Pizza Gate Exposed in 14 Minutes (Code, Symbols, Death of Breitbart) #PizzaGate #Corruption

Please Subscribe: Kristan T. Harris goes over the history of Pizza Gate in 13 minutes including: Emails, Codes, Symbolism, FBI research, Wikileaks, Breitbarts Death, Podesta artwork and more! Please share.

Pizza Gate Symbolism Exposed segment from:–ZXOjc


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22 Thoughts to “Pizza Gate Exposed in 14 Minutes (Code, Symbols, Death of Breitbart) #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. This 'Pizza gate' scandal is relatively new news to me, but the more I see, the more convinced it is real, I become…. These 'people' (I hesitate in calling them people) need to be thoroughly investigated to expose ALL those connected to this in every way and brought to justice…….

  2. Bring me these sick people…and don t worry about what i ll do to them…Children will be at peace after….i promise…

  3. Why haven't these pieces of shit been arrested yet?!!!

  4. No wonder Clinton and the government hate Wikileaks.

  5. You're Implying Dahmer had a headless body hanging in his apartment? I just can't see it. I think this might be a false flag to get everyones mind off the election.

  6. Kim Noble needs to be hunted down. Sick bitch

  7. Pretty Damning: In "all seeing eye" fashion, if you look closely in the bottom LEFT of the Buck's 10th Anniversary Birthday Party photo, there is a toddler's bottoms or shorts! Also in the photo, where is the candle in relation to the male adult? And there's rings around the base… totally totally sick, these people need to meet an END.

  8. The Wrath of the Innocent is in alliance with the Hammer of Justice. The strike is in motion and it shall bring them down swiftly and without mercy.

  9. Podesta and all his ilk need to get the death penalty and nothing less, but a lot of judges are satanists.

  10. Remember "White House Call Boys" scandal, Paul Bonacci, Johnny Gosch, Noreen Gosch, etc (Bohemian Grove), testimonies of Cathy O'Brien, Ted Gunderson, Nancy Schaefer, … also look at "The Clinton Body-Count". We can't let satanic monsters free ! Time to go in jail or on the chair !

  11. those paintings seem to be highlighting a notion of how kids are treated, perhaps by people whom have maligned intentions, as this does HAPPEN, you'd figure AN ARTIST to try and highlight that, to CAUSE AWARENESS, sort of like how you're making videos on youtube to do the same…the art is disturbing for a reason…why can't people understand what art is? why someone would want whole collections of this sort would certainly be bizarre, and especially in this instance with what is coming up with Pizzagate; but jeez, no one has any decorum or understanding of art when they are discussing the subjects…it's like you know nothing of the concept of art arising out of suffering and wanting to cause awareness of said suffering to bring light perhaps to a certain problem in society, or light into an artist's life, by expressing his or her self…but yet in this video, these notions are skimmed over and haughtily these artworks are discarded as some how "evil". there is no discernment here. it's astounding to me. seeing a moon symbol on a store now, is this store now dabbling in Satanism, to every mindnumbingly dumb person out there, now?

  12. I really feel nauseous while I watch this

  13. Now i understand the behavior of hollywood kids like mccauley Caulkin (not sure i write it the right way) hope he will get better

  14. Nothing can function without us, it's time we remind our owners of this

  15. Like the old saying " One picture is worth a thousands words". In this case two words Satanic – Pedaphilia.

    ping pong

    A sexual act involving three people. One person is on all fours while
    they are fucked in the mouth as well as the ass or vagina. Usually
    takes place with two men as the ''paddles'' and one woman as the
    ''ball''. The paddles knock the ball back and forth. The men knock the
    woman back and forth.

  17. What surprises me-if this info came out when i was a kid people would be gunning for these monsters, now people forget about it in a short time

  18. thetruthergirls have a great video on pizzagate as well. BTW there's an email where they talk about having 5 new pizzas and 4 surviving -unhealthy pizzas

  19. i wonder if all those painting of kids are identical to actual missing children?

  20. That art by Kim Noble is disgusting, she needs to be locked up.

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