NSA Leaker Is SCREWED After What She Did With Muslims To Get Back At ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ Trump Comes Out #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

NSA Leaker Is SCREWED After What She Did With Muslims To Get Back At ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ Trump Comes Out
Ever since Trump got into office, there’s been an endless amount of traitors close to him leaking classified information to the liberal media. Earlier this week Anti-Trumper Reality Leigh Winner was the most recently discovered traitor, where she was promptly fired from her job as a government contractor and hauled off to jail. Now in the wake of another Obama rat being discovered, we are now learning highly disturbing information about the woman, as her direct ties to Muslim terrorists was just chillingly revealed.
On Monday, the NSA leaker who passed confidential government information to the press appeared in federal court on Monday after being arrested over the weekend. Not only is she part of the violent left wing “Resistance” movement of Obama’s, but this liberal loon is also heavily involved in the Women’s March movement and an avid BLM supporter. But that isn’t even the wort part. She’s also directly tied to Muslim terrorists, having working along side the Islamic Society of North America, and was a blatant supporter for the terrorist regime in Iran. She loves Muslim terrorists so much in fact, that she has a large Arabic script on her back frequently bragged about online. The Conservative Review reported:

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, was arrested by the FBI this weekend in Georgia and appeared in court Monday to face charges. Winner admitted that in early May, according to the Department of Justice affidavit, she “printed and improperly removed classified intelligence reporting” and sent that information to the media.

Also on Monday, The Intercept published a top-secret National Security Agency document related to Russian hacking efforts concerning the 2016 election. According to NBC News, Winner was the source of information for The Intercept, a far-left publication that supports American traitor Edward Snowden.

Why Winner had access to a top-secret document on Russian hacking initiatives remains a complete mystery. The DOJ affidavit did not specify how she accessed the information.



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    Rosenberg were United States citizens who were executed on June 19, 1953
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  13. i would like to see more proof in what you say like video and not a talk over

  14. The name even sounds fake. Like it was a farce for her to even be a human being..

  15. Funny how everyone not named Hillary Clinton seems to face charges !

  16. They need to get the ones who gave her access to the documents plus get the people she is working for.

  17. Treason is punishable by firing squad or hanging. Shoot her then hang her

  18. DEATH TO ALL TRAITORS !!! Whats so hard about that ? Cigarette blind fold and BANG ! Then get on with your day …

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  22. What exactly did she leak and what about it was so dangerous to our national security? What problems were caused by this leak? Who did she leak to besides a reporter -who has agreements with the governments and ethics they follow and publish at their discretion. . And did she leak just to be an ass hole, a traitor, etc, or did she leak info that our gov or another was acting illegally? Because exposing criminal activity shouldn't be a crime. I'm sorry, I don't know the whole story. Please don't eat me alive here! I'm trying to understand what happened in this story still. Forgive me whilst I'm learning please.

    She's probably a patsy or doesn't actually exist. If so, it would be set up take the light off of the high likelihood that Seth Rich leaked the DNC documents and "Brock" (from Clinton's Correct The Record campaign) was involved in his murder on Hillary Clinton's behalf, possibly at her request/demand! Gucifer brought this info out to begin with, but no one wanted to believe it. Somehow it's more believable that he was robbed and killed, yet nothing was taken? (sarcasm) And now there are witnesses coming forward saying they have proof Seth Rich WAS the leaker.
    Did y'all think he deserved to die too? Just curious. These leakers are mere kids! Maybe they did stupid shit, but IFF they didn't put anyone's life in danger, I don't think they deserve to die. Seth Rich didn't endanger any lives, he exposed corrupt democratic party and corrupt DNC and corrupt Clinton- all of which helped Trump to win!

  23. if she is proven guilty of the charges I hope to see her pretty little head roll on the floor and I am dead serious about that

  24. I believe the punishment for treason is public hanging. PERIOD!

  25. Just how the hell did she get security clearance?  They need to pull the clearances of every employee of that contractor.

  26. Funny the DOJ didn't give a &$€₩ when Hillary Clinton deliberately repackaged classified emails, and instructed her staff to do so, so that she could email it wherever she wanted and it not look classified. This poor girl is ONLY 25 and they're going to make an example of her to scare others from leaking. Is Trump is paranoid about leaked on because he's already gone back on most of what he said he was going to do? He better keep our borders safe so we don't end up under the Islamic State like the rest of the world is about to be all because of the last THREE administration's actions.

    What we need to do is make any kind of religious extremism or religious radicalism illegal. That way we can arrest them for preaching and teaching extremist views, hate teachings,etc , So we need to drop the war on drugs and this other BS and crack down on extremism and radicalized religions. We need to focus the "war on terrorism" within our own country- right now! We can't arrest people for thinking about committing crimes, but we could arrest for teaching to commit crimes, which is what they're doing. They're training armies within our own borders and we need to shut them the à"%₩ down WACO style! Those people weren't nearly as dangerous as the uprising coming if we don't crack down on it before it's fully erected. We're running out of time too!

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  28. how many of these types are still working for the government thanks to the previous administration? Sometimes a totally new slate looks attractive.

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  42. You get the thumbs down on this video because you don't have the balls to read it your self first of all. secondly, I classify this like most news here on YouTube as paid news. Whoever paid the most is who side you're going to be on. Sorry i'm not a fan of trumps in fact I hate that crazy old fuck but on the other hand I hate Muslims even more. And until you can actually verbalize with your vocal chords a story that you want to share I'll consider everything fake from you. I am so sick of automated voices and don't say it's easier to understand. you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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