Pizzagate and the Shadow Government

This podcast is dedicated to discussing all the topics that you will not hear in mainstream media, with in-depth analysis of just about every conspiracy you can think of. And remember, do not take our word for it, DO Your Own Research!

In this episode we cover a broad range of information, as usual, but today we are discussing: “Pizzagate and the Shadow Government,” what they are, how you are being manipulated, and what needs to be done. Follow us as we open your mind to the true state of the nation, and the rampant illegal activity and outright bribery taking place within every corner throughout this controlled American empire.

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The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: FBI Docs Reveal “Shadow Government” Protecting Hillary Clinton

Deep State Rising: The Mainstreaming of the Shadow Government

The Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone (Why Voting Doesn’t Matter)

TLAV Political Roundtable Show:

DAPL, PizzaGate and the War on “Fake News”

Prayer of a Refugee:

Prayer of the Refugee: My Interview with Sam the Iraqi

Hey WikiLeaks Where’s The Proof of Life:

Government blackmail – Used to control

The Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone (Why Voting Doesn’t Matter)


13 Most Essential Data-Points in #PizzaGate Pedophilia Allegations

Comet Ping Pong Instagram Archived:

Current Events:

Pentagon Is Now Deploying Reservists And Refusing To Pay Promised GI Bill Benefits

Wikileaks Thought To Be Compromised – Staged #ProofofLife?

CNN Finally Admits White Helmets Staged Fake Video

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13 Thoughts to “Pizzagate and the Shadow Government”

  1. the Clintons are connected to Scientology!

  2. something i need to get clear on. my understanding was the logos, the big and small triangle(s), the hand within the heart were the fbi recognized symbols, not the pizza code. my understanding is that the 4chan/reddit crew cracked that code.

    do you guys have a source saying that the pizza code is fbi recognized?

  3. Maybe it's not amazing that imbeciles and abnormal people are at the top of commands. Same in the army, the main rapists are the officers on top of the pyramid of lower ranks.

  4. i can't thank you both enough, with memories as short as soundbytes, society needs to have pizzagate recognized and accepted as reality, and that won't happen if no one can admit it exists. survivors have no where to turn as long as society insists this unspeakable crime is not going on. denial helps these child killers in every possible way. what you are doing here will only help to bring this situation to light, and who knows? maybe one day, together we can bring an end to it all.

  5. expose and kill all pedophiles

  6. Everyone of us must continue demanding that justice be done here.We can do this by tweeting everyday to Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions insisting that Pizzagate and Clinton corruption be sought. The way that the on line news is presenting this tells me that law suits have already been threaten to try and squelch the whole affair.Like the Catholic preist scandal they cannot bury this disgusting filth if we the people keep vigilant and press for justice.

  7. Finished watching after work and want to say great show. thanks

  8. It has became quite clear that the MSM is controlled and investigating Departments compromised. Getting the lower level players won't dismantle this since what we are now seeing is just the symptom of the shadow that is running the show. It's good to see that more people are aware.

  9. Another great show guys, and if this topic doesn't splash cold water on your face about the world we live in, then nothing will. This cannot be allowed. We must rise up and protect our future. Not doing so, means they have already won because a society that allows pedophiles to run a muck, is a society that has no respect for itself. A society that has been calcified…

  10. Hi Ryan, great show! You may want to break them into smaller segments as I think YouTube has shown that people like clips around 15-20 minutes long for best amount of views.

  11. first and proud. good stuff

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