Paris’ Banlieues Are Burning #swedenincident #Pizzagate #Pedogate

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Media Watch looks at the fall-out from protests and riots that followed the violent arrest and alleged rape by police of a young man in a Paris suburb. Plus, a look at a startling report claiming Russia “has ears” in the White House.

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8 thoughts on “Paris’ Banlieues Are Burning #swedenincident #Pizzagate #Pedogate

  1. send in the troops and end of story

  2. Is France 24 a Soros propaganda front? It is hard to believe anyone would believe this stuff.

  3. France has a riot and strike literally every week. Why is this different?

  4. This is more about RT.  If Paris is really burning, then where are the pics of this?  Show us.

  5. z2u

    the only reason RT would come to france is because the media is a joke and has lost much its credibility–

    i came today hoping for a ivanka trump nordstrom update because its not been covered enough in the US media.

    i guess you you confirmed russia is the reason trump got elected- not even the NYT has confirmed that- they suggest it every day, but i guess they dont have your source.

    what has french media done to cover the problem areas in france since they last erupted besides blame the police. maybe you need sharia law

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