NBC BREAKING NEWS: FBI James Comey Meets With Senators About Obama Wiretapping Trump #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

FBI Director Comey meets with senators on matters related to Trump Tower


The CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.
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Focus on Trump the Russian Spy, Not Bernie’s Revolution!
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“We did not include anything in our report … that had any reflect of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report,” he said. “We had no evidence of such collusion.”
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Senator Jeanne Shaheen Calls Russian Hacking ‘Act of War’ but NSA Only Moderately Confident

Senator Jeanne Shaheen Calls Russian Hacking ‘Act of War’ but NSA Only Moderately Confident

Did Jeff Sessions Speak to the Russian Ambassador About WikiLeaks DNC Emails?

Why Aren’t Feminists Defending Kellyanne Conway’s Oval Office Pic?

Why Aren’t Feminists Defending Kellyanne Conway’s Oval Office Pic?

Electing Tom Perez DNC Chair Proves Democrats Have Abandoned Bernie Sanders’s Revolution

Electing Tom Perez DNC Chair Proves Democrats Have Abandoned Bernie Sanders’s Revolution

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29 thoughts on “NBC BREAKING NEWS: FBI James Comey Meets With Senators About Obama Wiretapping Trump #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. How come not 1 single Democratic party leader is calling for the prosecution of these deep state criminals ?

    Can we acknowledge the entire Democratic party has became a massive organized crime group who's actions prove they are part of an ongoing criminal enterprise that meets every legal requirements for RICO conspiracy prosecution?

    We see republicans acting bipartisan everyday yet not 1 Democrat has called for prosecution for anybody in the worst election fraud, and worst organized sedition & treason America has ever seen .

    CNN = Fake News & the Democratic party = Complete Corruption.

  2. I believe the DNC didn't hand over their servers because there was evidence that they cheated Bernie–among other unethical and illegal shit, I'm sure.

  3. The Obamas and Clintons **HATE** each other.

    Obama is doing it for one of two reasons.
    He still owes favors given to get him into the office.
    More likely he is an egomaniac and want sot preserve his legacy at the expense of the American people.

    How many former presidents publicly criticize the new President a few weeks after he has taken office?

  4. They didn't give the server for the same reason as many things:

    The FBI skipped proffers when interviewing people.
    Lorette Lynch, a person of interest, was allowed in the room while Hillary was questioned. Reason given was that she was Hillary's lawyer.

    The entire investigation was a sham. Shutting down the FBI investigation can only come from the highest level.

  5. Thanks for keeping this narrative going. So important for people to understand how rampant the corruption goes within the Democratic Party. I just don't understand why Bernie Sanders has aligned himself with the Dems!!

  6. I live in Arkansas where the Clinton's spawned. We're all so glad to be rid of them. Trust me, we all like President Trump, down this way, and anyone with a functioning brain, dislikes the Clinton's. The Clinton's have been in non-stop scandal mode, since the day they got into politics. Always bending and breaking the rules, and acting as though they did nothing wrong. Slick Willy & Rotten to the Core Hillary, just may be the most successful Grifter's the USA has seen in the Political World to date. Shameful. Thank God, Hillary lost. #TrumpIsMyPresident #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp

  7. Nobody thought that Trump could win and that made everyone in government sloppy and careless in their dealings with him.

  8. Trust POTUS Trump. Comey wants them to disprove the allegation
    Trump knows who he trust and who can use . Paula.

  9. Comey is a bullshitter who is part of it. What happened to my boats?

  10. Why is the weasel still relevant? The weasel is now a public nuisance. Drain the swamp immediately


  12. maybe there's some info on pizzagate in the cia fbi records. By trump tweeting such a massive accusation, congress will fight to get those records pertaining to wiretapping, but what if he's really trying to get out secret documents that have revelations about pizzagate, and using serious alligations to do so?

  13. Weasel Comey is back? Thought he'd be hiding his head in shame.

  14. for fuck sake to many talking points and honestly nothing realy gets done

  15. Expect he met with the usual crew to work out how to cover them all, while being seen to be having a real discussion.

  16. if Comey said there is a tap, he is probably lying since he is a corrupt swamp creature.

  17. First time since JFK that the President is an adversary of the deep state instead of puppet of it.

  18. How is this not worse than Watergate? Republican "plumbers" raiding a Dem election HQ for Nixon is one thing; Dems trying to unseat a democratically-elected president is treasonous!

  19. DNC IS CORRUPT WITH GOP RHINOS. The proof is by action and the continual big mouth. It really is true about the guilty yelling first The Democrat Party isn't Intelligent enough to be quite.

  20. Comey and Loretta Lynch are right smack in the middle of this wiretap scandal.
    No presser from Obama ??

  21. they don't trust them, For Comey is dirty and on Obama paid roll!!

  22. It would be good for America to see a perp walk! Obama indicted would be a fine second choice!

  23. Its time to start filling prison cells with these democrat socialist progressives! Can you just imagine for one second if the scenario was flipped the other way?

  24. The NSA has everything on everyone. Why are playing this dumb game to just distract the people.

    And all this President this President that. Give it up. Every single president is preselected and pre- elected, why take it so serious because your vote won or lost.

    Voting is just your consent to let the fox run your chicken house 4 more years.

    Insanity is to repeat that phoney dog and pony show and expect a different show.

    They blame their enemy for everything they do and always do the exact opposite of what they say.

    You want change? Change from hating the people riding on the 2 wings of the same bird and demand your constitution be re- established. Stop acting like its in effect when its not and don't think these corporate president elects don't know that.

    Wake up your dreaming!

  25. I think he needs to be questioned alot more.

  26. comey , no matter what you do?

  27. I heard that the server they used to get FISA warrant was a fake server drummed up by Hillary supporter. CAN YOU LOOK INTO THIS????NOT FAKE NEWS did a video showing the server details

  28. What do the initials DNC stand for?

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