#Pizzagate and Beyond – The Big Picture #PizzaGate #Corruption

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22 thoughts on “#Pizzagate and Beyond – The Big Picture #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. +Firestarter Media Awesome I was looking for a document that could tie in pizzagate w/ all the past evidence. This looks amazing & great quality. Do you have a release date yet? Where can I follow you?

  2. Can I upload this to my channel?

  3. I didn't see this mentioned on the pizzagate voat, so if you don't mind, ive made a post about it & linked to the indiegogo. (I'll remove it if you object)

  4. That senator, Christopher Coons, who is allowing Joe Biden to molest his daughter wrote a paper in 1985 while in college, after spending a year to so in Africa, entitled Chris Coons: The Making Of A Bearded Marxist. He was a republican before his travels/programming, and came back a democrat. I don't know how a mother could hear that filthy slime speaking to her daughter that way and not go completely ape shit! I supposed they get compromised along the way with the husband, and sadly, willing to jeopardize and abuse their own own children. Pathetic and sickening! They all need purged from the earth asap! Coons Marxist article.. http://s3.mediamatters.org/static/images/item/20100920-coonsamherst.pdf

  5. hhoo wee that derhsowitz fellow looks like the supreme lord of the federal reserve banking system or something. children descended from Cain

  6. Google Arie Scher and George Schteinberg who were involved in Brazil pedo crime, porn and sex ring for pedophiles from Israel. These were high level people. That is how the jews control politicians and entertainers like mily, jay z etc

  7. My second or third post, ten years ago, was all about this material and I was laughed to heck and back over it. About time the children were heard. Material I exposed is only now becoming noticed…. about effing TIME!

  8. I hope you cover WHO owns the meat packing companies and WHO sells the meat to McDonald and wendys.. I hope you cover WHAT that meat really is and Sinead, you KNOW what I mean. I don't want to type it all out for fear it will get reported but definitely cover these meat scandals. They are DIRECTLY related to the child rape/murder. It would also be nice if you put together a series of joe Biden groping women and girls. Someone just said that it would be impossible to do and that it would encompass over 2 hours of footage (I guess he is really into groping), but I think you can dig some stuff up to show us! Thanks for this trailer and good luck with the film!

  9. Dear Sinead, just wrote to you, then saw the film tailor right after I wrote. Great, great start. We have to have the film and need it. However, films are great to start awareness. Problem is after most all films, no substantive response on how to bring the issue to justice (???) or completion. So once again can be a non-starter afterwards but a must do as a first step. What about putting in the end of the film a way for everyone to get involved and stay involved like dedicating a web activist page that will stay up and current until this is over. It will allow all those that want to get and stay involved a way to attend protests, activist forums, gatherings, news events, legal updates, prosecution and organization tracking etc. etc. I will contribute to this level of financing when necessary to help fund these operations if necessary, but we must organize. If this is too big for you and you do not know who to contact to get to this level, let us know and lets get moving in this direction as soon as the film is out and/or seek such individuals at the end of the file to help you coordinate this level of effort. If you put it at the end of the film for how to have people (our children, our students, our scientists, our spirit guides, our real gods, our real selves) get involved I promise we can launch this mental and spiritual weapon and eliminate the evil off the planet for as long as we exist. And if we don't do it, we will not exist……………..My strongest energy to you and all the others in this fight. Love you all.

  10. Donald Trump may know about this but he isn't involved.

  11. Breitbart is a jew, there's no way he would out his own. If he brought it up, it's because (((they))) want us focussed on it

  12. And this is been happening for years look into the FINDERS Satanic Cult!!!!!!! and a documentary on YouTube called the Conspiracy Of Silence!!!!!!! why do you think there's so many missing people in the United States because they're Elite traffic them to be murdered in the Satanic rituals and a lot of them are children they also use child protective service,es to obtain certain types of children through foster homes and orphanages this is the well funded and disgusting operation that these Elite occultist have set up in our country! that's why so many foster children are doped up on psychotropic meds in the foster parents get paid for every child that is on these drugs from the government to make them weak drugged-up mindless zombies for these predators to prey on, there's a good book out there called missing 4 1 1 David politis is the author of it check it out it's a book on all the people missing in the United States and always make sure never have CPS come and take your children for anything because they'll put them in the system with these child predators working for the Government! also another good documentary to watch about this is American Drug War 1 and American Drug War 2 check those out we should be able to find them and rent them, Stay safe and God Bless you And to all the soldiers of the nation of the cross ,We need to come together and put a foot up these Fuckers Asses and take out the human trafficking of little children in the United States we must put a stop to this at all Costs! Fuck Lucifer! Jesus Will Pimp Slap that Bicth! Right back down to the Hell where he crawled out of along with the rest of his followers to!

  13. Thank you for your Excellent work; I'm looking forward to the day when these monsters are brought to justice for there are horrific crimes against innocence!

  14. Oh wow, is this going to be a new documentary?

  15. the censoring and shadowbanning of comments is getting insane


  17. jewish ritual murder, thousands of years old

  18. Excellent video and commentary, t/y!

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