Oklahoma Senator Arrested on child prostitution charges #Pedogate #PizzaGate #ArrestPodesta

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15 thoughts on “Oklahoma Senator Arrested on child prostitution charges #Pedogate #PizzaGate #ArrestPodesta

  1. fkn sick American pedofiles

  2. Quit calling kids prostitutes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Evidently the father of this kid contacted police, because his son would sell himself to support a drug habit. The father must have been aware of where his son was, as the police showed up at the motel and knocked on the right door. Although a minor, there may be a consensual sex age, defined in Oklahoma law. That would not apply to an indictment for prostitution of course, but a good lawyer could probably get this guy freed. Pity, because his next fix might be an unwilling minor……

  4. Nurse here -,you need to get it straight. There is no such thing as child "prostitution". The proper term is child sex trafficking. No *child is capable of making business decisions, therefore it is not *prostitution…

  5. Dave, when will ppl get it!! EVERY PUPPET IN ANY GOVT OFFICE, LOCAL, STATE, FEDERAL has to bring with them criminal tendencies, so their Zionist elite masters have control of them. I disregard them all. Another topic did you read the new bill in congress HR 1313 EUGENICS BILL, portraying itself to be concerned for your health. What a joke!! Your great, Dave.

  6. this needs to be come a new law in the USA anyone doing anything at all like this has got to be hung

  7. A young male senator, named "shortey" caught in a sex crime, with another male (prostitute). Shortey and Weiner should get together. This is very different from rape. Was what Shortey supposedly did irresponsible, unnatural, illegal? Yes. Was it forced, non-consensual, sexual victimization/torture of a "child?" No. Shortey was either set up, or he agreed to play this role in order to be inducted into their satanic club. In which case all he has to do now is lose weight, take a new name, and he is someone else entirely. I don't believe much of anything msm says.

  8. Even knowing that every PEDOFILE in the world is probably being watched , some of them just can't keep it in their pants ! This is FUCKING unbelievable , just cause you go to school for all those years , SUPPOSE to have half a brain , they still can't control the urge . This right here should be proof , YOU CAN'T HELP THESE ASSHOLES !! Knowing the whole world is watching ! LETS JUST BUILD A PRISON ON THE TOP OF THE PLANET , PUT THEM THERE AND LET THEM ROT , ( or ) FUCK EACH OTHER TILL DEATH !!! JOSEPH LONG .

  9. Good, get the rest of them!!!

  10. Please keep in mind……teens and young adults are usually child sex slaves that have aged out of use then thrown out on the streets. No education, no money, no way to take care of themselves but they have been used as a sex object most of their lives. That is what they know. They are victims who are in need of victim assistance.

  11. Good Now Cut His Balls Off !!

  12. I want to see some inmate tags for their kind too.

  13. all of washington dc are pedophiles

  14. well, i guess this qualifies for the contest for 100 bucks and some honey wine. David T. yes?

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