#Pizzagate and The L’Enfant Plan #PizzaGate #Corruption

Clips taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L777RhL_Fz4
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32 thoughts on “#Pizzagate and The L’Enfant Plan #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. It's all about sun worship. Christmas and Easter are pagan sun worship holidays, all the way back from Babylonian days.

    The mark of beast is enforced Sunday worship, which goes against the 4th commandment, of the Sabbath which is Saturday. Idk know what to think anymore, all I know is that the beast system will be installed by the papacy (pope). This will be our last pope. The Roman Catholic church is a jesuit beast system.

  2. Get yourself a KJV bible. Shit is about to go down. The 100th monkey effect is beginning to happen. We are created by intelligent design. Evolution is a lie, space doesn't exist. The rabbit hole is endless. I've had to shed my skin of 24 years off and start from scratch. Fuck the earth has inner entrances at the north pole, that's why the Antarctica treaty as created. All of the history we are taught is Goyim history.

  3. It's a psy-op. They are going to Obama-ize the internet after the truther community went nuts over this pizza thing

  4. the hashtag should be washingtondcgate

  5. amazing video, Watch Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood, its astonishingly representative of this reality, going into the Great Arcanum

  6. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Washington, D.C. has been designed to be a hotbed for everything (((Satanic))). America is Egypt/Rome/Babylon.

  7. Yeah and the earth is TOTALLY flat goy! Veganism TOTALLY wont ruin your growth, weaken your bones and destroy your health from nutrient deficiencies.
    Oh yeah jews are TOTALLY "Satanic" and thats why Satan means ENEMY in hebrew. Please stop embarrassing yourself Sinead while you still have some shred of credibility left.

  8. Its very obvious when you're shilling Sinead. You're a HORRIBLE liar. You're not convincing at all and when someone calls you out on your lies you get panicked and just start screaming insults like a JEW.
    Just QUIT the internet videos business if you're going to shill for the ADL. I KNOW the jews are extorting you by holding your family hostage. I have the transcripts and they ARE legitimate and YOU posted them a year ago in the first place.

  9. Remember goys! this kind of false flag shilling is what happens when you're stupid enough to show your face and real name online. The ADL will abduct your family, hold them hostage and make you play disinfo.
    Sinead is no exception.
    jews WANT you to think their "satanic" so you stop noticing the JEWS and focus on all their other bullshit distractions!!

  10. Oh right. Jews hate Satan so much the HEBREW word for ENEMY is SATAN. And yet they worship their own enemy.
    You're so fucking (((brilliant))) right now.

  11. …Its not "satanists" ITS THE JEWS!

  12. I wouldn't say it was set up to traffic children specifically. It is more a by product of the set up itself and the ideology behind it all. They are messing with demons effectively meaning they are spiritually corrupt. This brings out the worst in human nature. The old power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Through the ritual magic and at the higher end of the OTO's teachings ritual sex magic. They go depraved in order to rise up the ranks and gain more power. This gravitates them to the sinful and sordid. Child abuse, cannabilism, greed, basically one becomes utterly corrupt. Having "sold their soul"
    They have all been deceived but like good minions they push forward with the agenda

  13. cube/✡=Saturn
    Saturn death Cult
    tree of death/qliproth

  14. Pizza will always disgust me now. Thanks a lot!

  15. Why the hell are the police not closing down all these shops and do intense investigations for dna evidence. Either it will show all this shit is a lie or God forbid its actually true. The longer the police wait to do a major investigation the more I feel its a cover up. WTF is wrong with the world????

  16. The ancient goddess worship cults had Temples, with house prostitutes and child sacrifice. Did you notice the Temple on Jeffery Epstein's Island?

  17. I was at my grandkids and they was watching a cartoon that had three little mice or squirrels and sitting in a class and being as disrectful and mean to the teacher as possible. The next one had one of them burping out a song. These cartoons were evil and they taught kids to come down to the lowest point possible. I watched the names of the writers and sure enough all jews andmaybe some jsuits and of course the owner was Steven Spielbbbbbeeeeerrrrrggggg and his business called Amblin films. I wonder if these jews and jesuits have pride in destroying the morals of kids? Theyse people in hollywood are 100% pure filth, they cant even make a single thing without trying to put some evil in it, some propaganda and sickness. Sick of the jews/jesuits/crypto jews and there lgbt pedophlies.

  18. Your move back to this channel has been noted.

  19. Hold on a second, I want to make two points : number one is that this country was founded on Masonic principles and was once great, freemasonry has all but collapsed yet people don't realize this fact. You can't blame freemasons when there aren't any left. Check the membership numbers. Second point : the boys town and the current French pedo. Rings have no Masonic connections. This is getting witch trial like.

  20. I'm not sure but you have me thinking about it !! :)

  21. My biggest question right now is: who is the big cheese? BC….bill Clinton perhaps haha that would be funny…they do love their double entendres…but he seems Way too stupid to run something like that tho…

  22. Thank you very much for this! Did you know that if they leave the symbol unfinished, like the "open" star, it signals to others their message, whatever it is, and the fact that the symbol is unfinished is supposed to somehow give them even MORE power than if the symbol was " closed". Look at all the logos that companies have, and notice all the unfinished letters, symbols, pictures, etc. It is all in our faces, the spells that they are constantly putting on us.

  23. Why is Washington Named the District of Columbia?


  24. The people tried to fight back against the masonic tyrants with the Whiskey rebellion & Shays' rebellion.

  25. the stuff has been going on for centuries and has just been covered up FBI CIA people with lots of influence and power know about this and have known about it and nothing is being done. I want to stop watching these videos I want to stop looking into it until I'm in a position to do something about it. I wish there was some way I could stay in the loop and become informed without having to watch these videos if anybody out there who is willing to contact me via email just to let me know if there's been any progress made I feel like I'm going to stop watching these videos and untill im spiritually in a position to do something please reply to my message.

  26. this hole thing it's obvious I have been following the astonishing examination of this pizza gate investigation great stuff by the way good work done by every independent concerned citizen journalist it pulls my heartstrings to know that so many people are concerned but it breaks my heart to know that there's probably nothing we could do about it I've shared this stuff I've cried about ot people that knw me think im crazy. the people who try to do something about it who are in position to do something about it and that refused to be bought and being murdered

  27. Deff set up for human trafficking for sacrifices . They needed the dark magic to fool us so well

  28. No, not specifically set up for child sacrifice, but certainly Luciferianism, of which ritual human sacrifice is a part of.

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