Pizza Gate ? Is deception being thrown in the mix ? #PizzaGate #Corruption

Having a conversation on pizza gate and my opinion as to what they maybe up too ? Too many kids go missing each year but let’s see where NYPD takes this once trump is inaugurated ! These People have been exposed thru emails on Anthony Weiners computer , question wiki leaks at this time



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22 thoughts on “Pizza Gate ? Is deception being thrown in the mix ? #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Watch all and question everything my friend, we are having so many lies thrown at us to block the actual issues. False flags are to be expected to come before our president is sworn in.

  2. Hey Everyone! I'd like to let you all know there's an Up-Date on Standing Rock, Right Now, Dec. 3, Sat., 4:35 p.m. West Coast Time! They'll be Talking About the Veterans Showing Up Recently, and Their Meeting With the Local P.D. On YouTube, Go To:, or Call-In to Live Feed, at 424-258-9220! God Bless You All, Love And Prayers, from Elaina. Shalom.

  3. Hey how ya doing you remind me of the Fonze on happy days and Joey on friends lol …jk ty for vid all these ppl are sick

  4. Put the motherfuckers on a cross, light the bitch's, I'll bring the popcorn!! 🗽GS4L

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU RICH !!!!! ( OBUMER, always does his dirty work on Fridays and Holidays ) Until JAN 20 at HIGH NOON, keep your Head on a SWIVEL !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Watching you on my new big screen , lol. We currently live in a world where speaking/seeking the truth is very dangerous. The truth always comes out! The world has become a very evil place. If we want things to change we have to actively be part of the change. If the people will lead the leaders will follow! I will continue to repeat this phrase until it is heard! Our children deserve to grow up in a safe loving world!

  7. This is what has been said by high ranking people close to Trump! Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Hagman! We have to wait until he gets into office to see what happens! Obama's DOJ will do nothing! Meanwhile we need to pay attention on making sure they don't steal this election because they are still trying! PizzaGate is a 100 percent true! They are talking in code speak but is it a child sex ring? FBI, NYPD seem to say so from those sources, but we can't 100 percent say that is the code speak! We have to wait! I hear NYPD will not let this go! Further an Obama fundraiser was arrested a few days ago having sex with minors! Maybe they have already been collecting the people because I heard a long time ago what Huma had was blackmail material!!

  8. +Rich Cruz I understand,,, but we need to pick the fights we can win, ASK GOD is he wants us to do this……. They are not going to let the 'little people' win…… And also what are they doing /planning while everybody is focused on this……
    GOD will get them… I have children and grandchildren,,,, but this world is sick, we need to trust GOD, and fight the fights GOD tell us to, unless God builds the house/ or fights the fight we build/fight in vain….
    Pray and think how evil these people are, they will use any event for their advantage, so why do we give them ammunition???? I am not being hard… But unless God is in it we labour in vain….. There is nothing worse than having a child missing…. but…..

    Blessings, and thanks for a voice of sanity….

  9. good video Rich, thanks for the heads up.  after doing some research I couldn't agree with you more and I think if we take a look at the big picture and let the facts fall into place. there's even talk (?) about children missing from the Haiti recovery efforts. WTF this all could be a social media NAPALM  but everybody coming close to truth about this is getting toe tagged.                    
         I meant no disrespect and I didn't feel disrespected about your last vid., I think these extreme issues, sometimes opinions may sound extremely personal. and you been a real positive voice on these times. and thanks for all your doin'  GS4L

  10. Hi Rich, my opinion is that "They" have intentions of getting to the people to the point that they have no reason or logic anymore, to incense and and enrage us, with their avalanche of erroneous and evil ways!
    There are so many children go missing that are unaccounted for it is mind blowing. I think it's a part of the depopulation programme, get them young so they don't become useless eaters, as "They" so kindly view humanity, with all the information on so many issues right now, geoengineering for one, some physcopath said once "Gain control of the weather and the food supply, and you control the people. But… my gut I feel "THEY" (Too many to mention) are starting to lose control! We need to stay grounded, see it for what it is, as horrific as it is, and work together to beat these soulless entities, because that's what they are! We must stay empathic and use our God given ability to generate great thoughts and send it out into the field, which is for us to use, and know, if we do, and believe in what I just said, then this new regime change (Agenda 21) will never happen! We are very powerful, we just have to believe it!

