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17 Thoughts to “Obama Explains NSA Wiretapping #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #wiretap”

  1. Now explain trump towers

  2. He made two comments one play as much golf as possible and two play some more golf

  3. if your listening to my phone calls with my polish girl friend you lead a very boring life

  4. How does this video only have 3k views wtf.

  5. If the NSA is not listening to our calls then that makes Edward Snowden a liar.  Which means everything he said is protected under the 1st amendment under free speech. And it would be impossible for him to violate a non disclosure agreement because he didn't disclose anything that was true.  So why are they going after him?  Edward Snowden is one of the very few patriots we have in this country.  They should be pinning a medal to him for exposing a domestic enemy bent on violating the Constitution.  

  6. Obama just lies and lies and lies.  God help us.  The most lying president we've had since I've been alive.  By far.


  8. They are for the 1 percent they are puppets

  9. We live for are family they miss spelled my words what I typed I love my family fuck governments they are all puppets the the 1 percent

  10. Lire the do listen to your phone lire piece of shit fuck NSA see that's way they high light the NSA when I type it in like White House see its high lighted in am now under. Watch come on we all try Ro live are family life an jobs

  11. that's cuz u don't understand ur freedoms and are a jackass. Still love ya and hope you begin to understand the magnitude of our rights

  12. I don't give a shit if my phone calls are being monitored

  13. Its easy to see when this clown is lying… his lips are moving!

  14. The american government that we see, like the Obama's the bush's are only the puppets of the real secret government that will never be questioned or de elected.. they are in away secret dictators, that secretly control society… who have slowly created a system that we think is safe and normal.. and only those who can think outside the box will be able to see this..the only hope we have of exposing them publicly is the whistle blowers who have come forward.. we have no real right, no real say.

  15. Dangerous,dangerous people.

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