New Trump Web Ad: ‘Clinton’s Corruption Exposed…Again
Donald Trump goes after Hillary Clinton’s slush fund.

“We Know A Dirty Pay-To-Play Scheme When We See It…”

AD FACTS For “Clinton’s Corruption Exposed… Again”:

VO: “Hillary Clinton’s corruption has been exposed again.”

CHYRON: Hillary Clinton’s Corruption Exposed Again

VO: “Her Clinton Foundation slush fund sold access to the State Department.”

CHYRON: Sold Access

Denver Post Editorial Headline: “Legitimate Questions About Clinton Foundation Donor Access” (Denver Post, 8/24/16)
Boston Herald Editorial Headline: “Editorial: Donations Buy Access” (Boston Herald, 8/23/16)
Sacramento Bee Editorial: “Awkward Appearances Regarding Clinton Foundation Donors Receiving Special Access While She Was Secretary Of State…” “There were too many troubling questions and awkward appearances regarding Clinton Foundation donors receiving special access while she was secretary of state.” (Sacramento Bee, 8/22/16)
KEVIN FRAZIER, CBS NEWS: “New charges dogging the Democratic nominee…”

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN: “Allegations of pay-to-play…”

KEVIN FRAZIER, CBS NEWS: “Proof of a pay-to-play scheme…”



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  1. 🇺🇸THE DONALD🇺🇸

  2. That went down well, she will have him eliminated.

  3. Clintons aids vaccines were watered down, that hurt and most likely killed people too. Look at haiti as a cat 4 hurricane is near and fear for the clinton abandoned ppl still living in tents, and they were supposed to had built a new hospital too! Pray for haiti! The clintons death count still rising.

  4. Make America GRRRReat again! Trump!!

  5. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Clinton's should executed for their crimes.


  7. ALL HAIL DONALD TRUMP! HE IS OUR ANSWER! Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's corrupted agenda will soon come to an ugly end. let's make AMERICA great again! #Trump

  8. We will not vote for her! Trust is paramount.

  9. i think voters need to take a IQ test.If under 60 cant vote you can take it free off the internet. by the way mine is 104 so trump you got my smart to vote for hillary sorry

  10. Make America great again! Everyone knows Hilary is corrupt, and represents the corruption within our government. This election is the pivotal point, and has come down to, getting that corruption out of our government. Since this race is clearly, and backed with corroborating numbers, only between Hilary and Trump. If for whatever reason, we don't like either of these two competing candidates, and as a result, divide our votes up between the other two remaining candidates on the ballot. We would without realizing it, essentially be voting in Hilary. As a people, we have to be wise to the tactics of divide and conquer, because we absolutely need to get the corruption out of our government, and stop letting special interest groups dictate the future of America, against the will of the majority. It's up to The People of America, to cast their vote in a manner that will be of the most benefit, to The American People. Not voting Trump, is a vote for Hilary, and would be a vote to keep corruption within the establishment, of not just our government, but our great nation. We need positive change, and by simply casting your vote where it strategically counts, you can help make America great again!

  11. trump for president lock her up

  12. nice, but could have been even better, there is so much better stuff about Haiti, people still living in tents, 26 year contract for the gold mine for hillarys brother. Nice scam. Billions go to clintons, zero to hatians. Still living in tents. even at $50,000, one billion dollars would build 20,000 homes. Many billions of dollars went to haiti. Why are people living in tents.

  13. WE won't vote for her either!!!! Evil, unfit mentally or physically and the list goes on,

  14. Swedes Officially Surrender To Muslim Takeover » Alex Jones … utube ….this will be us if she's given the presidency

  15. Share this : DEMOCRATS FOUNDED THE KKK (don't believe it, look it
    up) A legacy of enslavement, first physical now economic TEACH THE

    3033 Shootings in Chicago so far this year alone. Democrat mayor since 1931

    Make this viral : Can't trust her with email security, Certainly can't trust her with Nuclear codes.

    No government program has ever made itself extinct. As government expands liberty contracts.

    Robby Mook, Ms. Clinton’s campaign manager stated that
    "Mr. Trump, won the republican nomination fair and square"
    Too bad the same can't be said of Ms, Clinton. (Poor Bernie Sanders)

  16. Why does Trump not showcase the dirty dealing at his charitable "Foundation'. DIRTY TRUMP!

  17. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump!!!!!!!!

  18. Trump is right! She is as crooked as a $3.00 bill!

  19. All I am seeing from this is an ad that is repetitive and uses simple terms in a weak attempt to get someone to not vote for Hillary. If you want someone's vote, don't talk to them like a two year old.

