Pizza-Gate: Politicians Priests Pedophiles Franklin Cover-up and Hampstead Satanic Abuse #PizzaGate #Corruption

In this show Cathy and I share testimony from myriad sources on what are the roots of what many are now referencing as pizza gate. The code speak which is now coming to light for underground pedophilia human trafficking Satanism and ritual murder have been ongoing for a lot longer than a few decades as this kind of behavior is also found referenced in the Old Testament with the worship of Molech and other pagan deities going back thousands of years.

In this show we will help you to understand how these deeply psychotic behaviors and actions are as I have proposed in my 4th book Lucifer – Father of Cain connected to a separate bloodline which as Christ referenced is directly connected to being the children of the devil and the seed of the serpent. Once you can understand this you can then make sense of how all of these things tie together. Remember they do not worship the same God as we nor are they inclined to compassion empathy and concern for establishing a loving environment for children to grow up and be nourished by. They literally support rape pillage and plunder and order out of chaos.

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22 Thoughts to “Pizza-Gate: Politicians Priests Pedophiles Franklin Cover-up and Hampstead Satanic Abuse #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. I voted for Trump because of PizzaGate wikileaks. That and all the books I read about Clinton regarding corruption, body count, Bill's sex addiction, etc. I tried to convince my family of all this, but they still voted for Clinton anyway. Now my family is very hostile towards me. I know I made the right choice. Pizzagate is the top of the iceberg. There are no accidents, and Weinergate was very well timed – not by the ptb, but by GOD.

  2. Your right, for a Christian,or even just a good person, it cannot be understood the evil that is inside these satanist. I pray that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns soon to put an end to this abomination. Prayers for all the children!

  3. Wonder why…there are not thousands of believers with PROTEST SIGNS PARADING IN FRONT OF THIS COMET PIZZA STREET ???

  4. There's a reason why divorces are so prevalent…..if they can take the kids from their mother and the protection of the mother, this is not so difficult to corrupt the children. I pray every time I pass my beautiful sons to the monsters waiting to scoop them up at the order of the court and the state, sickening and very sad….just because of a separation of the family.

  5. two or more, then say the name, call on God

  6. I think I will hug my children an extra time today after hearing this.


  8. we need everyone in the world to start doing this!

  9. tell everyone what I just told you. YOU HAVE THE POWER OF CHRIST AND THE RIGHT TO CALL ON YAHWEH





  10. tell your churches to do this. it's supernatural super saint powerful. the devil hides that because of the power of God said. DO IT!!

  11. tell all christ believers to do the. two or more in my name and it will be done. yes christ is Yahweh. . DO IT

  12. you in christ saved name have the right to call on God, his holy name Yahweh. they don't want you to, because if more then two do this, it brings about the powerful force of the holy Spirit given to you. yes! when done, it brings down all spiritual evil forces. they use children to over take the heavens and push down on you and everyone. PUSH BACK, GATHER AS MANY AS YOU CAN THEN CALL OUT THE HOLY NAME YAHWEH. IT IS WHAT THEY FEAR FOR THE MOST. SAY IT LONG WINDED. AS LONG AS YOU CAN WHILE YOUR TOGETHER. IT BRINGS DOWN THEM

  13. what the ……. this is soooo sick and twisted! where are the men in this world?

  14. is there a place you have the illuminati chart you have in the loop on this video? i would like to be able to copy it.

  15. WOW this was soooooo deep God bless yall keep sharing the truth

  16. Serpents/Reptoids….Surround Us

  17. Thank you brothers ZEN and sister Carolyn for bringing this to light and having compassion and caring as you try to expose these evil evil people they will be dealt with accordingly by our great king and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you in advance stay strong .

  18. it'S Not juSt D.C. it'S eVeRY SiNGLe CitY, aND toWN, iN eVeRY SiNGLe CouNtRY iN tHe WoRLD !!! i DoN't tHiNK PeoPLe uNDeRStaND tHe SCaLe of tHiS eViL !!! GooD aGaiNSt eViL, it'S tHat SiMPLe !!! it'S tiMe NoW foR GooD PeoPLe to Put tHeRe Life'S oN tHe LiNe to SaVe ouR CHiLDReN !!! GooD LuCK, aWe tHe BeSt fae PeRtH, BoNNie SCotLaND !!! BeRtHa aBBaRa WHeRe joHN BaPtiSeD !!!

  19. Gotta wonder how many go to D.C. with good intentions, only to wind up compromised vs. how many are corrupt b4?

  20. Zen the man thanks for your works found you through your interviews on now you see tv. You got knowledge thanks again for not keeping it to yourself

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