obama patriot act lie #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #wiretap

obama making empty claims


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35 Thoughts to “obama patriot act lie #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #wiretap”

  1. Come on people. . . don't you guys know when some one is JUST KIDDING?

  2. No more ignoring your laws, but you can ignore the constitution.

  3. What a fucking piece of shit liar.

  4. “As the nation divided into Federalists and Republicans, each group called the other the worst name possible: "party". Most Americans feared the idea of party; believing that a society should unite to achieve the public good, they denounced parties as groups of ambitious men selfishly competing for power. Worse, parties were danger signals for a republic; if parties dominated a republic's politics, its days were numbered.

    -Thomas Jefferson

    You should try listening to our founding father's.

  5. We don't have the money for those programs that Obama is putting in place. Our country is in need of help and spending like we have all the money in the world is THE PROBLEM. Our foreign policy is the same under democrats and republicans. We're always at war, always killing, always sending our troops to die. Always building military bases, always getting into everyone's conflicts. If you want to have your children grow up in a 3rd world country, you're heading for it with the dollar collapse.

  6. Don't even know how to respond to something I can't read. I'll simply say, no. I don't support someone else's right going "down the tube". I'm pro-Constitution. Everyone, no matter the race, religion or sex, should ALL have the same rights. He's not doing what any President would do. He's burnt up the Nation debt larger than bush did in 8 years, in 22 months. He's big government, all about government programs. But hey, as long as you get your welfare check and Obama phones who cares, right?

  7. lol at you pussy "might rights on be being violated and yet you support someone else rights going down the tube. He doing what any president would do keep it up moron.

  8. and that's supposed to mean a damned thing? Get out of here you Liberal.


  10. And, no more Obama after November 2012 elections, ye-ah!

  11. I never knew Barry did stand up! This is hilarious! And he said it all with a straight face too!

  12. As we have already discovered..nothing he promised us when he was a candidate for the presidency came true. When will we learn the elites call the shots? Learn more…..
    MilitantPatriot com
    MilitantPatriot com
    MilitantPatriot com

  13. @VanzEddy Nope. You can say what you like and so can I. If someone is being vile racist or wishing a foul death on someone, then I can state that I hope they lock em up. BTW I hate Obama. Anti-racist not anti-freedom of speech.

  14. vote for ron paul ohio here and infowars and rt-news is the best.thanks for all the truth u will not get that on cable.

  15. @stevethul1 you are not alone, believe me

  16. The next step is to start with targeted assassinations of dissidents or thinking people in their own country and around the world. Many of the most powerful people in the world without a doubt is psychopaths, these people are using every means to enforce what they consider to be necessary.

  17. @TheSchaefReport He was a total shill from the beginning. Blind supporters gave him the momentum to get in and destroy what was left of the Constitution. It is such a lame excuse, that "he could not keep the majority of him promises".

  18. @MTPatriot1 You are correct about democracy. Democracy is one of those words that mean nothing until defined and most cannot define it. Actually, we are closer to a fascist state than to a constitutional republic at this point.

  19. @jimira99: Actually we do not, and never have, lived in a democracy. It's a constitutional republic. The people elect representatives democratically and they make the decisions. As evidenced over the last 100 years or so, they haven't been doing a very good job.

  20. Also I will bring the troops home right away!

  21. @TheSchaefReport

    Not if Ron paul wins

  22. how can anyone support this dude after this

  23. Who ever controls the media controls the country….sad isn't it……

  24. He is a liar and his policies are even more repressive than those of Bush, (which I did not think was possible in a supposed democracy,) My mistake for believing we live in a democracy.

  25. lokks like we got bullshited by the best!

  26. This man has been full of bullshit like no other. He lies, he lies, and he lies.

  27. unless they changed it, its all he said and more . hold anyone wiht no reason forever, lists of people against abortion, for ron paul, against socialist muslim obama 's dictatorship, n.w.o. protesters. we all on the list

  28. How bout groping citizens at airports that are not suspected of any crime? Just kidding, his loophole is that everyone is now a suspect, so this justifies violating your basic human rights not to be groped at will by random strangers representing your president"s will. ahahaahahahahahahahaahaha

  29. lol if you believe him im sorry for you

  30. It's funny cuz Dave Chappele made a comic skit about Black Bush. Well lookee here, it came true!

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