PEDOGATE/PIZZAGATE- Republicans sex Island? Mariana Islands 2006 #Pedogate #ChildTraffickingExposed

So it looks like we have a Republican version of Jeffery Epstein. His name Jack Abramoff was he running a pedophile/sex island like Epstein? In the Mariana Islands?

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32 thoughts on “PEDOGATE/PIZZAGATE- Republicans sex Island? Mariana Islands 2006 #Pedogate #ChildTraffickingExposed

  1. Easy there buddy.

    We support you 100% but PLEASE, for your own sake, do not call for murder on a public forum.


    They will silence you if you start talking "he needs to be cilled" ;

    Check out Alex Winter's film "Relatively Free," about a dude named Barrett Brown who got locked up because he went too far, calling for violence on line.

    We like you. A lot. We support you. We subscribe to you.

    Just please be careful about what you publish on public forums.

    God knows that all they need is a few quick xeath threats to take somebody down permanently.

    You are too important to be silenced right now.

  2. For some reason I relate the Mariana Trench, a very deep oceanic feature, to be energetically related to CERN. I know our government wants to control the Trench for dubious antics, and i assume that the island is part of the package.

  3. Grover Norquist on that list 3 times.

  4. Some more pedo/sex slave islands. K.T.A.

  5. I lived on Guam for 5 years. They do B2 bomber training there. I still have friends on Saipan. They try to keep Americans and civilians separate. I never saw anything like sweatshops but probably didnt know what I was looking for either.

  6. growing up I had rich friends, whose parents took them to the virgin islands a few times a year (among other vacations) Damn this hits close to home. please don't stop!

  7. what gonna happen to all the Pizza Lovers asking me ?

  8. wonder if he's related to the spirit cooking witch? ๐Ÿ˜ never mind, spelling is different

  9. ah I see you finally took my advice, Good shit Ryan, Trump loved Epstein, they spent a lot of time on that island together!

  10. There's seems to be no end to this evil :/

  11. Great research! It's not just the islands that this stuff happens on. My ex husband worked on Mega Yachts in Miami area and tons of shady, dark shit happens on these boats.

  12. Capital hill Saipan seems like a good place to start. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. It's enough to make you wanna stay in the house with a nice cup of Horlicks lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ X

  14. why haven't u ever coverd the recording of Skippy abusing children at comet pizza? why didn't u ever mention that the podesta pizza mansion had construction 2 years prior to the Google Earth image u investigated and automatically dismissed as false it's ovies that the construction was barred to harvest child abuse. the podesta pizza mansion is real I think u may be a shill ryan I hope I'm wrong but u should reinvestigate the pizza mansion better yet fly a drone over the area also known as the hunting grounds convintly located by the bohemian grove and children's summer camps

  15. No doubt that both Republican, Democrats and others in politics are in on this pedophilia but I guess I never thought they actually had separate "pedo-places". This usage of the names of Republicans and Democrats for those higher ups is just a ruse, because the Elites just play the parts of Republicans and Democrats in order to get to the top. They plan who will be President far in advance and. Those who are part of the Elite must be incarcerated or eliminated.

  16. Great report, these idiots at the top has another law book

  17. Garbage people. Public execution needed.

  18. people recon at least 1/4 of my government (uk) and your government (us) is compromised by either pedophiles or they are being blackmailed in some way or another

  19. Larry "wide stance" Craig. Hang all of these motherfuckers

  20. FYI Trump sold us out to the synagog of Satan. Research 666 CUCK KUSHNER.

  21. good investigative report..

  22. That advertisement on 4:42 tho ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  23. I believe the CIA is blackmailing the pedo politicians.

  24. Suggestion:ย  cancel your cable and use the savings to donate to Ryan and other independent news sources of your choice.ย  Saves your sanity and sticks it to the cable cos and MSM win win win.

  25. Thank you shared and tweeted.

  26. I thought millary tested nukes there

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