Pizza Gate & Esoteric Hollywood’s Illuminati – Kev Baker Show #PizzaGate #Corruption

Kev Baker invited me on his show to discuss my new book and the odd parallels with film and the recent wikileaks revelations and PizzaGate.

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9 Thoughts to “Pizza Gate & Esoteric Hollywood’s Illuminati – Kev Baker Show #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Jay your hitting the press junket hard with the release of your book.Glad to hear your voice & knowledge on a variety of podcasts,keep on keeping on Jay.Sterling work,tremendous!

  2. Crowleyan sex magic painting in David Fincher remake of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The heroine is abused by an authority figure and has a fawn response compliant with sexual abuse. Remember trauma creates not just fight or flight but freeze or fawn. There is also an underground base and people trafficking in the movie 😉

  3. I'm not usually one to get hysterical over people choosing triangular logos (i use one myself)
    but when the triangle could easily be said to be made up of three interlocking distorted 6's I have to wonder why Kev Baker chose that logo in particular.

  4. Boy-lover triangle symbol at the upper left corner. Just kidding.

  5. THE SIMPSONS predicted this PIZZAGATE scandal !!! ….. The
    episode is called "Weekend at Burnsie's" !!! ….. It´s from 2002 !!!

  6. Jay is the man, always on point

  7. I kinda laughed when Jay's bio said he was a comedian…which I guess…makes it true?!

  8. nice interview, mr dyer. keep up the great work.

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