  11. I got you brother, them twisting this around to fit their narrative sounds about right. Did you hear about the 15yr old who took guns to school yesterday ? Idaho I think, the parents actually came to school and disarmed him. The elites may use this thing to play out a false flag shooting claiming some kid was mentally hurt about false pizza gate claims by the so called fake media. There are so many ways they can twist it, has anything new came out from Julia Assange ? I have been internet dead for a couple days. supposed to get new higher speed satellite internet on Mon. Peace GS4L from the Pomme

  12. I do believe Andrew Brietbart was possibly murdered over this as well as another Journalist Michael Hastings,  Hasting's was going to come forward on the Glenn Beck show talking about something huge he'd uncovered and how he feared for his life because he was going to bring something forward. Glenn Beck announced it on his show the day before Hasting's died. Remember him a few years back who supposedly died in a high speed crash in Southern California after supposedly hitting a tree but when you look at the pictures of Hasting's car it looks blown up and the cars metal looks blown out like an explosion from the inside of his car not to mention the engine of his brand new Mercedes was ejected from the engine compartment and landed in the street about 50 yards away from the crash site!  Witnesses had said it appeared as if Hasting's was running from something like he was trying to escape before they heard an explosion and seen his car engulfed in flames as it gently rolled up to a tree. The official story was he hit the tree at a high rate of speed and that's what killed him but the pics show a different scenario.  The day Hasting's was supposed to appear on Glenn Beck's show, Glenn was silent and never mentioned anything about it.  We're living in some extremely interesting times, a school here in Portland Oregon has allowed a Satanic group to hold after school meetings there for any who wish to attend… a fucking public middle school of all things, another Satan group is trying to hold after school meetings at an elementary school in Washington State!  I tell you what Rich, I've seen a few commenters on your channel mention they're ready to start shooting and I gotta admit I'm right there with them!! This isn't the America that our Veterans, fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and our forefathers fought for!! It's 'bout time to drain the swamp!!!  I'm right there with you Rich, I'm a Dad and a Grandpa too and as a young 47 year old construction worker I can still KICK ASS if I have too!!!  :)

  13. Breitbart murdered-told press proof OBAMA imposter.Today a dojo/pizza place RAIDED, no charges looking for child trafficking.50 yr old Photo on yt tagged-pizzagate. Not rational, out of control like shark w/blood. ☮️

  14. We have the NYPD claiming all this Pedo claims! What is the description?

  15. I think you maybe right The only way to stop PIZZAGATE is to light it up and pass the blame to US. YouTube Content Producers. Cheers Big Guy :).BTW I gave you a Thumbs up :)

  16. I will never forget the time my Dad went and rescued my younger brother from Scientology. N. Calif in the early 70's. Had he not done this, who knows what would have happened. A guy by the name of Charlie Brown was his abductor.
    Reminds me of Pizza gate in ways. Thanks Rich. You always do good!

  17. These Filthy Rich Useless Piece's Of Skin, use Their MONEY To Pay Off Everyone To Look the Other way… It PISSES ME OFF & I'd LOVE TO KNOCK THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE SICK FUCK's…

  18. Good points. You can always count on evil people to do evil things. I've been saying it too…get ready for tables to be overturned. Are they going to sit back while America wakes up and investigates their broad array of criminal deeds…im afraid not. it's the impasse that we are at. We just need to press forward, each of us being our best selves every day, and trust God, Karma, that right will prevail over wrong. It will.

  19. Im from the UK and i believe its everywhere as proven from when our "elites" got eexposed but then they covered it up

    also IMO that no matter who we vote for there all in it together,

    The only way we can stop it if we get together and hopefully have the militaries of the world on our side,

    them contolling the media and internet will be and is bad and is gonna get worse,
    its been proven in the past that governments will go to any lengths to control us and try to always get us on there side.

    As for now im currently only looking on for conflicts:

    As for Maddie its bad since a week into it they couldnt give a fuck so its gotta be someone in power who had/has her :/

    and just a heads up it pronounced Can not Cain < sorry i just got a thing for it to be pronounced right (aluminum & aluminium gets me lol)

    Keep up the great content and also sorry if i offend anyone too.

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