PBTV Season 2 Episode 3 “Long Time No See” #PizzaGate #Corruption

Watch Pandora’s Box Season 2 Episode 3 “Long Time No See”. Tune in every 2 weeks for a new episode 9pm (EST). Be sure to follow us on our other social media @pandorasboxtv.
Director/Creator Porshia “Slim” McKinley @mzinkladii
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Alternative link: https://vimeo.com/194129392



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32 Thoughts to “PBTV Season 2 Episode 3 “Long Time No See” #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Good episode I enjoyed it. lol at the basketball court and wow at the bar. The ending was sad smh.

  2. That woman in the white suit!! Lawd have mercy!

  3. Lawddd that fine saleswoman back again!! 😍😍 That woman is beautiful!

    Didn't really understand the ending.

  4. I'm CONFUSED ? Why did he kill her?

  5. DAMN! they asking for a fight, balling like that! no ma'am. dont grab me on me. i aint for all that!!

  6. titties out, during the day; my kind of girl.

  7. I'm in the Caribbean I can't see it

  8. sammie and pandora just need to hurry up and get married already, sheesh…

  9. When does the next episode come on ?

  10. just because u have love for someone doesn't mean u should be together nor does it mean u should keep dealing with the same bullshit over and over again. ya digg

  11. omg loved it Pandora should stop fighting it with Rio lol

  12. I love watching @pandorasboxtv 🙌🏾❤️💯💯

  13. omggg the ending 😢

  14. pandora nd rio need to stop fight their feelins u no u still got the love for each other

  15. Sammie bucked on em!!! Love it! Go Lacey Go!!

  16. i can't remember who the lady in the white was didn't she come to pandora door selling something??? but anywho I love this web series

  17. omg I love this web series

  18. Sammie and Pandora would be the perfect love story if they would just be together.

  19. why the ending like that I'm literally in tears he didn't have to do that to her wow can't wait till the next episode wow is all I can say the basket ball scene was kinda funny three women stuck on feelings for Pandora smh lol one she divorcing one wish she had a chance and one who really and seriously want to be with her yes that's Sammie oh well till next time ppl

  20. I dont know if i want P & Rio back together or P & Sammie

  21. damnn the ending though 😔😔

  22. Rio😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Omg!!! he killed her girlfriend right in front of face!!!

  24. Great episode can't wait for the next episode things getting real the end was crazy

  25. 😍 the lady in white!

  26. He just had to be trigger happy and shoot. Could have just got in his car.

  27. Dam Her Girl got shot I want to see what's going to happen Next Dam tha was deep yo

  28. Can someone explain the ending??

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