  20. Quand tu es une personne malhonnête comment peut-on se présenter comme président des États-Unis d'Amérique, Donald Trump est peut-être dur à l'oreille à attendre mais aumoin il n'est pas un menteur et ippocrite comme Obama et Hillary Clinton et dit la vérité et a le courage d'avouer ses fautes et ses erreurs qu'il a pu faire mais pas eux autres qui ont le pouvoir de la présidence et de la loi qui n'ont jamais eu le courage d'avouer la moindre petite erreur qu'ils ont fait j'admire une personne qui a l'honneur de dire la vérité même si ce dernier a pu être en erreurs mais on peut se brancher et voir où on est rendus avec la vérité c'est la vérité qui remporte toujours dans la vie de tous. Bravo pour ton honnêteté M.Donald Trump and you will be the next president of the USA.

  21. an amateurish ad about a professional influence peddler…   Trump 2016!

  22. Want to see the real Clintons, watch a video on here calledExposing the Clinton crime family     and read the names at the end.

  23. Get Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in the debate: Please Sign and Share:

  24. ️TRUMP you are higher,, take the trach out of you new home we the people a fishy LY give you the keys so open the door and fix the poop out of our cleen houe

  25. this is the FIRST election since 911 that the JEW corrupted 'news' MEDIA has come FLAT OUT and is condemning a candidate that is NOT just another empty headed puppet of the JEW. Donald Trump Trump has taken NO MONEY from AIPAC and owes the JEWS NOTHING in the way of Mr. Trump being required to support israel, as has the scumbag, weak minded, spineless bastards that call themselves 'politicians' but are just greedy bastards that are loyal only to their bank accounts and the JEW that bribes them.
    If you vote for Hillary, the CROOK, she is the best example of what the American people had to make a 'choice' between, the Dems or the Reps as to which to 'choose' from to be the NEXT empty HEADED puppet of the JEW that will next get rich selling America and the American people to the JEW. 'bush, obabla, mccain, clinton, rombly, all just greedy and stupid bastards that kiss the ass of the JEW as the JEW shits on America, then use OUR USA Constitution to wipe their ASS with.
    Donald TRUMP, is NOT a politician, as you can see. He's an American BUSINESSMAN, that LOVES America and will run America as it should be run, as a BUSINESS, staying out of STUPID Wars between the INSANE JEWS and the Arabs that the JEW has dragged America into, by not disclosing to OR did Disclose to 'our' JEW corrupted government the impending ATTACKS on the Twin Towers, costing the lives of 3000 civilians, because the JEWS are INSANE parasitic BASTARDS that care only for israel and THEMSELVES and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians' that care only for their bank accounts and are loyal only to the JEW that bribes them.
    Hillary Clinton, one of the ORIGINAL members of the JEW KLUTZ KLAN, voting FOR the war on Iraq and in the Middle East, sending OUR SOLDiers into the Middle East to kill and die, wasting TRILLIONS of USA tax dollars, to please the scumbag TREASONOUS JEW, born anywhere, LOYAL ONLY TO ISRAEL. Lookup, Balfour Declaration, the written WARNING to NEVER TRUST THE JEW. IF ya want four MORE YEARS of the continuation of the JEW KLUTZ KLAN to keep sending OUR SOLDiers, WASTING OUR TAX dollars, USING OUR weapons to kill people that the JEW claims are living on land, that the 'god' the insane JEW invented and Gave that land to the insane JEW that invented that MORON, the JEW calls 'god', that's what ya gonna get, FOUR more YEARS of DECEPTiON, CORRUPTION, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, because MONEY means more to Hillary and her gang of TRAITORS, loyal only to their bank accounts, the clinton foundation to launder BRIBE MONEY that JEW GIVES HER to keep Hillary as their JUDAS GOAT, to lead America into the INSANE FANTASY world of the JEW, over a piece of SHIT land that some FANTASY "GOD" invented by INSANE JEWS, GAVE to the INSANE JEW that invented that 'god' that the JEW wants the goyim to obey, when the JEWS themselves DON"T obey anyone BUT THEMSELVES.
    A vote for Donald Trump is a VOTE to STOP THE INSANITY of America being corrupted by the JEW, into JEWmerica, the colony of israel, zionazi SLAVES of the JEW.
    Joe Magnets

  26. I'm going to become a Hillary voter so I can pay to play. if she wants my vote she can pay for me to play. otherwise I'm gonna MAGA this hoe.

  27. The media is just as corrupt as Clinton is. We have the biggest scandal in American political history and they focus on…Trump tweets in which they say his number is 0.001% off from their own.

  28. We don't need a weak and frail leader.

    WE need the law and order candidate Donald J Trump.


  29. First and this bitch needs to stop

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