Pizza Gate, Esoteric Hollywood & Symbolism: Jay Dyer w/Kristan Harris #PizzaGate #Corruption

On this edition of Kristan T. Harris’ American Intelligence Report – Guest: Jay Dyer author of Esoteric Hollywood: Headlines include Researches to Regenerate Damaged Human Body Parts, Time Travel Now Possible, Pizza Gate, Hollywood symbolism, rituals and more.

Please Subscribe: American Intelligence Report broadcaster Kristan T. Harris interviews author and researcher Jay Dyer from about the simmering back story behind occultism and Pizza Gate!

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15 thoughts on “Pizza Gate, Esoteric Hollywood & Symbolism: Jay Dyer w/Kristan Harris #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Jay you should watch the 2008 movie Martyrs ….not the newer American version

  2. Both the New York Times and Washington Post are playing cover up on pizzagate and getting people to support censorship by pushing the concept of “fake news”: see and

  3. Have you ever heard of a author named Johnny Cirucci? He has a book on the Jesuits.

  4. mummification was to aid the preservation and activity of the ka soul (they had several souls) in the afterworld and perhaps to facilitate activity of the ka in this world.


    In Greek tradition, he brings gifts to children every January 1 (St Basil's Day) — unlike other traditions where Father Christmas arrives either on December 6 (Saint Nicholas Day) or on Christmas Eve (December 24). It is traditional on St Basil's Day to serve vasilopita, a rich bread baked with a coin inside. It is customary on his feast day to visit the homes of friends and relatives, to sing New Year's carols, and to set an extra place at the table for Saint Basil.

  6. Thanks for the show. Just wish I would have heard more from the Jay. I understand it's your show but Jay obviously has a lot of knowledge and I will be checking out his site. I will definitely tune into your show again, I'd just like to see more time and focus dedicated to the guest.

  7. Omgggggg the impersonation is HILARIOUS

  8. perfect smart show~ made my night! makin art n just got yr book today~ stoked! thanks so much for ya'll! glad you mentioned dave mcgowan and the laurel canyon web, that was definitely my turning point for me on the holly wood- magic wand-tinkerbell b.s. too.

  9. I loveeeeee u guys !!!

  10. The caller from Kentucky's insights were fascinating.,I hope the worry that badgers him passes..An enjoyable podcast all-round Jay considering the topics at hand.

  11. Interesting that Lynch is describing what some people call the "Archons"….( Entities that are energy feeders who feed off of human pain/fear and suffering.)

  12. Jay, I love your respond on the pagan roots of Christianity. There are too many alt-media researchers who fall for that (i would say trap) and i'm glad there's someone to actually explain it. Similarites between Christianity and so called paganism exist because there always was and always will be a valid orthodox tradition. There's a reason why Church Fathers recognized Plato's metaphysics, why Persian Magis recognized Christ etc. It's not a thievery but valid correspondence. In my opinion, Christianity is a religion of Kali Yuga or Apocalypse, an age of fall into history.

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