Pizza Gate False Flag For Fake News Attacks Free Speech and Independent Media #PizzaGate #Corruption

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the latest incident at comet ping pong pizza shop in the center of the pizza gate scandal and how it is being used to attack free speech and independent media. We go over the latest house bill criminalizing fake news and other actions that are meant to for disinformation. Don’t forget the only thing keeping us reporting for you is your support on and thats why we are able to do the job that we do.


FALSE FLAG? Armed Suspect Enters Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant, Apprehended

US Lawmakers Move to Criminalize ‘Fake News, Propaganda’ on the Web

PIZZAGATE: NYT Boss Mark Thompson Covered Up BBC Pedo Jimmy Savile Scandal

BEYOND CREEPY: ‘Spec Ops Military Unit Wants to Come Hangout in My Studio and Study Me’

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30 Thoughts to “Pizza Gate False Flag For Fake News Attacks Free Speech and Independent Media #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Fake news is not real news. So squashing fake is a good idea. But there is no bill to crack down on free speech. You're a moron.

  2. the fucking BBC covered up jimmy savile & his taste for children for DECADES…

  3. I have a feeling WRC is already in the can…Luke has a lot of work to do…

  4. It was mindblowing how many dumb trump heads were leaving comments arguing that these conspiracy theories were true.

  5. Quick, kill yourself you're a conspiratard.

  6. long live the Washington post

  7. why should we fund you and your alcohol habit? you are just as bad as the rest of them, have fun swirling down the drain …

  8. The MSM label WeAreChange fake news and Russian agents SMH? Keep up the good work Luke. Dasvidaniya

  9. ask Anthony Weiner….

  10. What about Terrance Bean former Obama and Hillary's fundraiser and bundler arrested for the rape and molestation of a 15 year old boy that was picked up by the USA today, report on that to combat this crap!

  11. now we all know why (((Google))) bought YouTube

  12. you expect the Washington post to contact you and get your side of the story? what do you think they are? Journalists?

  13. Hastert is like BFF with Tony Podesta, also BFF with James Alefantes'

  14. I think the mainstream media needs to be reminded of the First Amendment's "Freedom of the Press". It's a clause to "prevent the government from interfering with the distribution of information and opinions". Which is EXACTLY the opposite of this stupid "fake news" garbage that's being spread so widely right now.

  15. Is it real ?
    Look up the Madeleine McCAnn case and who are the prime suspects

  16. The good news is that the CIA pedophiles are getting desperate.
    The bad news is that the CIA pedophiles are getting desperate.

    CIA will supernova before dying. Everyone proposing the "fake news" narrative is associated with child trafficking and pedophilia. They are running out of options.

  17. Youtube is hiding your vids! I hadn´t gotten any notifications for days!

  18. Fake news reporting fake news about real news that's fake butt real😩

  19. I fear this is just the beginning.

  20. anonymous said that the plane that transported Julian after kidnapped went to the same state this guy is from

  21. The typical Trump voter. Young,white, heavily armed and ignorant.

  22. Don't get involved in this WAC. this is going to make you look stupid


    Lol 😂 fuck all of you pizza fucking cuckolds

  23. Gosh, you are worried about this? I thought the Lord and Savior Donald Jesus Trump was going to be the champion of free speech. Are you telling me that isn't going to happen?

  24. When you say "many people are saying" it pretty much shows you have no credibility. Many people are saying WeAreChange are running a child sex ring…. Must be true, many people are saying it. Don't need to cite any sources, just many people.

  25. I have heard nothing on MSM about a shooting about this. They are not talking about it.

  26. The US gobernut will decide freedom of speech is too dangerous for its thumb sucking citizens.

  27. If you buy into Pizza-Gate than you have thrown away whatever credibility you had.

  28. Another bullshit channel.

  29. Commentators: please use correct language. Klar?

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