Pathankot, Uri And Now Nagrota Attack – BAN Pakistan Completely: The Newshour Debate (30th Nov)

On THE NEWSHOUR, panellists Dr. Sambit Patra, National Spokesperson, BJP; Ratan Sharda, Author; Arvind Sawant, MP, Lok Sabha & Spokepserson, Shiv Sena; Lalit Ambardar, Kashmiri Activist; Junaid Matoo, Spokesperson, National Conference; Suneet Chopra, Leader, CPI (M) & All India Joint Secretary, All India Agricultural Workers Union; Navaid Hamid, President, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat and Shabnam Lone, Advocate, SC, discussed whether it is time to #FreezePakTies completely.

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48 Thoughts to “Pathankot, Uri And Now Nagrota Attack – BAN Pakistan Completely: The Newshour Debate (30th Nov)”

  1. 31:00 for the first time, shabnam lone made sense.

  2. defintely india should talk other wise india will be isolated soon

  3. Pathankot, Uri And Now Nagrota Attack was the celebrating day in pakistan ! heeheeheeeeeee hum apko til til kark marenge

  4. Frustrated n escapist BJP spokesperson…..

  5. I miss Arnab. I may sound sexist but a female can't run this show. Period.

  6. anand i can clearly see that ur trying hard to catch up with arnab ,pliz it doesn't suit u so talk the way u use to talk b4 coz that suits u … i m not saying that ur bad …all i want u to be is original…

  7. i dont like this woman on times now///…. hate her voice too

  8. The BJP guy is correct, when he called Shabnam Lone as a hypocite. This biatch never condemns Pakistan and the Sherifs. She is also a big supporter of the terrorist who got killed (I forget his name, Wani?).

  9. I am not being jingoistic, but in fact realistic, if I say it's time to end the story of Pakistan. If India wants to live in peace and achieve prosperity, then Pakistan is one of the biggest hurdles. If that means we have to go on a war, then unfortunately it is the only option that we Indians have. Yes there will be bloodshed, yes these will be sorrow and yes there will be economic turmoil. In 1971, if Indira Gandhi had not gone ahead to cut one of the heads of the two-headed monster because of the fear or states-womanly behavior of not allowing bloodshed, sorrow and economic turmoil, then imagine what kind of trouble India would have faced now.

    Thus, to put things in perspective, India will have to cut Pakistan again, once and for all. India must get the Afghans, the Baloch and the Sindhis on board to fight this war. India must get back Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) (i.e. Azad Kashmir & the Northern Areas [Gilgit & Baltistan]). Afghans must get back KP and FATA. Balochistan must be declared as an independent nation. A referendum must be held in Sindh to ascertain whether the Sindhis want to join India or remain independent (India's National Anthem mentions Sindh. So, historically and technically it should be a part of India). Pakistani Punjab must be declared an United Nations (U.N.) administered territory. UN must administer it for the next 100 years, at least. This will punish the elite Pakistani Punjabis who created, and spread terror and apartheid policies for almost 70 years, both within Pakistan and it's neighborhood.

    Last but not the least, is the nuclear threat. The Pakistani general are not dumb enough to use nukes in an actual war or no war situation. Pakistani generals have amassed a huge amount of wealth. This wealth is not only spread out in Pakistan but also around the world. For instance, in Swiss banks and other cash havens, in UK and in Canada. Therefore, if these Pakistani generals use nukes, then they know that each one of them will be hunted down by India and its allies, and all their wealth will be gone. On the other hand, if they don't use nukes and get defeated in war, they may still get a chance to enjoy their blood money by abdicating from power once they sense a defeat in war.

    One more reason these Pakistani generals will not use nukes on India is that the US, EU, Japan and even China has invested billions of dollars in India. Nuking India will be nuking these billions of dollars. If Pakistan nukes India, US may nuke Pakistan before even India does so!

