them down, rather most of their time is spent covering up for them, especially in Britain. In America they have the FBI protecting them, and aiding the Elite Political Pedophiles Rings.
    People need to rise up, demand Justice for the children, who are being destroyed by these monsters. The Media are complicit, the BBC have shown their true colours, and now in America the whole MSM are going into overdrive in an attempt to discredit the PizzaGate investigation by the Independent Media. Who owns the Media ? What do they have to hide ? What is their intention ? Sick fucking Bastards.

  6. Hey, Anonymous is retarded too!

    Pizzagate is the most epic troll seen on the net in a while, possibly ever.

    Congrats to the originators of the elements of the story on 4Chan for a glorious troll. The rest of you promoting this are sub-ninnies riding on the back of someone else's colaborative creative writing project.

    The work of the folks on 4Chan who wrote the story months ago is right there to see, they are laughing their asses off at these "Google It Goobers" from the Jenny McCarthy University of Google and Twitterology.

  7. THIS is why I support Anonymous.

  8. Good job team. Go fuckin get these bastards and everyone related to it. Start the ANON investigation. This is what will be known as breaking this fuker wide open. Let's take them down.

  9. This is Dark matters UK not Pizzagate and this isn't Anonymous. Anonymous are hackers that expose the truth.

  10. When are we going after the pedophiles in DC, the ones that walk the halls of congress? and the many other high level officials.

  11. I know, I know, I know. I don't know why.

  12. They have crocodiles in Australia …

    These crocodiles want to render service too , as good standing citizens …

    Have a heart … feed a croc !!!

  13. I am MAD! Kids Can't Defend Themselves! – UPVOTE & SHARE: Pizzagate Petition – NOW STOP Baby Rape – http://wh.gov/ieokP – Share This

    Spread This Petition… Demand An Investigation!

  14. He's so cool & calm wondering, does he know he's not going to get in much trouble! Look at Jeffery Epstein, Multi Billionaire who was caught with a 12 Yr old sex slave in his Miami Mansion, a convicted Pedophile Now,! Jeffery served ONE whole YEAR for his crime,.he owns #OrgyIsland, Bill & Hillary Clinton's fav spot to Perhaps to abuse and Rape children. Oh Yes..Hill's been 6 times On Lolita Express, Bill, thinking it was 26 visits. Mind you We Pay for Secret Service to protect them, even if they go there do something bizarre.

  15. This is what it will take to get the ball rolling in catching these monsters. Well done guys, your setting a great example. People looking after people, this is where it begins.

  16. Huh. I didn't expect this to be a real thing…

    Err.. the planet… our species… we're doing better than I thought!

    It's pretty ridiculous how truly excellent your pursuit here is.

    Long live anon.

    (let's be real at this point – anon is just a random assortment of intelligent people who have the desire to see wrongs, righted, and a set of skills that help them with moving towards those goals… the public aspect of the movement has never had much of an affect aside from going after corporate greed, scientology, bastards etc. That society ever bought that they were bad people, out for evil… is a failure on our part)

  17. It aint nice to laugh at this "But I can't help my self" It's fucking great to see this sick fuck trapped like the RAT he is….

  18. One punch to the face before this scum goes to jail (probably only go to jail for a couple days) PATHETIC

  19. I would love to be part of these investigations and setups. If a chester molester freak can be faked or fooled into being a animal, lets treat them like the monsters they are. DEATH SENTENCE would be nice, but at least let them rot in jail FOREVER, they dont deserve life, definitely not freedom. Im watching and investigating a sick piece of garbage (subhuman) right now, hes able to make videos, take pics of little girls asses, film little girls during the parade, FLICKR accounts of little asian girls, and then hes following little girls around in AUGUSTA, MAINE. (THIS SICK FUCK HAS A FASCINATION WITH HAIR) Hes a known pedo still being able to film and photograph little girls (ITS LEGAL IN THE PUBLIC) BUT when its a bunch of little girls hair and asses being photographed and STALKED. MAYBE THE PITCHFORKS ARE NEEDED!!! Wheres the mob of righteous JUSTICE????

  20. GET EM!!! Throw them into the sea. It is better they have a millstone cast about their neck and they are thrown into the sea, rather than to offend the little ones. GREAT WORK HEROS, Pedos stealing kids futures, and ruining what they can become, by destroying their innocent CHILDHOOD. ROT IN MISERY PEDOS

  21. and liberals want to defend these people…god damn them

  22. the audio in combination with the mumbling accents make it nearly impossible to understand wtf they are saying.

  23. How can you sit there chit chatting without knocking the f*** out of him?

  24. Great work Essex boys but he now goes on 2 b processed by the corrupt Police &the UK law courts which are run by corrupt Masonic factions following their own Satanic agenda…they gonna love this guy…this nonce will basically get an award from the queen lizard….networking opportunities within the Satanic classes…. a slot with Jeremy Kyle….and maybe 50 hours community service ….who are these Anonymous jokers? Who are they really workin for?…..go figure X

  25. Good job anonymous, keep up the good work!

  26. Wait! Do people really think theres a pedophile ring run by clinton at a pizza place? Holy shit , this country is full of complete retards.

  27. Find out about pizza gate. And find Julian Assange.

  28. who is that guy in the red shirt? sorry, my english is bad and i don't understand very good what he is saying.

  29. oh hell yes family knows these jerks should pay because It's exactly like I said a long time ago it's happening get them Anon

  30. Great work, may I re-post this?

  31. Eh Britons… How did you manage not to beat the shit out of him?

  32. Concrete boots and a push of a pier is what they need! You do great work Anonymous! I don't know how you can keep your cool stood in font of the dirty NONCES. Did the cops arrest it and do they update you on if they get bail, jail etc?

  33. i feel bad too…now smash his head and send him UP the river!!!

  34. in russia they would him hit and hit and hit and hit ………. . and that would be ok

  35. Good job anonymous, keep it up and don't let up exposing this evil cancer going on in this world!

  36. This sick reality we are forced upon creates sick people

  37. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP is the EXAMPLE …they set the Parameters of BEHAVIOR!

  38. Now this puke needs to roll on all of it's friends.

  39. That dudes butthole is probably HUGE now lol

  40. As a dad of an 11 year old girl I am constantly suspicious of people like this. (My old English teacher has just been done for inappropriate behaviour towards one of his underage students). I cant thank you enough for sorting out nonces like this.
    Well done for keeping your cool.

  41. Anonymous TAKING ACTION what really? Lately, it seems, they've been sending messages only.

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