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19 Thoughts to “PEDOGATE – WHO IS BRIAN PODESTA?? #Pedogate”

  1. @Echo Truths – I saw her name on another video yesterday and have tried a few times to bring up her channel since then by typing her name in the search bar and it does not come up. Thanks for the link. I will bookmark it outside of yt just in case. ;~)

  2. David Seaman just had all his YouTube vids wiped from his account.

  3. With all the truther exposing stuff I post my Twitter account was actually locked this morning from this post "who is Brian podesta"…and that was all I wrote…Strange..because I post about every single crook there is

  4. Another Molesta??? KILL THEM ALL !!!

  5. Hey honey, I know your trying to pin this guy John Podesta for whatever personal and become an investigative reporter overnight, but you got your facts wrong about Brian Podesta. Just because you went to a site and looked up Podesta doesn't mean they know each other or work together. Do your homework and take this stuff down because it's damaging to the family when you don't have any information other then speculation. You could seriously end up in court for libel and defamation for dragging an innocent name through the mud.
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  6. What a find! Honeybee is a GREAT researcher! I am so glad that are many talented people involved in investigating all of this garbage. Thanks, Echo, for your many informative videos! I really appreciate it! xoxo

  7. This is definitely the most interesting new discovery on PizzaGate for a while!

  8. Hello Echo,i see honeybees vid. Shes bloody good aint she. Might even be better than you y'know(jokes). I just retweeted it. Evidence is mounting bigtime. I feel Trump is ready strike anytime now and it cant come sooner for the kids involved. Till next vid,bye for now 🙂

  9. network this story with david seaman and random rants of ryan …

  10. wow…you are the best detective / researcher…wow…

  11. I just found her, and I can't believe I've never seen any videos by her in my feed ! Anyway she is amazing and enthralling to watch and I am so glad you guys are all working together That is what we needed a team of journalist that do incredible investigations Kudos to you guys and Thank you And God Bless!!!

  12. none of you see the bigger clue …? ……will be creating a channel to reveal what all of you have seemed to blow right by……Don't quit our day job echo,bee,guac,seaman……its right in front of u

  13. Watched it yesterday and the rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper. Whenever I see Pedo-Le Dee and Pedo-Le Dum (Podesta bros) I just feel like punching the child rapists square in their face.

  14. Oh did she find out he had an adopted child?
    I had known. I'll watch though to see anything else 😁

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