Pizza Gate: Fritz Springmeier, Occult, Child Trafficking, Secret Societies #PizzaGate #Corruption

On this edition of Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report Pizza Gate week Fritz Springmeier christian author of the Bloodlines of the Illuminati joins us to discuss secret societies, global government, Mystery Babylon and more

Fritz Springmeiers page


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5 Thoughts to “Pizza Gate: Fritz Springmeier, Occult, Child Trafficking, Secret Societies #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. And Alex Jones is a shill.

  2. weird strange stuff going on in the woods. Kids are vanishing everyday and iam pretty sure we can exclude Jason Vorhees for doing it.

  3. the kidnapping needs to stop thank you guys for your show.

  4. I heard an interview recently on Richie Alan Show w/ Dr. Graham Downing was speaking about the natural doctor deaths and I was surprised to hear a connection many of these docs had that I have not heard anywhere else..Many of them either worked or volunteered, primarily at Christian Church's or homes for homeless children. Many of the Children where be 'treated'/healed for being abuse/neglect or worse. I did not hear about that from anywhere else, as if nobody was able to put that together. I would highly recommend searching for that show and listening. (I don't like to promote another's show on your platform, but I just wanted to point this out). Thanks.

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