    To sum up, Pakistan's nuclear threat to use strategic or tactical nukes is only a deterrence tactic. There is enough anti-Pakistan insurgency in Pakistan itself. Pakistan's neighborhood is anti-Pakistan. After Osama was caught in Pakistani military's lap, the world knows about Pakistan's terror duplicity. Nobody in the global community will support Pakistan in a war. As such, to all my fellow Indians, I appeal to you to demand a referendum from the Indian government for us to vote to say yes to end this concept called Pakistan by war at the earliest possible.

    P.S.: Bloodshed and economic loss – Look at the number of Indians, both civilian and military, who have lost their lives for the last 70 years because of Pakistan. Also look at the extra military spending due to Pakistan for the same period of time. If we don't go to war now, then by extrapolating the same trend for even the next 20 years, we will lose more precious Indian lives and spend more tax-payers' money on military, than that by going on war to disintegrate Pakistan. It is like the string effect – in order to launch yourself faster ahead, you may have to take a few steps back. This way, you would be more successful than that by maintaining the status quo. After the war, India will, in fact, become more peaceful, prosperous and powerful.

    Bharat Mata Ki, Jai! Jai Hind!

  10. What for debate this if Banned Pakistan completely for talk, than what happen they stop sending Terrorists in India or stop firing on Border?

  11. Abdullahas and Nehru/Gandhis are bloody waste of India.For 70 yrs they made Kashmir a mess. They don't wish that Kashmir issue is resolved.

  12. Pak is just a piece of shit in front of India.

  13. The anchors are doing all the talking – please stop !!
    Let your guests talk and share their wisdom.

    Junaid Mattu is an idiot and Farookh Abdullah is a traitor and only wants to fill his pockets.
    Throw all such people out of India, they do not deserve to live in this great diplomatic country.

  14. This woman anchor is pathetic. Should be fired.

  15. Shalom Lone is anti Indian, she is a double talker and all,the Pakistanis supporters have no love for India. These Kashmiris who are anti India and lover of Pakistan should go to live in Pakistan. Leave India if you do not love India.Hypocritics!


  17. mattu shabnam lone are jehadis. cut their balls. ghar mein ghus kar thok do jehadio ko.

  18. Indians will die for blaming for every single thing to Pakistan, After watching Indian Channels/media its seems that a same piece of script has been given to all not a single contradiction same words same words without using any common sense and brain.
    If we are terror state than why is India in one of the top racist country? Mass Murders of Humans like in 84 to Sikhs and 2002 in Gujrat to Muslims and from 1947 to till date 2 lack Muslims has been killed in Kashmir this all happened in India not Pakistan and question is very simple why don't you leave us like we leave your land back in 1947 and concentrate on your own issue rather blaming for every single thing happening in India to Pakistan our Army and ISI. On one hand your media portray us a weak nation who can't stand a chance against mighty India and on second hand they show involvement of ISI in every single thing. I believe if Indian will stay on this very same page and soon one day your Prime Minister will blame Pakistan ISI and our Army for uncontrollable Population growth in india. Bhai koi apna dhang ka kam kar lu rotay rotay mar jana hai ek din.

  19. matto says ur soldiers – teri maa ko kutta chode ek bar milja bhadwe randi ke jane

  20. Benchod Rundians, who was Burhan Wani? Who are thousands of protesters who protest in Kashmir? Who are thousands of protesters killed and blinded by Indian army? Are they Pakistani? Or Kashmiris? Kashmiris wants freedom. When Indian armies kill so many Kashmiris, rebels will attack Indian army. Wake up. Give Kashmir plebiscite. Problem will be solved.

  21. The commie in this show is a nasty, stupid creature who is a pro pakistani

  22. Randians Dogs are barking …

  23. why mahatma gandhi has stopped these muslims throwing out of india during partition in 1947. now we are getting Omar, and matto like mf. any one who is not satisfied to india , they can buy any coutry's citizenship as per their choice and money. dont blame india. you are free to stay in any country in this world . live and let live mf.

  24. surgical strike 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. barked barked and barked that is what randians are all about.

  26. Get rid of this idiotic and annoying Anand. Tina Sharma is much, much better for this show.Anyone who advocates for India to talk to Pakistan is a Pakistani agent who gets paid by Pakistan. They want to delay any settlement so that they can continue getting paid by Pakistan while Pakistan continues killing Indians.

