#PizzaGate 100’s of CHILDREN MISSING IN VIRGINIA??? #PizzaGate #Corruption

An anonymous citizen journalist researcher joins in the conversation to break shocking news about the astonishing number of children missing from the Virginia-Washington DC area. In light of #PizzaGate and what appears to be a child trafficking and pedophilia ring in the area, this researcher known as “Mark” wanted to see if there was a correlation of a large number of missing children in that area. What he found shocked him. ** Virginia is second only to California in total number of missing children.**

From http://sgtreport.com/

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8 Thoughts to “#PizzaGate 100’s of CHILDREN MISSING IN VIRGINIA??? #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Does it really matters how many children? Quit asking about the number of children. Go after the pedophiles and pederasts. Bring them in for questioning. Is everybody in government complicit? Is everybody in media and alt media complicit? C'mon, someone knows at least one of the pedophiles or pederasts. Start with one.

  2. To know what Trump knows and the NWO Globalist Media is covering up, search YouTube for the viral 4+minute "9/11 Trump Interview" video, the 8+minute "9/11 Shock" video, the 1+hour "9/11 Bombshell" video, connect the "Oded Yinon" video dots and share the big picture with everyone, especially your local newspaper.

  3. God has a better plan than jail for demons

  4. Disgusting won't even add my post! God is taking names and yours is on it too! Come great God!

  5. My Goodness hell is getting larger every day! God says vengeance is his and he will repay!!!!!

  6. TO LOCATE THESE CHILDREN FIRST ARREST PODESTA AND HIS BROTHER TONY,WATERBOARD THEM TILL THEY TELL THE TRUTH, THE CLINTONS KNOW WHERE THESE CHILDREN ARE As well as our pedophile muslim president and his male wife michael(michelle) stop talking arrest podesta he will break fast

  7. I think God is revealing these atrocities committed against innocents by these reprobates around the world so there is no question that this world is ripe for judgement. Judgement is coming. God will not be mocked!!!

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