OSU Crisis Actor Busted With Script !! +Be sure to sub Bartley Gerba (New truthspeaker!) #PizzaGate #Twittergate

This video is courtesy of Bartley Gerba. Be sure to sub his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGV6eioHCG4aGfq_QifMrwA

Thank you Bartley, great eyes! This short video exposes how crisis actors are used at these becoming more and more routine false flag shooting events. What you see here, is nothing unusual. Learn more by subscribing to my channel, and searching my catalogue of videos on false flags in recent years. The evidence is beyond definitive.

I have multiple videos on this very shooting itself. Just search my video library with “Ohio State”.



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5 thoughts on “OSU Crisis Actor Busted With Script !! +Be sure to sub Bartley Gerba (New truthspeaker!) #PizzaGate #Twittergate

  1. I cannot hear much of that video and who is the Clown talking over the video???

  2. Secrecy is the enemy of healing for sure. Mars just entered Pisces and absolutely did I stumble on the 3/6/9 key this morning! Wow, nice work on the real exposure, brought into everyday consciousness BAM! = REALITY! For real, stopping the lies dead in its tracks, doesn't get any better for the truth seeker!

  3. Check this CNN article, Zack. Unrelated to this video but thought you could do your voodoo with this thing. Link is posted below.
    This is the title of article:

    2 days, 4 cities, dozens dead in high-profile attacks
    By Jay Croft, CNN
    Updated 3:22 PM ET, Tue December 20, 2016–notice our all 2 familiar timestamp? Can't make this shit up!


  4. I saw this dude harrassing him and it's exactly what groups at all4truth can do

  5. i bet its a mullet. on the mullet scale he gets a ten

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