New Computer Knows The Day You Will Die #PizzaGate #Corruption

The Alex Jones Channel and is a beacon of truth in a maelstrom of lies and deception. You have found the tip of the spear in alternative media – Infowars is on the front lines in the battle to reclaim our rights, dignity and our destiny by exposing the control freaks who seek to turn the globe into a prison planet.

Alex Jones and his team of Infowars reporters are breaking down the electronic Berlin Wall of media control by reaching millions of people around the world – with more waking up every day. Circumventing the dying dinosaur media systems of information suppression.

General B.N. and the Tupac Army is a channel that’s a collective of videos re uploaded to spread the word about the New World Order. All of the videos uploaded have been approved by their owners to be re-uploaded.



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