NEW! ELECTORAL COLLEGE FRAUD – Wake up Call !!!!! #PizzaGate #Twittergate



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29 thoughts on “NEW! ELECTORAL COLLEGE FRAUD – Wake up Call !!!!! #PizzaGate #Twittergate

  1. You put too much power in the President, when the constitution says congress has exclusive jurisdiction over the District of Columbia. When we vote for Potus we're voting for President of the District of Columbia not the 50 States. It's only the last 100 years have the FED's encroached on the liberty of American's. When you pay FED taxes your paying to a local Municipal corporation called the United States incorporated in 1871, and only can enforce taxes on it's own subjects of the District. The District of Columbia was always to be run like a monarchy and the 50 States like a Republic. But since the enactment of the voluntary victory tax of WWll we all believe we owe taxes to the Federal Government. But we all continue to volunteer our money to the Fed's, by signing a 1040 confession. Trump knows a lot of our law and that the FED's have been committing fraud, hopefully he will have the will to change it.


  3. Everyone who watches his channel should know he's a fucking free mason shill with a big ass chip on his shoulder. Not who you can trust. Funny, but a low life who lost his family and tries to make up for it by destroying others. This looser is NOT to be trusted!

  4. The TRUMP Train!! We are still steaming ahead!

  5. The CIA is best known for telling lies.

  6. PROPHET OF DOOM – FAIL. Yet another failure from the profit of DOOM. What is it they say about prophets who's prophecies dont come true – they aint no prophet.

    You get it wrong enough and you lose all credibility, except for the true believers who need it to come true.

  7. The electoral process has been damaged for a very long time.This is just the next step in a long chain of injury.

  8. If Trump is so bad, how was he able to run? he can run, but he can't win?

  9. Yo Johnny, one more chance for that 20yo bottle of scotch and box of fine cigars….care to take the bet that Trump gets in?

    The problem with THE Shit Hitting the Fan on a national level is that it is the least most likely of events to occur in the SHTF spectrum. You're way more likely to experience a personal shtf event, that being the loss of a job, the death of a spouse, a divorce, a injury that prevents you from working than any of the "disasters" that get hyped within the community. I've been doing this for 20+ years, as a young prepper I've been caught up in the hype and take my word for it, you're going to see personal shtf way before the BIG ONE actaully happens and you know what, no matter how smart the guy putting out the YT vid, you're not going to know it's the big one until it really is the big one – 2008 should have taught you that by now.
    There's lots of reasons to prep, and I encourage everyone to do so, to have plans if things go sideways but this running from one shtf moment to the next will drive you nuts and eventually, you'll just give up because the guys selling SHTF get it wrong so often.
    I say prep, I say get into a situation where you're not dependent on the power grid to get by, where you're not dependent on the supermarkets being full to feed your family for an extended period of time, get into a position where you can rely on yourself -you'll be better off and happier in the long run. Get out of debt, get a plan to deal with the BS that life can throw at you, 95% of which will cover all the scenarios the brightest of youtubers can come up with for scaring the shit out of people. I promise when you get there the latest news broadcast won't scare you – you'll be in a "whatever, got that covered mindset"

  10. Alex Kim's update from the TX Capital in Austin: "You know you've made it when a state elected official asks you for insider political information while standing at a urinal in the State Capitol."

  11. 80% lowers recievers for ar15 no back round no registration


  13. John, a Masonic ring on your hand? Powers that control the CIA? WTF

  14. You are reading my mind, you are saying what I have been saying all along

  15. Would you please do a video on high caliber pneumatic air rifles for those of us who are not up to speed about arms? The types, the ammo, and their ability. I am sure there are folks like me who's benefit from this additional information. And thanks a million about mentioning about clicking the bell in a previous video – I never miss one of your videos now!

  16. Check out MY Twitter Channel .. "Liberals are Icky".

  17. John, I would like you to please consider something. Why do you think that Trump has appointed so many high ranking top shelf Military Men of Honor to important key positions? Trump has the full backing of every branch of Our Armed Forces. Think about it for a bit. Trump is actually very intelligent. So many moves ahead of those idiots it's barely a challenge.

  18. i hope this shit goes without a hitch because the outcome will not be pretty for anyone.
    fucking socialists cant leave shit alone.

  19. Thanks John for having the courage to speak up, find out in 24 hours where we stand

  20. john indeed we are foked, you mentioned the CIA its controlled by the Jesuit order.

  21. TX electoral college meets at 2pm. There are now 4 open vacancies, a vote of the body will have to be taken to try to fill them.

  22. Well today is the day, the moment of truth is upon us. I hope the friends of this channel are prepared should anything go down.On a side note I couldn't help but notice over your left shoulder in the corner some 12 year Glenfiddich.  Good video my friend.

  23. Keep Fighting!! We are in this together.

  24. The more you learn about the real history of the US, the more you realize that there weren't many "good times" in our history. We were almost always under some sort of overt or covert tyranny. The second half of the twentieth century was the matrix; the ignorant, feel-good times. Between 1860 and 1945 we were under this harsh corporate fascist tyranny. I guess the "good times" were between 1783 and 1860.

    These modern days, since 2001, have been increasingly bizarre. We are escaping the MSM matrix and seeing how our socio-political system really works.

  25. I was just thinking today how all the Operation Jade Help crap went away. I still worry about what big event are they planning for which will implement such activity. Greatly enjoy the channel John. You and acaz51.

  26. CIA just landed 600 million dollar contract with Washington post

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