  27. anand this is silent war with the help of china support to keep india bzy in such infiltrate and china want to take india strong action so from both China benefit work in progress of port and anand ask what government has done with hurriyath did they cancelled privileges for what government is waiting for 50 50 and more casualty sambit patra is totally wrong and government really fail on security if government really serious why why and why repet if pathankot OK we agree but til now what government is doing and take in write from sambit patra n guarantee that same or such big incident will not repate and how long defence minister need to secure the border my personal view lack of negligence from defence side security side briefing audit petroling and government taking serious strong action and audit of area simultaneously.

  28. Sambit how long u will chest thumb of surgical strike, we need to attack them full fledge, we need to wipe them out or Modi should resign. and wear bangles and dance like mujra.

  29. How long u will debate this, we are debating for years now, our brave Army jawabshahid killed daily, where is Modi 56" chest, we should either attack them n finish them off or keep our mouth shut. Come out of fake surgical strike and do the real one. I know Modi is waiting for UP elections, so that he will do another surgical strike to win UP elections.

  30. The lady anchor looks like a shark fish

  31. isolation hahahaha tumhara Baap bhi Pakistan ko isolation Mai nahien karsakta

  32. mattuu is the biggest idiot in India… ppl shud just throw him out of India

  33. bring back arnub goswamy.we r not getting interest watching news hours in his absence

  34. Indian government and all minster are motherfucker, they can't do anything, an other motherfucker join in studio just to pass time in talking. Shame on all indian, if it's was to fight in side for religious we are ready to kill each other's.

  35. 1. #Russian forces arrive in Pakistan to hold joint military drills snubbing India.
    2. #Indonesia offers Pakistan defence equipment
    3. #Iran wants to be a part of CPEC and link Chabahar port with it built on Indian money.
    4. #China says it supports Islamabad's stance on Kashmir and will support Pakistan in the Case of any Conflict.
    5. #OIC says it supports Pakistan's stance on Kashmir.
    6. #Turkey is sending fact finding mission to Kashmir on Pakistan's demand.
    7. #Nepal wants to boost bilateral relations with Pakistan.
    8. #USA has refrained from naming Pakistan for the Uri Attack.
    9. USA Refused to back Indian Call of Free #Balochistan.
    10. #Italy wants good bilateral relations with Pakistan in Trade and Defense.
    11. #Korea Offered to build a Ship yard at #Gawadar.
    12. #Tajikistan ,#Uzbikistan, #Kyrgyzstan,#Turkemanistan want to join CPEC and to offer energy and trade to Pakistan.
    13.Belarus, Ukraine offered us good defense and trade relations.
    14. #Bangladeshi People unlike Their Government backs Pakistan on all issues and shown their love towards pakistan.

  36. These lefty commies make me sick! Go boil your heads!
    Our soldiers are NOT EXPENDABLE!!!

  37. it's high time we acknowledge that this isn't some shitty political war,it's pure religious extrimism and bigotry.Palestine and Kashmir are two different issues with same agenda of wipe cleansing of Hindus and Jews by militant islam. the death cult won't let humanity prevail until it's eliminated. free balochistan, Sindh ,FATA.fuck you porkistani punjabi radical dickheads

  38. chutiye Muslims,they only know how to establish misery,slavery,warzones,warfare's etc in any region they settle on. dusro ka land lekar jihad phailate hai arab ke boot lickers. fuck you islam, fuck you porkistan. free Balochistan, Sindh and FATA.

  39. shabnam lone can go and suck on some arab dick. cocksucking bitch

  40. if you don't want to solve issue's with dialogue then be ready for dead bodies why then scream

  41. time has come to talk with barrel with Pakistan . talk through the barrel of the gun. this should be the policy henceforward.

  42. First time I agree with Shabhnam Lone. Why the heck are we not revoking the MNF status of this terrorist country?

  43. Times now need war!! Please you people go to LOC and let them come to your studio. Paid media and presstitude.

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