Obama I’m NOT leaving on January 20 #PizzaGate #Twittergate

Obama I’m NOT leaving on January 20



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30 Thoughts to “Obama I’m NOT leaving on January 20 #PizzaGate #Twittergate”

  1. Obama and the Clintons is so cool, that he will make orange jumpsuit become fashionable, Or black and white stripes jumpsuits. You might see it on the Runway soon.

  2. We will make him leave. If he don't leave by himself as he should, he will run out of there with his shadow government and all.

  3. Go HOME to Kenya! Or is it Indonesia & Daddy Sabud? Just GO!

  4. Oh yes you are leaving……… It's done Barry! You're old news.

  5. War crimes and Treason will move him away from Trump!!! Obama you can not hide from your crimes or Clinton either.

  6. I hope the Heavens find a golf club in the hands of Barry on the golf course with a bolt of lightning that is so loud that the world hears it!

  7. then I hope they drag you out put you on a planevheaded g or Saudia. where sodomites don't have a long life, YOU ARE GONE JERK!!!

  8. NOW the TRAITOR speaks his AGENDA his SHARIA LAW and the CALIPTH of the WHOLE World/NWO !

  9. He is asking to be tried for treason.Lock this ass up !

  10. How the fuck do i keep getting these notifications for this ignorant shit? You can keep your propaganda videos. My minds eye cannot be manipulated. Those of you allowing this crap to brainwash you, i would pity you, if i cared. For you have no idea what is to come.

  11. Religion has no part in his evil acts.

  12. You Barack Hussein Obama, should not only, leave and never be heard from again. You should go to jail, and be put to Death for Treason. This still would not equate to all the black lives lost under your watch, while you sat by and did nothing. You are the Scum of the Earth that has led our Country in the worst shape ever. All Back people all over the world have reason to hate you.
    The ones that don't, still don't know the truth about you. But they will. Therefore you need to go and fine the biggest rock to hind underneath, and even this will not protect you or your Legacy.

  13. He needs to stay the fuck away from Washington D.C. He has no business being anywhere near the White House.

  14. I can't believe you pieces of shit believe this bullshit, Obama is not an evil man and isn't worried about being the potus anymore. u scary ass mfkrs

  15. Piece of shit fake American. Take your musilum ass back to where ever your daddy came from.Take Michelle , Hillary Bill and penis Weiner with you. No one wants you here ! Go Away!!!

  16. obama can t do shit so shut the fuck


  18. Who put Obama into office???Was it the Jewish Zionist lobby??? So why the fuck would a Jewish Zionist lobby appoint a Muslim as there president??? The American people need to wake up and look around and see who the enemy is??? American people don't realise they are slaves to the Zionist agenda. Wake up before its too late!!!

  19. Michelle is a man & Obama is gay that like to suck Michael balls

  20. Obama is evil, check out my google plus I will be planning on setting up a guide to surviving federal law.

  21. Obama bin lying thieving murdering and chomping on the sausage

  22. They want to start a race war

  23. no one wants them so they need to just go away

  24. Ho obumma sod off you lot of satanic sickos looooooooooooooooooooooooooosers

  25. What a piece of shit. Don't worry that traitor will be gone. Good chance he'll get whacked when on the street.

  26. well if he is just staying to defend the progress he made then I'm not worried, and ok with him staying. he made no progress. I mean his golf swing even still sucks and he has been in golf school for the last 8 years. Nothing to defend. Just another fool with a skull used for nothing other than an ear spacer.

  27. Obama is telling nothing but a pack of lies. why would the people give Obama a gun just to kill them whey wikll not . Obama has already made his points and as much as he wants he will never be able to carry them out. I can say this because Obama has just determind his own faith and this is the complete surmise of his existence. The people may even see him rise straight up into the sky headed for the sun because his days will be over forever. God gave Obama a second chance but he has turned it down by the many things he has attempted to do. Everything Obama says is just the exact opposite of what he says.

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