Obama Didn’t Need FISA To Spy On Trump – Judge Andrew Napolitano #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

Also: Obama Commits TREASON – Lou Dobbs interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, they discuss the overarching surveillance power of the Deep State and it’s authorization to spy on any American requested by a standing president.


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12 Thoughts to “Obama Didn’t Need FISA To Spy On Trump – Judge Andrew Napolitano #corruption #theresistance #russiagate”

  1. Delusional Dobbs, big-time birther, NUTpolitano, 9/11 truther, being judge proof of Dickens "The law is an idiot," crazed peas in same mad pod. Why would British Conservatives, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnsopn BREXIT leader, want to antagonize INcoming President for OUTgoing one, makes no sense,, EXACTLY why media maniacs like these two BELIEVE it. Fox repudiated, fired NUTpolitano.

  2. Q: What does Fox News and the drug cartels have in common?

    A: They both make judges disappear

  3. So Fox News Banned Judge Andrew Napolitano Indefinitely from coming back on their Show for spreading fake Faux News? 🤔🤔🤔

  4. How many low quality has-been Judges does Fox need to fool everyone?

    It's funny how they keep using the title "Judge" even though they no longer have that position. I guess it's to make people think they have some kind of authority when really they are just partisan sell outs? It also makes you wonder how impartial they were as judges. It's probably why they are no longer judges.

  5. Here is the FISA ACT

    Without a court order

    The President may authorize, through theAttorney General, electronic surveillance without a court order for the period of one year, provided that it is only to acquire foreign intelligence information,[5] that it is solely directed at communications or property controlled exclusively by foreign powers,[6]that there is no substantial likelihood that it will acquire the contents of any communication to which a United States person is a party, and that it be conducted only in accordance with defined minimization procedures.[7]

    The code defines "foreign intelligence information" to mean information necessary to protect the United States against actual or potential grave attack, sabotage orinternational terrorism.[5]

    "Foreign powers" means a foreign government, any faction of a foreign nation not substantially composed of U.S. persons, and any entity directed or controlled by a foreign government.[8] The definition also includes groups engaged in international terrorism and foreign political organizations.[9]The sections of FISA authorizing electronic surveillance and physical searches without a court order specifically exclude their application to groups engaged in international terrorism.[10]

    A "U.S. person" includes citizens, lawfully admitted permanent resident aliens, and corporations incorporated in the United States.

    "Minimization procedures" is defined to mean procedures that minimize the acquisition of information concerning United States persons, allow the retention of information that is evidence of a crime, and require a court order be obtained in order to retain communication involving a United States person for longer than 72 hours.

    The Attorney General is required to make a certification of these conditions under seal to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court,[11]and report on their compliance to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligenceand the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.[12]

    Since 50 U.S.C. § 1802(a)(1)(A) of this Act specifically limits warrantless surveillance to foreign powers as defined by 50 U.S.C. §1801(a) (1),(2), (3) and omits the definitions contained in 50 U.S.C. §1801(a) (4),(5),(6) the act does not authorize the use of warrantless surveillance on: groups engaged in international terrorism or activities in preparation therefore; foreign-based political organizations, not substantially composed of United States persons; or entities that are directed and controlled by a foreign government or governments.[13] Under the FISA act, anyone who engages in electronic surveillance except as authorized by statute is subject to both criminal penalties[14] and civil liabilities.[15]

  6. I'd like to know who are the 3 intel agencies that told Napolitano that the British spies tapped Trump and gave Obama information. Can anyone do that?

  7. people that don't give a shit, someday will. the pain you do to others is never forgotten by the one who's keeping track.

  8. After 4 years of editing and posting interesting “whistleblower” videos on my youtube site, I’m frankly weary of reading most of the comments. Why? Because, for every single wise or at least intelligent comment or question that I found here, there were at least 50 annoying, if not down right stupid, comments from people who sadly haven’t got single clue. Adding to all that are the growing number of trolls and shills who post obnoxious mind polluting sh!t intended to promote long term cognitive dissonance and discourage critical thinking.

    So, while I will continue to post new and interesting videos here from time to time, as I see fit, I’m simply backing off from reading and posting comments. So I will let the wise and intelligent viewers, along with all the stupid and thoroughly confused ones, duke it out amongst yourselves. After all, I have personally posted over 500 interesting videos here to choose from, many of them timeless, along with videos that I have simply “LIKED” from time to time. So, I will apologize right here and now to people who want to personally thank me or ask me questions, because I’m frankly tired of wading through all the insanity just to get to the really good stuff, and — as you might expect — I also have better things to do.

  9. The liberal media panic is obvious. They hide the fact that the Watergate story took months to develop even with the clandestine help of "Deep Throat" who turned out to be FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt who said the key was to follow the money.

  10. Col.Tony Shaffer said it best,if it has a chip in it,they know what you are doing at all times.I like sending letters

  11. Time to shut down the spy agencies completely.

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